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London iPhoneographers Give Masterclass for UK Newspaper

London iPhoneographers give masterclass for UK newspaper

On September 24, four leading mobile photographers, led by Richard Gray (@rugfoot), will be giving a Masterclass for a leading national UK newspaper. For several years now, The Guardian has run a series of highly-respected Masterclasses in a wide variety of creative fields, such as writing, photography, painting, art history, film. The opportunity to present our new sub-genre of photography represents serious recognition of our work. This is another step in the coming of age of iphoneography as a serious art form and a major cultural movement.

The 3-hour masterclass is expected to be attended by up to 100 people and the presenters at the workshop are all highly active and creative London-based iphoneographers. Marina Akwa (@iphonehipsta) will be talking about Hipstamatic and creative iphoneography; Jen Thomas (@ikebana_jen) will be presenting about landscapes and iphoneography’s relationship with the art world; and Bal Bhatla (@mrwhisper) will be talking about street photography and candid portraiture.



  1. How absolutely amazing is this !!!

    Congrats Bal – great recognition mate.


  2. Outstanding opportunity to promote mobile photography! I would be very interested in reading a follow up article about the master class.

  3. Yeah, fantastic. I wonder how the media will translate the class: as an actual undercurrent in photography as a whole, or as a niche fad that “the kids” are into?