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Diego Amador: Diegobot from LA, Killing the Mobile Photography Scene by David Lathrop

Dave’s Introduction

As I’m sure most of you have, I always personally look forward to seeing new articles from @WeAreJuxt pop up in my feed. Without fail, we are always treated to some great articles about some of our favorite Instagramers. I especially look forward to their in-depth interviews with the best and most influential photogs on Instagram today. I strongly believe that @Diegobot falls under this category. So when the opportunity presented itself to interview such a staple in the world of mobile photogs, I was simply elated and could not refuse. Already having a previous relationship with Diego through a series of collaborations I initiated, I was very curious to pick the brain of the man I was so excited to work with. I really feel that through this interview we can all gain a little more insight into what makes this phenom tick. I hope you all enjoy!

DL: Dave DA: Diego

DL: How did you hear about IG?

DA: I actually found out about Instagram through a mutual friend @Mariamnz. At first i really wasn’t using the app. I have to say it maybe took 3 or 4 months before i started getting addicted.

DL: What goals do you hope to achieve with your photography?

DA: Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’d like to one day have a job in the photography field. I don’t care if it pays crumbs, just as long as it gets me out of my boring Monday-Friday corporate job.

DL: You have a very unique style. From which Instagramers do you draw inspiration?

DA:  My style is influenced by every single person I follow on Instagram. There are times I see someone’s photo and it gives me an idea to do something similar. Final product ends up having a bit of my own twist. If I had to pick 3 instagramers that feed me fuel to getting better, it would have to be @Silverbox @Manarmieee and @xxxyxyz.

DL: What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

DA: Architecture is what I think I do best. I like trying conceptual type art with my photos, but I have to say that architecture is much more natural for me. Looking up is so easy to do. I also enjoy   landscapes, but have a long way to go on the subject.

DL: What are some of your favorite apps you use to shoot and edit?

DA: Apps I like are Noir, PhotoFX, Snapseed, and Camera+.

DL: How did you come up with your username?

DA: I wish I knew..haha. Honestly I think it was the first thing that popped into my head when I was asked to create a username. I’ve thought about changing it, but now I kind of enjoy it.

DL: What are some of your other hobbies besides shooting?

DA:  Skateboarding, watching my Lakers, and going to bars. I really dig playing basketball also. The feeling of challenging people to play a pick up game when you don’t know them makes it exciting.

DL:  Tell us a bit about who Diegobot is?

DA:  Diegobot is a dork that lives in Los Angeles. I’m hardly ever serious. The more you get to know me, the more you find out that I make jokes out of everything. I’m really just a dork with a very positive attitude.

DL:  How do you shoot your photos? Do you plan walks or trips to shoot, or are you an opportunistic shooter?

DA: I shoot with my iPhone4 native camera. I try to plan a trip on days off to do my shooting. Although I’d say maybe 25% of my shots come from when I see an opportunity for a shot. I try to plan trips to shoot and when I do I get  lost in the city shooting up to 200 photos in one session. It’s easy to do when you have an iPod loaded with good music and the excitement that goes along with shooting new material.

DL:  Do you have any advice for photogs who are new to the IG game?

DA: Be nice, and don’t spam feeds with “PLEASE FOLLOW ME”. Always comment if you like photos. Comment on why you do or don’t like a photo. After all, it is a social network type app. Let’s get social (God I’m cheesy).

DL: Do you use a SLR for any of your shots? If so, what are the benefits or drawbacks over the iPhone for shooting?

DA:  The only time I shoot with my DSLR is for long exposure shots done at night. As we already know, the iPhone takes horrible shots at night. It doesn’t handle light as well as a SLR. Don’t get me started on how crappy the flash is either. From time to time you’ll see a long exposure seascape shot or a night long exposure shot in my feed. The end result will always be 100% me {:

Juxt thanks you for your words and art.


  1. Great read Diego and David – Nice to meet the ‘dork’ behind the lens. G

    • Thanks so much Graham!

  2. Awesome @diego – Love your work !!!!

  3. Thanks for this interview, David! I’ve been a fan of Diego for quite some time, not only because he is super talented but also because of his genuinely kind disposition on IG. That comes through even in this interview, as I suspected it would. :)

    Cheers to you both!
    - r

    • Sorry for the late reply Rachel, but thanks bunches :)