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*Bridgette S.

Bridgette S. Seattle, WA

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Artist Statement
I have been documenting my life through a phone for the past eight years.

Being able to capture and share my photography not only enables me to express myself but it allows me to meet and interact with people at any given moment – that’s one of the things I love the most.

As team leader of Instagramers Seattle and _uxter, I have been able to form relationships both near and far.  Being a part of these groups has opened doors to opportunities I would have never dreamed imaginable – from covering the UW Huskies football games to being on King5 during one of our Darkroom Series exhibits.

My mission here is to bring people together, continue to grow and feed my love for photography.

If you’re in Seattle or are planning a visit, be sure to contact me.  I’d love to meet you!

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As seen on King 5 News:


  1. You’re amazing, you have an amazing talent, that talent is a gift that God has given you, and you should exploit to the fullest. congratulations. love you Dad.
    with all my love for my queen, then I say you’re my queen because that word has a story, and I thought of you my litle girl.

  2. Nice to read more about you :)

  3. I know this may be random, but have you seen the TV series called “The Killing”? I swear I recognized this chain link fence photo from the intro to all there episodes.


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