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Griswold Street in Downtown Detroit

“Griswold St.”

by Tony Detroit

Deep in the dark recesses of downtown Detroit lies Griswold street.

It is the older part of the city. In this area of Griswold and Grand River, you can find the remains of Michigan’s first governor buried under a statue. Eerie? I think so… But that would go in line with how the rest of this area is. Peculiar, to say the least. You see, in the daytime this area is filled with the underbelly of society. Drug dealers, prostitutes, etc. Abandoned buildings line the street. It is a very interesting place to witness in the daytime.

However, when night falls, forget about it. The street lights are mostly all broken out by the local drug dealers. That’s how one can tell if an area is safe for travel or not. If the street lights don’t work, keep moving on. They are broken to mask illegal activities. On the brighter side, this area of Griswold and Grand River was George Clooney’s home base for the movie “Ides of March.” In fact, the building on the right in this photograph was the campaign headquarters of his character in the film. Also, it is the very spot where I actually chatted with the A-lister.

The city has been trying rebuild this area for some time. However, at this time I feel it has been in vain. The only thriving businesses are a strip club and a hipster club. Oh well, to each their own…

Process (exclusively for WeAreJuxt) :

1) Photo taken with iPhone 4s.

2) Dynamic Light app. This app is a must. I use 100% of my pics through this app.

3) Qbro. Another must have app. I use this app for a slight blur. Achieved by using the “Pinout” filter.

4) Color Effects. This is used for the “color isolation.” Don’t be confused, there are a lot of color isolation apps out there… Color Effects is the ONLY ONE worth buying. Don’t settle for less.

5) This is where it gets tricky. I then run the pic through my favorite app, Pop!Cam. This app is used for the color pop. Pop!Cam is a little hard to find. You must first purchase PhotoForge2. Within this app you have the opportunity to buy Pop!Cam. It is well worth it. You won’t be disappointed. As I said, it is my favorite app.

6) I generally run my finished product through the Earlybird filter on IG. This gives the photo the “old fashioned” look. You must remember, however, that Earlybird takes a lot of color out of the picture. You can compensate by over-doing the color on Pop!Cam in the previous step.


  1. Great read my friend. Thanks for the insight behind the work and the breakdown, I’ll definitely be checking out the apps you mentioned that I don’t already have.

  2. Awesome write up of the area and process behind the image. Thanks for taking the time to share ;)

  3. This website is sick. Cool story!

  4. ;) Thanks, my friend.

  5. Awesome picture out of many! I follow your IG posts, and I have to say they’re all amazing! My favorites are the colorful houses. Thanks for sharing some tips. I’ll be checking out the Qbro app, I have all the rest. Keep up the awesome pictures!

  6. Wow, Tony, awesome image and processing concentration! In love with your fresh work and ability for visual storytelling.

  7. I’ve been following you on IG for a while and I always say to myself, “how does he do this? What apps does he use?” Now I know a few tricks. Thanks for sharing and please keep the photos coming. I only wish I could buy them for art in my home office. They inspire!

  8. Thanks for the insight to the picture. Your pictures always say a lot without an explanation needed. This just made it more interesting to me. I also appreciate the insight on the camera apps. Thanks.

  9. Your work is super as is you Lady’s

  10. Hm. Nice shot. I just posted a similar pic from Philadelphia.

  11. Great article. I used to work at the liquor store over there about 20 years ago and not much has changed. There are so many issues that the city has internally they just need to fix them and forward. So many nice buildings and history there. It’s a shame to see it rot away.

  12. I follow you a while now and i live the stories that you tell from your pics. I get to know things from Detroit that i never knew.
    I also use 2 apps that you day you use, Dynamic Light and Pop!cam, live this apps, but in my edits i also have to use another 2 apps.

    Cheers from Portugal

  13. Thanks for sharing, I love your work.