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Tansel Akman: Coming Home with a Roll Full of Treasures by Joanna D

J:  Joanna T:  Tansel

 J: Who is @Arthusking and where are you from?

 T: First of all I would like to greet all the people that support my photography under the nickname @arthusking on the great “Planet IG.”  My name is Tansel Akman and I live in Duisburg, a city in Germany.

When I started with IG one year ago there was a documentary about King Arthur being broadcasted on TV. So when I came to the point where I had to choose a nickname during the installation I took the first idea that came up to my mind. Since it was simply a combination of laziness and coincidence that made me call myself arthusking I always have to smile benignly when people sometimes address me with “Sir” or “your highness.”  I was not sure that I would last on IG that long and I didn’t want to put my personal details on an unknown platform.

 J: How long have you had a passion for mobile photography and what do you use to take your photos?

 T: I started in April 2011 with IG and had no other experience with photography in general before. It is a magical thing for me and I did not ever imagine that this would change my whole days and nights in such a way. I mainly use my iPhone to take shots. I have it always with me and there is no other mobile device that can compete with the camera capabilities of the 4S (I have tested some devices). It is always fast and reliable for shots and gives you max power for a big range of edits.

Sometimes I also use a Canon EOS 550D DSLR for some of my shots. This cam gives you other possibilities in conjunction with dark/shadow/sun and moving objects.

 J: I have fallen in love with your silhouette photography and the structures you have captured them on.  How do you find inspiration for such shots?

 T: This place you mentioned is a new installation in my hometown. It was opened last year. It is a great object to learn and to play with light and shadow and angles. I love to be there and to make captures from different perspectives. It is a magnet for photographers; they come from far away only to visit this installation. You can meet a lot of them there and share some impressions. In general the so called “Ruhrgebiet” which is an industrial area formerly known for the production of coal and steel throughout Germany gives you a lot of great places for photography. In the past we have had a lot of heavy industries here in Duisburg and through the last decades many of them were closed but the relicts are still there.

 J: How would you describe your photography?  What style/genre would you consider it to be?

 T: Very difficult to say. I think I am still on a journey and don’t know where it ends and to be honest, I don’t want it to end. There is not a specific style that I prefer. So there are no limits on the objects I shoot and why and how I change them by processing. I love to experiment. This is the most important aspect: to like what you do and to be open for new impressions and IG is full of this stuff! 

 J: I still consider myself as a beginner in photography and I still learn every day. Since you have been on Instagram, what (if anything) have you learnt about the way you shoot and edit your shots?

 T: I am a beginner in this genre, too! But one thing has happened to me – the way I use my eyes and my attitude towards photography have changed! Before this photography thing happened to me, I past a lot of things in daily life without even taking a notice of them. This has changed. It is maybe the biggest benefit for me personally. We have so much around us that is worth to be noticed. This is an interesting influence that has also a psychological effect on me. After a shooting tour I always feel calm and happy and have the feeling that the day was full of little events. It is kind of like coming home with a roll full of treasures. 

 J: What are your favorite apps to edit with?

 T: Camera + is always a must for shots and edits, this is great to be able to make several shots without stopping. I love Dynamic Light to increase the drama in pictures (I will never forget when I downloaded it first and did not understand how it works – it seemed to be a fail buy for me – now it is very important for my processing)

Snapseed is a great app for fine tuning images and it gives you other capabilities for adjustments. I use the app noir since a short time and this thing rocks – it was a hint by @philgonzales.

Hipstamatic is a good app that I use sometimes

I also use picfx for fast edits and this baby is always a good choice with its ready to go filters.

There are many other apps that I have on my device but these are the main ones.

 J: What was the first photo you were proud of and why?

T: My first pic was a flower in my living room. I was absolutely fascinated by using the filters in IG the first time. I think I did not post it!? I actually don’t know why!

I was running around and showing it to everyone that knew me……….

 J: Can you share some of your photos and tell us about them


This is an amazing installation in Duisburg (Tiger&Turtle – Magic Mountain)

Shot with IPhone 4S (Hipstamatic and fine tuning with Snapseed)


Same Object from a different angle and different processing

Shot with IP4S (picfx and only used the Earlybird Filter in IG)


A walk along  “Ruhrort” in Duisburg.

Shot with IP4 (picfx +  Dynamic Light + Snapseed for the processing to give this pic this cinematic touch)


One day in Munich after a business meeting.

Shot with IP4 (picfx + Snapseed + Filterstorm) 


One day in an industry museum near Duisburg

Shot with IP4 (camera+ for processing)


J:  What does the future of mobile arts hold for you?

 T: I hope the fascinating and magical aspect will last for me. As I mentioned before I am on a journey and hope that it does not end. The influence of mobile arts will grow I think and become one day a full accepted, independent genre. It is something new and no one can say where it will go or stop. Like everything new it is maybe seen critical or not fully accepted by now but I am pretty sure that in the next few years we will see a lot of exhibitions and serious events around this topic.

Further I hope to face more great people like I did on my journey and hope someday to meet some artists in person outside the Planet of IG.

IG : @Arthusking  Email:  KIK: arthusking

Juxt thanks you for your words and art.


About Joanna D.

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Live music, travel and good friends are things I enjoy but my passion is photography.  When I am not doing my day job, I can be found on the streets in the south of England with my iPhone. I take all photos with my iPhone4 and prefer black and white over colour.  I am still on a learning curve to improve my photography and am always looking for new inspiration and ideas to help me.

Facebook: Jo Dunford  Instagram: @Joanna Twitter: @JustJo


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