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The Darkroom Series

Juxt presents

The Darkroom Series

Gallery:  January 5- February 2, 2012

Zeitgeist Coffee – 171 S. Jackson St. – Seattle, WA 98101

Zeitgeist Coffee and Juxt are presenting a showcase of mobile device photographers from Seattle and the Puget Sound. A gallery of photography produced on a mobile device, will be on exhibit beginning at 5:00 PM, with live music from DJ Spinja (local DJ celebrity) until 8:00 PM for the Opening Reception on January 5, 2012 during Seattle’s famous First Thursdays Art Walk.  The gallery will remain until February 1, 2012. Please also save the date for our Closing Ceremony on  January 28, 2012 at 3 PM.  This day will begin with a photowalk/ shootout through Pioneer Square. This is an opportunity for Q&A with the photographers about their photographs, processes, and inspirations.

The Darkroom Series:  In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, mobile photography is an emerging art form.  The advancements in functionality and design for cameras on the iPhone and Android platforms have been astounding.  The imaging is simply amazing, and the artistic content truly fascinating.  Anyone with a camera phone can snap a picture or preserve a moment.  What we present to you in this series are individuals taking mobile photography to higher levels; the casual user as Artist, the casual user as Photographer.

In towns and cities, in rural and urban areas all over the world, mobile photographers have the ability to capture moments in time with unprecedented clarity.  The advantage mobile devices or smart phones provide is that ultra-spontaneous element: Your phone, your camera, is always with you. Every ordinary moment becomes an opportunity to compose a stunning photograph. The Darkroom Series will show that mobile devices are not just phones, but are now valid cameras and darkrooms.  A photographer can now edit, much like in a darkroom, the shots they take on their mobile device through a multitude of apps.  All of which can create the same effects of an actual darkroom. This series will highlight mobile device photographers from Seattle and the Puget Sound who continue to amaze through mobile device imaging.


Advanced Mobile Photography Team (AMPt)


International Mobile Photography Awards

Trover Mobile Photo App

DJ Spinja

Urban Lithograph Publishing


  1. Can’t wait, this is going to be AWESOME!

  2. Is there a list of the photographers with work in this show?

    • Thanks for your question. On our main site there is a list of all the photographers. If you are in Seattle, please stop on by.

      • Unfortunately not in Seattle. Anywhere I can find more info about them?

        • Here’a a list of the photogs featured in the Zeitgeist gallery in Seattle: Dan Cole (dankhole), Ryan Coleman (rcoleman), Mellow Longfellow (threetree), Rachel Marie (iwife), Jennifer L. Phillips-Dilly (eelnej), Jenna Pool (redwoodraven), Brad Puet (bradpuet), Bridgette S.(sippinlattes), Aaron Swan (13blackswans), and Shaun Swalley (shaun_s). I’ve included their Instagram usernames. Unless they’ve locked them down for privacy, you can view their images on or several other Instagram web viewers.

  3. I’m intrested in seeing the video of the artist interviews from opening night. Where might they reside?

  4. I think the following post that reflects a bit on darkroom nostalgia upon the bankruptcy of Kodak might be of interest:

    It deviates from my usual focus on philosophy of science, obviously, but photography is in my family and its continued work with Mayo Studios in NYC.
    D. Mayo


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