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Regret: A Review of Lifeproof’s iPhone 4 Case

Read the UPDATED review of Lifeproof from Ryan (09/13/2013)

Who hasn’t thought of wanting to capture life underwater?

Anytime I’ve ever been swimming in the ocean or even in a pool, I’ve thought of wanting to take pictures to capture things we rarely see.  So when I started seeing people on Instagram posting pictures of life underwater using a Lifeproof case, I was flabbergasted.  I mean, I wouldn’t have to buy some expensive underwater camera, I would be able to use my already very useful iPhone camera wrapped neatly inside of a Lifeproof case.  I was sold.  It didn’t take much to sell me though, I’ll admit.  I looked at it online, the $79.99 price tag did seem a bit steep to me though.  But I figured, why not?  Lots of users on Instagram seemed to be raving about it.  Fast forward a couple of months of me talking about it to my wife incessantly, and my birthday finally came on August 7th.  My wife picked it up at a local Best Buy for around $85.  I was excited, she was excited.  It was a good birthday.  I couldn’t wait to finally get into our apartments pool to use the case.  I pulled my iPhone out of my already favorite Mophie case with the backup battery inside, and put it inside of my new Lifeproof case.  The case seemed cheap though.  It was a flimsy plastic, with a cheap rubber washer inside to insure the waterproofness it was claiming.  Either way, I was still excited.  I wouldn’t have the luxury of my backup battery anymore of my Mophie case, which I tend to click on everyday with the amount of Instagraming I do.  But, this Lifeproof case was going to open up all sorts of new doors for my photography!  I was willing to sacrifice.

I snapped it together, looked up at my wife and she said, “Oh, wait!  You need to test it first!  The guy at Best Buy told me to make sure I told you to test it before you put your phone in the water.  Because I guess, a lot of people hadn’t tested it before they put it in the water and the case leaked and ruined their phone.  And apparently the Lifeproof people won’t pay for a new one.”  Well, ok, good to know.  I popped it off, snapped it back together and threw it into my sink.  Filled it with water, checked it out, and no leaks.  Phew!  Ok, with the test done, I was off to the pool.

It was late, the sun was already down, but my wife and I had fun nonetheless.  The iPhone acted the way it always does in low-light, but the Lifeproof case was flawless.  I was impressed.  I was not however, impressed with the case once back inside.  The clear plastic in front of the screen was loose in front of the screen which allowed for space between their plastic shield, and the iPhone itself.  Which meant editing these new pictures with the Lifeproof case was going to be a no-go.  You know just as well as I do, some editing apps require very small movements of your finger to accomplish the edit necessary.  So, no big deal, right?  I would just use the Lifeproof whenever I would shoot underwater.  My wife was disappointed and I was a bit too that it wouldn’t just be my new permanent iPhone case, but whatever.

So I popped off the case, and put back on my Mophie case and edited my pictures with ease.

I was bothered with most of my pictures shot that night, but that was just due to the low-light situation, not the Lifeproof case.  So we went back out the following afternoon and I shot a ton of shots.  A little advice though, get some goggles.  I had to shoot, re-shoot, and re-shoot again with my lovely model wife simply because I couldn’t see what I was shooting.  All in all though, I ended up with a good handful of pictures that I was very satisfied with.  People on Instagram seemed to like them too.  One user however informed me that while the Lifeproof case was cool, she told me that the Lifeproof case was only intended to be opened & closed up to 50 times.

Huh?!  Really?!  This $85 price tag was starting to seem more and more ridiculous to me.  First, the cheap plastic, and now, I could only open and close it 50 times.  I’d already opened and closed it a good handful times.  Lame.  Oh, well.  Still, I was satisfied with my Lifeproof case.

Until today.

I’ve been planning my next shoot for about a week now.  I wanted to shoot my wife underwater with a dress on.  I’d seen other do it, but I had my own spin on it that I wanted to do.  I finally got some free time today and went shopping with the wifey.  We looked all over for the exact dress I was looking for.  Spent a couple hours actually.  Sheesh!  And yes, I finally even bought the goggles I needed.  We came home, I tested the case again to make sure it was watertight, thankfully it was.

Watertight Lifeproof case?  Check.

Wifey with new dress on?  Check.

Goggles so I can finally see?  Check and mate.

I was ready!

We hopped in the water in the pool and I managed to get about 5 pictures taken while underwater.  I stood up out of the water to check my shots, everything looked… cloudy.  I turned the case around only to see that the small piece of clear plastic in front of the camera lens was completely fogged up.  I was sure that the case was still waterproof, but, it worried me.  So I hopped out of the pool and popped off the case to check for leaks.  And that’s when it happened, the cheap, flimsy plastic broke.  Just tore right down the middle.

Cheap.  Just straight up cheap.

The unfortunate part about this is, I was planning on writing a raving review of the Lifeproof case only a handful of hours ago.  But now, my review is going to be a bit different.

Don’t buy it.  Don’t waste your money.  And a waste is truly what it is.

An $80 price tag for a case that may or may not work right out of the box, is a waste in my mind.  And don’t forget, you can only open and close it up to 50 times.  Although in my case, it was under 10 times.  And to make it worse, it’s a case that I would never use as my every day case.  24 hours ago I would have said it was worth the money, today though, no, it’s not worth the money.  And as it turns out, those “expensive underwater cameras” I was talking about, aren’t really that expensive.

For about another $40 on you can pick an actual real underwater camera, which is exactly what I’ll be buying next.  You can take it or leave it, but putting your very expensive iPhone in the water with the chance that it would be forever ruined and forcing you to buy a brand new one, is not safe in a Lifeproof.

It’s a pretty big gamble actually, and it’s not worth it.  It’s cheap plastic, and that’s all it is.


  1. I have been in awe of all the underwater shots I have seen on Instagram, your included. I have to say I have been tempted to buy one but it was the price that put me off. Now I have read your review, I will probably not bother and maybe invest in some new lenses for my phone instead! I like my phone dry ;)

    All that being said, I would still love to see the outcome of the photo of your wife in a dress! Sounds like it would have been amazing!

    • Well, I recieved a lifeproof case for Christmas, and was completely awed. I was taking a bubble bath and was on my phone And dropped it. Needless to say I thought my brand new iPhone 4S was ruined. I slowly raised it up from the water and it was working fine! I am very satisfied with this case and it is also drop proof. I
      Have proably dropped it 100s of times and I don’t even have the smallest scratch on my iPhone!

      • Thanks lifeproof!

      • Be careful Katie your phone isn’t drop proof and lifeproof won’t fix your phone. I dropped mine 3 feet and mine cracked the very first time. Lifeproof is cheap and crappy.

        • Yeah I dropped mine and the plastic back shattered in half. I wouldn’t buy the case it’s a waste of money

        • Susan, life proof cases are drop proof, my mother in law bought me one today, the man at the store said that the life proof case is drop proof up to 6ft. It’s water proof up to 6ft of water. It’s dirt,dust,sand,and mud proof. And it’s shock proof, needless to say, I actually like the life proof case

    • I’m on vacation right now and my lifeprrof case worked great for about a day and a half. Now I have no phone- it wont turn on, it wont charge. I cant call home or check emails, all my photos from are gone. Piece o crap=lifeproof

      • This case is. Only made. To go up to six ft of water and. You have to. Make sure the seal is on right. Other wiese it. Does not work !! I love the case i droped my cell i the hot tub and. Works fine i also am sending this. Message. From. Under wanter. So I had the case since i got my iphone 5 it kicks ass.

        • Not sending it underwater because the screen doesn’t work under water… BOOM!

          • It tells you on some of the videos that it won’t work under water. But bring it above and It should work:)

          • Ya it does well mine does

          • If the screen doesn’t work under water how do you take pictures!? Duh.

          • Sia, you press the plus volume button on your Iphone and it snaps the photo lelelelelel

      • mine did that same thing bill… i dropped it in the pool and wont turn on… completely ruined… i’m calling them right now and looking up a comparison of whose worked and whose didn’t.

        • My daughter wanted to take underwater pictures and videos with her 4S so I double checked the lifeproof case (we tried it out by putting a napkin in the case and putting it in the pool first and it was dry) to make sure it was on correctly. Her phone did fine for a couple of pictures then I looked at it and there was moisture in the camera window. The phone was destroyed. It wouldn’t come on at all! Do not trust a lifeproof case!!

      • Total waste of my money!!! I bought one for my daughter for her birthday. It worked the first few times then leaked, ruined her iphone 5 and the LifeProof company won’t do anything to stand behind their product. I filed a complaint and no one from their company even cared enough to call me. VERY disappointed!!!! Had to spend $300 on a new phone and am out the money on the case. The Apple store worker told me that they’ve had tons of similar complaints. What a shame!

      • I have had my lifeproof case for almost 8 months…had it in the water multiple times and taken great pictures and have only had it out of the case maybe twice. I ALWAYS make sure to check the seals and connection areas before going in/near water. First day of our holidays…my iphone 5 is water damaged! When I took the phone out to check the case…the area where the “apple” is shown was faulty…I would NEVER have thought that would have been an issue. LIFEPROOF will not do ANYTHING for me either…no help with the purchase of a new phone and they will only replace the case which I can no longer use as I had to purchase an iPhone 5c as the iPhone 5 is no longer made! LIFEPROOF does NOT stand up to their name and they are NO help when their products fail!!! I would NOT recommend the product and certainly wouldn’t spend the money on a piece of junk! For those of you who rave about it…I was there, all I can say…is that it’s NOT worth taking it in water…trust me…IT IS NOT LIFEPROOF!!!!!


        • They still make iphone 5…

          • no, only the 5S and the 5C

          • Alf is right, it’s iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c maybe not where you come from, but if mine gets damaged, all you do is fuckin replace it?? Like seriously? If you buy it your suposed to test it first, mine works perfect, and if mine did break or get water damage it would be 50$ to replace it with a brand new phone, not 300

      • yes and the same thing happened to me! when i called they refused to replace my phone and when i then started letting people know on social media that the cases were not actually waterproof they deleted all of my comments and blocked me from making more or messaging them! i then went on to go on my second Facebook and do the same where again they deleted my comments and blocked me. So i made a third Facebook account where they did the same! Just wanted to let you guys know these cases are over priced pieces of crap that i think cost about $5 to make or less! do not waste your money on this case. i now have no iphone and am not pleased

    • I have no idea what the poster is talking about. I have a lifeproof case and I love it. I’ve had it
      While and it’s saved my phone numerous times. You probably took it off wrong.

    • I just want to say on record that obviously your case leaked and my daughters iPhone is now wrecked. You advertise bring able to take phones under water but what good is the case if you don’t stand by your product and replace the phone. I wonder how many daughters have seen those “cool” under water adds and now have no phone.

      Sincerely a Completely Dissatisfied Customer.

      • LifeProof does stand behind their product… That’s why they offer a warranty on the case that they make. LifeProof does not make the phone inside the case, so how are they suppose to warranty something that they don’t even make. Especially when most people are so stupid they cant even read the instructions. It’s all user error, and maybe your daughter should not be taking cases under water until she is responsible enough to understand the process of saving to buy a mobile device. Think of it this way… When football players wear pads and get hurt, is it the company’s fault that the player got hurt.

        • What is your suggestion for those who read all of the directions and resulted in a broken phone? I had received my case did the test before putting my phone in. The case worked for a month or so. (Mind you I never removed the case since first putting it on a month prior) I also always made sure it was entirely snapped and sealed shut in every occasion that I had taken it into water. Unfortunately, a month into the case my phone was completely destroyed only to find out the window the displays the apple logo on the back had come apart poorly held together by flimsy glue. The mission statement on the LifeProof website states “accessories are designed to deliver complete confidence and total freedom” which is a flat out lie confidence with these cases should come with a disclaimer. When football players wear pads I’m sure they are not promised full protection, that yet again on their web site under product promise they state “We promise premium performance, superior quality, exceptional value and excellence in every dimension of your LifeProof experience” yet again another lie. So your defense is invalid.

        • They actually do not replace your lifeproof case if there is “accidental” damage. They will only refund you if it was a manufacturer defect. They do not replace nor refund if your case has cracked from dropping or anything like that. Trust me, I’ve been trying for the past month to get them to replace my case that cracked after one drop, and now its not waterproof and my phone is completely shattered front and back. Lifeproof cases are a waste of money. I bought the same exact case(without lifeproof logo) on amazon for $9 after mine broke.

    • same exact thing happened to me! except i live in the bahamas and the case was 130usd and a new iphone 5 here is 1300usd! i thought it was the best case ever. my friend accidentally dropped it in water and my phone got soaked and ruined. my friend felt so bad and ironically i said to him hey life happens! lifeproof people are very defensive and dont guarantee a thing. i think its a pretty good case but nothing like they claim it to be. plus i had to take it off all the time cause it really decreases the screen quality and sensitivity. if you have one, dont trust it! if you didnt buy one yet, dont. you will want to take it off all the time and one day it will fail you. who water tests before accidents?! i feel ripped off and left in the cold. better start saving now for that new phone.

    • You dumbasses are all the same, I just bought the lifeproof case, and took a fucking bath with my phone

      • watch your language this is a public website

    • do not waste your money on this case

  2. Getting ready for a trip to Belize and I was literally going to buy a Lifeproof case after work. Gonna skip that now and just plastic baggy it.

    • Is this real


  3. Yeah, wasn’t terribly impressed with the “shock proofing” on the case either. A 16th of an inch of rubber does not equal shock proof.

  4. I’ve no affiliation with life proof but love the case, have used it every Saturday at sailing and even used it for 4 days sailing from Sydney to Hobart in Australia. It even gets used at work when it’s raining, the case is thin plastic but give it a bit of respect and it serves you well, I’ve had it now about 10 months and love it.

  5. Before Lifeproof case, I’ve came across Photojojo’s The iPhone Scuba Suit (a.k.a. The driSuit Endurance) first. More info, with cheaper price tag.

  6. Oh man, that’s a bummer. I LOVE your underwater shots, and I too was considering Lifeproof. Seems I’ll be holding out for a while longer…

    Thanks Ryan!

  7. Hello,
    Same here in France. I asked a frech Iger to review it for me in my blog. He raved about it but clearly stared that focusing was impossible. Another friend (@katzuyoshi) mentionned that his wife got her IP ruined : Some sand got into the flimsy zipper and water got in. This is such a shame. The case was released in a hurry without any consideration for the users. Anyway, your underwater shots are terrific and I hope you could get your Iphone fixed!

  8. Just got one of these its water proof but….. The phone only works on speaker phone or withe the bluetooth headset or in the car with bluetooth
    Not like just a phone am I going mad?

    • I have had mine for a few months now and trust it even though the clear shield has popped out of the rubber bumper a couple time. She’s still waterproof. With using the phone when someone calls, you have to open the bottom door on the case, otherwise people will say they cannot hear you.

      • I have problems with my calls as well and when I play music it sounds awful. It’s like it’s vibrating the sounds.

      • I’ve never had a problem with making or taking phone calls with my lifeproof case, and I’ve never had to open the bottom door on a call. I have had the same problem with the rubber bumper (I’m on my second LP case now, sent the first one back under warranty because there were entire chunks of the rubber coming off.) and I’m wondering if the white case is flimsier than the black one (which my sister has and has never had a problem with) or if my keeping it in the back pocket of my snug jeans is causing the rubber to warp.

    • Malcolm. You have not gone mad. You are completely insane.

  9. Comment

  10. I am not sure what this reviewer is talking about. i have the lifeproof case and love it to pieces! it offers the underwater protection plus drop mud and dirt protection i have been looking for for so long. i reccomend it without hesitation. IT WILL WORK AS ADVERTISED. GUARANTEED. AND IT WILL NOT BREAK ON YOU. EVER.

    • Are you sure ur not lifeproof corporate? Because as good as it is its hard to stand by a thin case that comes off in a matter of three. As being as strong as they claim.

    • Guaranteed??? Oh right, if it fails they will send you a new case to cover your now dead Iphone! Yeah, that puts my mind at ease…NOT! Yours will fail and when it does…you will see their “guarantee” at work first hand lol.

  11. A LOT OF FAKES! Lifeproof case did it for me ( snowboarding and biking). I’m not really »water« person, so don’t have experiences how it works a few feet under water. But as I say, for hard conditions in snow, rain and mud it is top product. I think the biggest problem with this product are fakes.
    While in process of buying it, I did some price research and find this page with original/fake videos and price comparing:

    I hope it will help some of you. It is sad to see that some people do have problems with Lifeproof. Luckily for me, I’m still on positive side for this one.

  12. I thought that the Lifeproof case I just bought a week ago that has a “ripple” between the clear screen guard and the phone was just a one-off fluke. I noticed today a bit of moisture between the screen and the cover appearing as well. I have contacted the Lifeproof distributor here in Australia seeking a replacement, but I am glad I read about your experience and knowing that I’m not the only one with the problem as you described. I am now very hesitant on taking this anywhere near any water let alone using it in the water. Thanks for letting us know!

  13. lol…….no

  14. It’s not the manufacturers intention for you to use the phone as an underwater camera. Genius.

    • The manufacturer does encourage you to take your phone underwater Arj. First of all they claimit to be “waterproof” (not water resistant…Waterproof!) Also, they have numerous photo contests promoting this underwater activity. If it is not their intentions to have you use it underwater they should immediately change their whole advertising strategy.

    • Yes…not their intention. So that’s why on their instructional videos from their website they have a dad dive underwater and take pictures of his family. You are one of the brightest people i have ever seen! -_-

  15. I agree.
    That ’50 times’ statement is absurd.
    Bought 4 of those for me and friends of mine. All got torn, broke, cracked, leaked etc. within 6-7 months.

    I do believe it’s a good camera-waterproofing solution, but it’s a shame it doesn’t stand any impacts at all as promised.

    And the worst part is that plastic door at the bottom. breaks an cracks quite easily.

    The only good thing i can say is, they have great costumer service. Yet, I’m not going to buy any other case by that brand.
    Also, would not recommend anyone to even consider it.

    • My phone has been run over. Stomped on. Thrown over stair balconies. And yet it works fine. Don’t know what everyone elses problem with lifeproof is, but it seems ridiculous to me. Don’t just treat your phone irresponsibly and it will work fine. Have had mine over 10 months now and am quite happy with it. And i got it for $25 from Target. One of the ones least likely to work compared to everyone’s $80 cases.

  16. I’ve just got one 4 iPhone 5 and people say I keep cuttin in and out and the end button won’t work not real happy with it

  17. I gasped when I saw that Tomer above thought that they had great customer service. I have a case and have been only using it for water / beach shots and it’s been fine – not awesome, just fine. But at Christmas time, we lost the O-Ring and live in Australia, meaning you can’t get spare parts shipped here for some inexplicable reason. I have been trying FOR SIX WEEKS to get someone for customer service to reply to our numerous requests for help, as yet to no avail. It’s an okay product, but I would never, ever recommend it because of the dismal after-sales service for anyone living outside the USA.

  18. Hey. I have a question about the Lifeproof case. Is the camera able to focus underwater? And does the touchscreen work underwater at all? :)

    • Not really. The touch screen works, but the focusing part will not work as well as will outside of the water.

    • No the touch screen doesnt work underwater. And it cant focus under water

    • not at all

  19. The Life Proof case has been great for me, especially around my 5 grandchildren. Pool shots are awesome and we went to the Fl Keys got great underwater shots. Have had the same case for 1 1/2 years with no problems. Looking to get another one soon. Love it.

  20. If u blow like ur gonna blow up a balloon for bout 5 seconds on the small hole on the front of the case on the left side of the charging port, u will fix the problem if people not hearing u. And u won’t have to drop the charging door to talk either. U may need to do this periodically.

  21. I have an OtterBox Armor case and it looks way more serious in protection than the lifeproof, this design is waterproof, dust proof, drop proof and crush proof. It incorporates reinforced plastic with rubber and the O-ring seals on this case are a lot more durable than the lifeproof, I think the lifeproof case protects your phone the same way as a bicycle helmet, one hit and that’s it. Only 20 dollars more and your phone can take more of a beating than any lifeproof case.


  23. In response to Chris… I am a BestBuy employee so I sell it and trained on it, I’ve owned one for 2 years now, and I am also well acquainted to advanced physics… Your Otterbox has all that “protection” due to it having bulky amounts of plastic around it. Lifeproof cases handle just as much damage by distributing the shockwaves to the thin casing on the back. In other words, 12 year olds with bubble wrap and ductape could make a phone case just like yours. Your Otterbox is not completely water proof only “sprinkle proof”. Otterboxes after a while of use look worn out and ugly while Lifeproof keeps it’s look. So in your words Lifeproof is a one time hit and its done? One puddle would ruin any Otterbox owners day… To all tech owners out there… take my advice…. Expensive gadgets require topline protection, Lifeproof answers the call.

  24. In response to Nathaniel, I don’t think your familiar with the otterbox ARMOR it is indeed waterproof, it’s their new case. I believe you are thinking of the defender, which is not water proof and gets all ugly, not the armor.

  25. I just got my first Iphone a month ago then bought a Lifeproof case for it afterwards, The lifeproof case stands up to it’s name, But I have found the inside of the back of my case has been scratching my phone.. not to thrilled.


  26. Nice case, but I prefer the pong research case. I read that the cell phones emit a dangerous non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. That’s why I decided to do something that reduce iPhone radiation levels for protect to my family. I read about Pong Research cases, Pong technology is custom-designed for each mobile device and works to redirect radiation away from your head and body. I hesitated about it, anyway, I bought a case Pong because is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.

  27. I’m completely dissatisfied with my lifeproof case. I bought it a few months ago, it worked well and I was completely happy with it. That is until my phone screen shattered while still inside the case. It’s never happened to me before and I take pretty good care of it. I was studying and knocked it off of my desk, falling about 4 feet, onto carpet. Don’t buy this case, it’s a complete waste of money.

  28. I just bought one of these lifeproof cases and I’m going to a water park this weekend! I did the water test and it work perfect! Sometimes they don’t work all these people with the problems must of just gotten defects. I think I will enjoy mine

  29. I see Otterbox has a phone that’s “waterproof” now. I was wondering if anyone has tried that one? Either way, Apple has stated that no iPhone should ever be taken underwater, no matter what the case. These cases are better for a “just in case” situation–in case you drop it in a sink full of water or (heaven forbid!) a toilet.

    • It just for a just in case situation! It’s ment to have it so if you accidentally drop it not purposely drop it (: #tip #advise

  30. I too purchased a lifeproof case and loved everything about it. Even did the water test and it worked great. Then I noticed the cameras flash was being obstructed by the case. What? I had purchased a knock off :( . So disappointed in myself for falling for it! I have ordered a new one since directly from lifeproof. Can’t wait. Do watch the videos on how to tell a fake and also the blowing trick worked on my fake as well when people couldn’t hear me. It must work on the real thing.

  31. what you are looking for is an OVERBOARD waterproof pocket/case, you can just put your iphone in there Mophie and all, works a bit like a ziplock bag but super trustworthy, i love it.

  32. well just off cruise put my lifeproof case on checked it before hand…well you guess it the piece of crap ruined my phone…100 dollars down the drain plus 400 more dollars to go..i call lifeproof to tell them about their product and misrespresentation of product and they say oh well (basically) want to send me another case. i’m like really why would i want another piece of crap like that. it’s all about the money they make i not sure how many people want to buy a product that is built on lies but not me.

    • Your complaints don’t mean anything. It’s not about the money (completey). They don’t care what happens to your phone because of your misuse of the case. People who take care of it and make sure everything is perfect, have a lifeproof that works. Plus, Lifeproof does not gaurantee anything. So, if you don’t like the case, don’t come on here and complain about it to everybody. Just shut up, and get something else. It doesn’t need to be told that you don’t like the case ad your story about how it broke, when you have people on here who have use one for over a year, and nothing gone wrong. That should tell any person with a brain that you, the person who broke their case, was not using it properly. But then again, we are in America now a days, so i would only being getting my hopes up for nothing to think the humans in this workd would even begin to comprehend that.

      • Excuse me. Not america. We are the human race is what i meant.

  33. 1. its not designed for underwater shots, don’t be stupid.
    2. Taking it on and off sounds like a bad idea and may cause extra wear and tear.
    3. the “pillow” effect of the screen goes away after breaking it in.

    buy the case if you use it as it was intended, if you want to take photos underwater get an underwater camera.

    • You people saying it’s not intended for the use of underwater pictures, obviously didn’t watch the instuctional videos. Which contained a Father going underwater and taking pictures of his family. The instructional videos provided by the company. Maybe it’s why so many have failed to have cases that worked. They skipped everything and went straight to snapping it together with your phone inside.


  34. At first my lifeproof case seemed awesome! I took it in the hot tub with no problems

  35. Bro, this case works so well i love it to death so screw this review it works amazing

  36. Just got my lifeproof case today and was really disappointed on how flimsy the face cover is. It actually kind of bubbles a bit. Anyone else have this problem t?

    • Everyone has the same problem! I had to replace my IPhone because it got water damaged while in a life proof case. Life proof said they’d send me a new case…still haven’t recd that. Please make sure your phone has water damage insurance on it…you’ll need it!

  37. lol what is up with all the bad reviews, i have had my iphone 5 lifeproof case for over two months now or so and i go swimming with it, i purposly dropp it in the water just for fun, and more i have never had a leak, or anything and working flawess, i think most people just bitch for the sake of bitching, trying to find something bad with it, 80 dollars to protect a 600 dollar iphone is dirt ass cheap. anyone reading the reviews its worth it to have and i even bought the lifejacket to make it float and that seems to work flawless to. its the people who are not following directions or applying it on all the way probley the ones with the problems. i am not saying there might not be defects out there but if you have bubbles on your screen make sure you take off screen protectors i did that the first time and thought it was the case and forgot i had ghost amor on mine :) so its worth the 80 dollars dont be a wussy if you want one just go get it

  38. For Tommy Rodriquz…I wish you all the luck in the world with your Lifeproof case and phone, but PLEASE get insurance for your sake. I too LOVED my Lifeproof case…at first. For 8 months I was able to take it out in any weather, fearlessly take underwater photos or have a telephone conversation in the pool. I even brought it to the beach numerous times. One day…while not being anywhere near water, my flash started coming on by itself. I brought it to the Apple store where they opened it up to diagnose and said that the entire inside was corroded by water damage. What???? How did that happen???? He told me that he had seen too may Iphones come in with the same problem while in Lifeproof cases. It was condensation…moisture in the air getting in while port it was open (like for charging) and being sealed in the case through normal temperature changes. This had corroded my phone from the inside without me ever knowing until it was too late. I luckily had insurance on my phone and got it replaced immediately but feel that Lifeproof should somehow either fix this problem or make customers aware that it can happen. I would advise everyone to get water damage insurance instead of ignorantly believing that they are totally protected by using this case. Again, good luck with yours!

  39. I got life proof and loved it for like five minutes.. I can only plug it into certain charging ports, the screen is weird and bubbled even after weeks of it being broken in. I was so excited to be able to bring my phone in the pool, but I don’t even trust it around the sink.

  40. I guess you would have to spend money in one lifeproof case every time you’d like to make a series of underwater shots, which basically is silly. The moment I read on their website the lifeproof case can only be opened about 50 times it was a no brainer. I use the olloclip macro lens a lot, pretty much that all I post on Instagram or EyeEm are macro and my Griffin case works beautifully and it will stand rain for about 20 minutes (the time it took for someone to tell me my iPhone was sitting on top my car while I was willy-nilly driving!)

  41. I have had a lifeproof case for over a year now and I have been satisfied with it. It’s not a great underwater camera that is true, but I have used it in the shower and rain repeatedly without an issue. This is my second case. The first case did develop a slight tear by the ringer on/off switch which compromised the waterproof integrity and I called lifeproof. They were very responsive and as it was still under warranty they sent me a replacement without question and immediately shipped it to me. So far I have had no problems with it. I have dropped it dozens of times and at times on concrete. I once even threw it by accident when it slipped out of my hand. The camera inside is pristine as it keeps dust out as well as water. I have used it in water, but I do not treat it as an underwater camera. I have also spilled beer on it and it’s easy to clean under the sink faucet. It’s true to hear music well you need to open the door and I know people who have taken it out hundreds of time with no issue, you just risk compromising the seal. Test it without the phone periodically to see if the seal is still intact. I am pleased with it and I do not know of another phone that is waterproof and so durable. It protects the screen as well and every friend of mine has broken their screen on their ip but me, including people with otterboxes.

  42. Bought two Lifeproof cases for my husband’s and my phones. His cracked on the charging port cover after about six months. No big deal. Superglued it. Fine. Then mine cracked in the exact same spot. Okay. Did the same thing. No big deal. Now the rubber seal around the front of the case is coming apart. Additionally, we both have “rainbow” bubbles on the screens. Totally not worth the $. I won’t be buying new ones when we upgrade our phones in August.

  43. I’m so sorry about this incident. I had a similar incident last summer with my dog instead of a model wife. Sadly I never even got the stunning images you got before your Lifeproof case died.

  44. Luigi, I have to agreed with you, water, air, gas, they will each find their way out or into anything holding it. My Lifeproof case just leaked, my iPhine 4s is ruined, had 2 separate phone specialists look at it but they can’t do anything.

  45. Hi, I bought my original Lifeproof case through a few months ago and have been using it successfully daily UNTIL 2 days ago… (only ever taken case off about 7 times, if that, as I read it will leak if it’s ‘peeled’ apart too often as it stays slightly bent). I followed the strict and detailed instructions before using it on how to test it before placing your phone inside etc. I deliberately kept it on so as to avoid opening it and bending it. Sound etc was always perfect no issue there. We have a pool at our condo, live by the sea, used it all the time, took umpteen video’s and photo’s of my kids underwater, no problem, THEN 2 days ago, on holiday, took phone with the cover into the pool, after checking as it usual as I always do before taking it into water (all was shut tight), and after swimming with it for about 10-15 minutes, got out, went to take a pic from the sunbed and saw loads of water inside the cover! Quickly opened it all up, dried it off etc but my iPhone 4S wouldn’t start (my phone is about a year old, but you wouldn’t know it as I take care,of my things very well, and having used this case all the time, it’s really protected the phone. It looks like new, not a mark on it.) took home immediately to repair shop, they took it apart piece by piece, cleaning, drying etc,and on putting it back together, it stated, but screen swiping doesn’t work. Took it to a 2nd place, they said it probably just needed a new glass front for touch screen. He tried it with a new glass cover, and several other things, nothing works. Phone is finished. The cover is great for splashes, knocks and against dirt and I’d say a few times underwater. But don’t suggest it’s used u dear water after its a few months old, as it’ll be a costly scheme for you!

  46. We just purchased the Lifeproof case and did all the testing too! Of course the minute my son hits the shallow end of the pool it fills up and his iPhone 4S stops working. The day before he leaves on a 16 day trip! Lifeproof won’t pay anything for the device, but will send a new Lifeproof case! No thank you. REi will refund our money for that! DO NOT BUY!

  47. As above loved the case….. past tense. I actually brought it over the ottabox due to the sleekness of the case.
    In short i dropped the phone total of 15cm onto a desk while at work. Picked up the phone and the screen was cracked.
    Complete and utter false advertising!!! The case did not withstand the 10m/6ft drop as advertising.

  48. I’ve had a LP case for over a year, work in construction, dropped it, been in mud, dust, water, getting a second LP case, first one is beat to heck, phone looks new. Kids bought one off Ebay, there knock offs, cheep plastic. Buy only from LP.

  49. I have used my lifeproof case many of times and loved it until today when i was taking underwater pictures and it got water in my case and broke my phone!!!! thanks a lot life proof!!!!!

    your hater

  50. Just purchased this product for $80 at an AT&T store and am VERY DISSATISFIED as follows:

    The product muffles all sounds making it difficult to hear.

    One of my chargers doesn’t fit with this case on.

    It is more difficult to text and message and use all touch screen features.

    Why is it my job to quality check your product? (I did in order to proceed with the process).

    The warranty process was described as an easy process by the store associate (after quality test), but when I went online it seems there is no warranty unless I pay another fee, (after paying $80 for a piece of plastic) and even then it’s got more way out then with no protection at all.

    Please advise how to return and get my money back. This product is a huge disappointment.

  51. Opening and closing the case 50 times was your problem. Also it is intented to work to protect in emergencies up to 6 feet of water. I don;t understand why people think that this is for normal use. The Lifeproof case is probably the best out there for basic protection. Ive had one for over 2 years skiing, fishing, golfing, working, etc.It does fine for protection against mositure, limited water exposure and small shocks.

  52. Don’t buy a Lifeproof case for an iphone. Just bought a Lifeproof case for an iphone. The phone fell out of my son’s pocket and hit a step (probably a distance of about three to four feet). Screen busted. Spoke with Lifeproof and they said iphones are sensitive and the cases will not protect an iphone. Interesting! The package says that the cases are for iphones. Don’t waste your money.

  53. Ummm… didn’t anyone get the $10 total water protection plan? If you buy the case directly from Lifeproof they offer a year warranty and will replace any water damaged phone (once). With all the fakes out there I wouldn’t buy an LP case from another retailer anyways. If you’re going to spend that much money on a phone case anyways, whats another $10?

  54. These shots are wonderful. Too bad you bought a lemon! I’ve been looking for a good underwater case but all the reviews I’ve seen have been “iffy”. Maybe my iPhone wasn’t meant to swim…

  55. Absolute rubbish! Everyone’s ska me where I’m calling from when I talk on mine….sound quality is crap

  56. i just received a delivery today (Lifeproof case). the phone fits perfectly but i did’nt try it on water. as i read most of the reviews probably i will not try.

  57. I bought a iPhone 4S lifeproof case for $80 and it worked great when I first got it. I’ve had it in pools and taken pictures. One day I decided to carry it to a water with the no rides with more than 4ft of water. The life proof case work half of the day until it failed! Water got into my phone and mashed up my new iPhone 4S. The case is not durable. I am dissatisfied literally! Don’t trust and don’t spend 80$. It will only work for a few times


  58. I’ve just purchased this case for my iPhone 5 with an upcoming trip to the beach. I needed a case that would protect my phone from sand and splashes, drops and bobbing around in my purse. I didn’t want a bulky otter box. I’m appreciative of this post so that I won’t push it and take underwater photos. I expect to keep my phone snugly inside life proof so I shouldn’t exceed 50 openings eithe. I guess it is typical lifeproof not amateur underwater photographer proof.

  59. The life proof case is good if you want to take pictures but as far as protective goes it SUCKS!!!!! My screen is broke no idea how it happened….. I didn’t drop it at the time when I found it broke!!!! I’ve had cheeper cases that protect it better…… And one of them was a really cheep thing of plastic that I dropped many times!!!!!

  60. got a case for my daughter after being talked into by a sales person at Verizon. I purchased the case, did the test, worked fine a few times. she never took the case off then one day her volume stopped working, home screen wont come up, and flashlight is dim. took it to the Verizon store said it had water damage, but to call life proof they will take care of it. filled out the information for a claim, haven’t heard back yet but from what I am hearing not excepting much. disappointed!!!!! would not recommend product. should have lasted longer that 2 times in a 3 foot pool.

  61. Loved my case at first, then I realized that my ringer was constantly on silent. Read that the feature is backwards on the case, but still phone is always on silent. No matter what I do. This case completely prevents the phone from ringing. It holds the silent switch in place and you cannot switch it to ringer. Also calls are muffled, speaker pho w is terrible, music sounds terrible, everyone also tells me I sound so far away. 2 different car chargers also do not fit to charge my phone so I constantly have to take my wall charger everywhere. DO NOT BUY THIS CASE!

  62. I just would like to know does it or does it not work I just bought one and reading these some say it does some day it doesn’t. I just purchased two of them one for me and other one for my boyfriend. Hopefully it was a good idea.

  63. Had a Lifeproof for about a year. 9 months in, the skin over the ring/vibrate switch apparently wore out enough that it split open. A chip formed in the screen protector. The edging of the case starting fragmenting, and the charge port door stopped staying closed because the area it latched on was fractured. I am not that hard on my phones – they spend most of their time in my pocket, car cupholder or on my desk at work. I do not work in a harsh environment. I have dropped the phone perhaps…6 times, 2 or 3 were from any appreciable height or onto a hard surface, the remainder were from low height and onto soft surfaces. Not the least bit impressed. The Lifeproof wasn’t worth $30, let alone $90.


  64. I was happy with it while it was waterproof… I decided to try it in the river because I was curious -it worked. However, the screen doesn’t work as some have said. At least not in cold water. It couldn’t detect I was touching it.

    Whomever said “if the screen doesn’t work how did they take the pictures -duh!” well, if you know anything about your phone you probably know you take the picture with the physical volume button DUH!

    At any rate, it passed that test but a couple weeks later of normal use and I just reached in my pocket, pulled out the phone, and the clear plastic has separated from the glue in the bottom corner and lifted up leaving a huge gap into the phone. No longer waterproof.

    Additionally, I get the ‘bubble’ in the screen where it touches near the center. It comes and goes and distorts the view a bit. It’s annoying, but I had the same issue only worse with my original iPhone and the Otter case on it so –better anyway.

    The audio port is really annoying. I thought I could unscrew it and use the line-in to the boat and since I didn’t need it waterproof while in the cabin I didn’t bring the ‘special’ cord. The stereo mini-jacks don’t fit through the case. I tried my special narrow 3.5mm for the old iPhone that had a small hole and had the same issue. Even that wouldn’t fit. You have to use the annoying tail that comes with it. I gave up on that annoyance and got a bluetooth adapter to plug to the line-in and send from the phone to that.

    I WANT to like the case. The warranty states that if they replace this case the warranty doesn’t extend again… so if this is a recurring problem I’ll be out $80 in another few months after getting the replacement.

    Someone mentioned the extra cost waterproofing –that may be all well and good but it requires sending your phone to them as I understand. I don’t have time for that.

    I will continue to use it and inspect it but I’m not sure I’d buy one new again. Maybe after a major overhaul or new and improved model I’d buy again.

    • My mistake on the waterproofing. I was thinking that was the service that sprays some polymer or something on the phone. I don’t recall that guarantee being available (or at least not in the old-stock package I bought in the store) when I bought it. It looks to be only good for a year and from the terms have a lot of hoops to jump and possibly some waiting. Might be worth the $10 but, with or without, I probably will not allow the phone to intentionally get in the water anymore.

  65. Have it almost a year … Saved my phone when forgot it was in pocket swimming out to a boat. Edges all suddenly starting to wear alarmingly

  66. You can go on and get the waterproff case for half off(that was 50 for me.It is the best case ive ever used. It has a small crevice around the whole case,but don’t let that scare you off, it’s still waterproof. The only turnoff is that the case is pretty bulky. All in all it’s a great case.

  67. find one cheap on amazon. works just as well

  68. This life-proof phone cover is not shockproof not even from a height of 3 feet, also when you go about looking at the warranty small print you will discover the item (your phone) is not covered for damage ,the case has warranty for manufactures faults .My daughters phone fell from a 35’’ inch high bench resulting in a cracked screen on an I phone 5 now I have a repair bill of $200.00 aud to get the phone repaired. Don’t waste your money on this Case. Get your self a Otter box case bulky and ugly but protects my S4 Galaxy, and I have dropped my phone dozens of times.

  69. just sent my iphone 5 and lifeproof case back to them for a refund. took into ocean like I have many times before but this time was full of water when I got out. will keep you posted of if they honor their warranty or not.

  70. I own an iPhone 4S with a lifeproof case. I have dropped it many times. It’s never broken or become less protective.

    The reason you had a bad experience is because lifeproof is simply not designed for underwater photos. It is to protect it from spills, drops, and it helps absorb shock. You possibly spent too much time underwater with it every time you took photos.

    Please don’t hate lifeproof. They did their job well. Be thankful for the fact that you had an almost unbreakable phone.

  71. I have the 4s with a lifeproof cover. It’s great. No problems with it when we went to a waterpark. But people, this is a phone! Not meant to be a camera! If you want to take pictures underwater buy an underwater camera! My case has been dropped, and my baby drools on it and chews on it and sprayed on in the waterparks and it works great. I however would never purposely put it under water. If that was my thing, I would spend the money on underwater camera.

  72. Throught my time with my lifeproof case, I have had a great time, works great, and most of all I don’t think it’s a waste of money, I have brought it In my pool all summer finding out that my phone was has never stopped working. I was afraid to bring it in the pool for the first time.. But later it was a daily habit of bringing it in! Lifeproof so far hve satisfied me!

  73. Just bought one after an incident when having a phone would have been handy. Went snorkeling once. Worked fine. Took it out today for a a quick dip. Not so fine. Hopefully I can get my samsung s4 fixed. But the screen seems fried. I though for $80 it must be too good to be true. Turns out it was. And relying on a case to keep your phone dry underwater seems a little crazy to me now. I can probably buy an otter case or something that doesn’t just click together. I agree it’s cheaply made if a piece of dust or hair or sand can eliminate the integrity of the case from one second to the next. Not worth it.


  74. This article was such a long way of saying 2 paragraphs at the most. So many unnecessary details to satisfy your need to blog.
    Most people want to know about the phone case, plain and simple, not your free spirited Instagram marriage.
    Maybe instead of using the waterproof case to take pictures of your wife wearing dresses underwater, you should’ve taken pictures of the quirky Instagram food you had the other day as it appears at the other end of your digestive route…..
    …..because I know how you people love irony.

  75. Liveproof case broke my screen when I closed the. Case. It is horrible!! Do not buy!

  76. I bought the case for the iPhone-5 13 months ago. It may have protected from scratches and the odd drop but I never tried it underwater after reading other reviews. I’m pretty sure it was a wise decision because the whole thing is falling apart and it has never seen anything more than my pocket. The problems:
    1.- The rubber is breaking everywhere, in the edges and specially troubling in the edges of the screen. Awful!
    2.- The lens protector is made of a tiny glass, once I was gently cleaning it and it just popped out, it got chipped.
    3.- Nobody can hear me, I’ve been in the middle of important calls trying to open and free my phone from this case.

  77. This review is about LifeProof customer service, not the case itself.

    I wanted to buy a case for my son for Christmas, but Amazon didn’t show any 5S cases in stock, so I ordered from LifeProof direct. BIG MISTAKE! I ordered a 5S case online, and after received the confirmation e-mail, which showed a iPhone 5 case. I immediately called to correct their mistake. After being on hold for 25′, they acknowledged their mistake and corrected it. I received an “change to order” confirmation e-mail.

    Unfortunately, when the case arrived, it was for an iPhone 5. Again, 30′ on hold and I went through the process of requesting an RMA (return merchandise authorization) and ordering of the correct case (again). When I read the RMA e-mail, however, it said not only would I have to pay for the return shipping, but they would deduct the original shipping cost from my refund!

    I e-mailed them several times to try and get them to correct this absurd mistake, but their response was consistently that it is not their policy to pay for shipping on “returns”, despite my repeated reminding that THEY had made a mistake (twice).

  78. All of you say that your taking your phone under water for pics. The life prof case if for accidental perposes such as doing dishes and accidentally dropping your phone in water.

  79. What a piece of crap. My son’s phone fell out of his sweatshirt and the phones screen cracked. They do not stand by their product. I was told by the 800 number that is shock proof up to 6 feet. Well I explained guess not at 2 feet then. They offered to replace the case. Why would I do that if it does not even work. SO sorry I spent my hard working money on something I thought would work. I advise everyone save your money and dont buy it.

  80. I have an iphone 4s. I purchased my Lifeproof case a few months ago after a friend showed me his case. It is very sleek and lightweight and due to the fact that the company claims that the phone is water protected in the case, I was sold. I live coastally and use my phone to listen to music while I surf (prior to the Lifeproof case I had used a DrySac for water protection and never had a problem). I purchased the phone case and the applicable arm band. I additionally paid the extra money for the water protection “guarantee” which collectively cost me about $150.00 – quite a lot for a phone case. The water protection guarantee basically says that if your phone gets wet inside of their case and you have the phone registered under the protection plan, that they will replace the phone. This was critical for me due to my time spent in the water with my phone. After a few times in the water, the phone did get wet inside of the case and began to malfunction. I contacted Lifeproof to discover that the water protection plan is complete nonsense. I attempted to contact life proof via telephone and could not reasonably get anyone on the phone after 1.5 hours on hold. I sent an email for which I NEVER got a response. I also opened a claim on their website for which I am still awaiting a follow up 5 weeks later. After a week of waiting, I called back and got a representative on the phone after another 1.5 hours on hold. I explained the situation to the representative who advised me that the claims department was backlogged and that they could not give me ANY estimate as to the time it would take for them to process my claim. She told me that it may be WEEKS or MONTHS, that she just simply didn’t know. In response to my tremendous frustration, she finally forwarded me to the warranty department which took approximately 30 more minutes on hold. The representative in the warranty department advised me that when they finally get to my claim for processing, for which she couldn’t provide a time frame estimate, I would be notified by email and that I would have to mail my phone in for the engineering department to assess. After that, they would send me a repaired phone or a replacement phone if the engineering department determined that the water damage was due to a case failure (sound like they have built in plausible deniability). This process would be expected to take 4-8 weeks during which time they would not provide me a loaner phone. I explained that I am a business owner and that this is my business phone and that I could not be without it for any time let alone 8 weeks. I appealed to them to send me a loaner phone and that they could put a hold on my credit card for the full cost of the phone until the situation was resolved. She outright refused, citing company policy, and told me that I should have read the warranty policy more thoroughly. After some frustrated expletives on my part she hung up the phone on me. I was ultimately went strait to Apple and replaced the phone myself. Lifeproof is a trash company that does not stand behind their product or warranty policy. They have the warranty set up with full knowledge that no one would reasonably go without their phone for 2 months. It is a complete fraud. The case is small and sleek if that is what you re after, but don’t expect that Lifeproof will stand behind their product if your phone gets damaged. With that, it is a very overpriced product for what you get and can expect from the company. I would NOT deal with this company again.

  81. I just got one for my bday, but I haven’t tried it in water and after these reviews I’m kinda scared to, but my 5th grade teacher had one and in class dunked it in water to show us it was waterproof, and she never had a prob with hers

  82. Yes Luigi,i just sent them an email about the exact same issue and i dont expect anything to fix the problem after reading everybodys issues here but we live in hope and i will let you know what happens.Piss Poor Item

  83. Yes do not purchase a Lifeproof case. Within a month the adapter to the headphones stopped working making the case unusable. They said they’d send me a replacement but it never arrived, their phone line is constantly tied up and they ignore all email communications.

  84. My wife bought hers from Verizon it was automatically covered for underwater I myself went right to their website and purchased itwhen I received it in the mail I called to register it for underwater they told me that was not possible I would have to buy a protection plan up front now all I have is a life proof case that I do not have protection against my iPhone if it gets wet inside I told the lady on the phone the only reason I bought it was to protect it for water so if you’re going to buy a case make sure you Baiser from a Verizon store or something like that do not go to their website and give them the money because it is a waste of time you would think that would be automatic from their website not just automatic from a store


  85. This is a great review and very useful. The pictures look fantastic. I personally think these Lifeproof cases are very hit and miss. If you use them the correct way I guess they do work .

    But I think there is a fine line. The Griffin and Otterbox cases are far more protective against shocks and drops but the Lifeproof case is really only good against a 2 foot drop into the toilet or into a puddle.

    They are slim lightweight moderately protective cases that are highly resistant. Not waterproof, very few things are. Hence why the warranty is only a year. I think its silly if someone deliberately soaks there iphone or ipad but the Lifeproof is good as a precaution.

  86. I purchased a Lifeproof case for my sons iphone 4, it was dropped. The case didn’t have any damage to it but the iphone was smashed. Sent Lifeproof an email and they haven’t even bothered to acknowledge my email. It doesn’t seem right that you pay $80.00 for a case and this happens.

  87. LIfeproof is one of the poorest run companies I’ve ever come across in my 60 years. After the Ipad Air case was shipped with the wrong address and returned to them by the post office … and 4 phone calls later they still can’t get it right and cannot do something as simple as shipping a product to the correct address. They are not proactive in contacting any customer about their mistakes and it seems they are not very keen to resolve customer issues even when they apologize and then make the same mistakes over and over. Supervisors don’t want to take calls either. Even their Exec staff are hiding and impossible to contact. Stay away from this company – they are bad news. There are other options.

  88. Lifeproof is not what they say they are. I have always had a Otterbox for my phones. I purchased my new iPhone 5 in April 2014. Looking at the Lifeproof box, liking their size and reading about their protective features, I decided to try it. I dropped the my iphone for the first time at the gym on May 8, 2014 onto a carpeted floor. My phone no longer makes a sound. Verizon said I would need to exchange it for a rebuilt (super frustrating as its only 1 month old!!) and even more frustrating, Lifeproof said they don’t cover the phone, only the cases! WTH. ‘Life’ lesson: DO NOT BUY A LIFE PROOF CASE IF YOU WANT YOUR PHONE PROTECTED FROM A FALL. I’m going back to my bulking and effective OTTERBOX.

  89. Same happened with me , was very dissatisfied and I was still under warranty but I live in the Caribbean and up to date no one has contacted me about the case , so said so done , I ended up purchasing a Otterbox where you feel the better quality , ally more bulky than the lifeproof but at least this time I am assured

  90. I have read many comments about the Life proof case, both good and bad, but I had a crazy experience today that completely raised my thoughts on this case. I was at Six Flags with my best friend today, and we had put all of out things in a locker, but I kept my phone so we would know what time it was. I had my life proof case on so I wasn’t worried about the water rides but I was worried it might fall out of my back pocket. I had gone on multiple rides already with it there, so though it wouldn’t be a big deal if I went on Superman before we left. As we were hitting the highest point on the ride, I felt my phone slip out of my pocket and it hit me in the face on the way down. I started screaming to my friend who was beside me in the ride that my phone fell out and we were both freaking out the whole ride. When we got off, I told the lady what happened so she sent us to customer service where we filled out a report. I just got a call from the same lady saying they found my phone in the restricted section and it was completely fine!!! The case had popped off but the phone didn’t have a single crack! I had never trusted Life proof before this moment and I will never make this stupid mistake again, but I am so glad I had on a life proof case instead of a flimsy one-sided case.

  91. I’ve had a very similar experience to other. The case worked great for about 2 months and it got wet at the beach one day and my phone was completely ruined. I ended up figuring out what happened – the rubber gasket that plugs the charging port fell off! The company has refused to replace my phone or refund me for the case when it was a complete defect of a very expensive product. Do not waste your time and more importantly, lots of money, on this overpriced crappy case!!!!

  92. My friend has the lifeproof case on her iphone and we ran a marathon, the phone was dropped covered in dye, drenched in water and the phone and case are still intact. My boyfriend got one for his Samsugn Galaxy S5 and when we got caught in a rain storm on Monday my phone got fried the screen (no case) his is working just fine. However after these reviews I’m a little leery, so I got on ebay and bought it for $30, (just dropped $300 on a new phone) so wish me luck.


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