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Street Photography In Autumn

Life on the street moves in rhythm to the pulse of other people’s natural beat. The season is changing and so is the landscape of public transportation systems, the downtown hustle or the local paths we travel daily. Street photography is a constant adventure seeing into the lives of strangers and scenes around us one frame at a time.

At first, I didn’t like street photography. I thought, “How difficult could it be to just snap photos of people around you? Point, shoot, done, next.” I was also not excited about having people ask me what I’m doing and possibly request I delete their image, even if it is in public space. Over time, the mobile device changed my mind. I love event and lifestyle photography with a DSLR which is similar in nature to the street shots. Studying images of other street photographers, some who actually tell the visual story AND add a written story, I began to see how it is a perfect fit for my style. People. Moving subjects, literal single moments that must be timed, background lighting and objects to consider, angles and point of view. It can be an exasperating and exhilarating challenge!


The downtown scenes of Washington, DC have numerous opportunities to capture people, places or action scenarios. No matter how great the lighting people walking at a fast pace within the view of your lens is like a natural slow shutter shot. Timing and a fast lens is golden. I spotted these two guys about to cross the street and watched their approach. They had that swagger and did things in sync as if marching to their own drum beat. The synchronized step and head turn at the time of the snap, priceless!


Two people en route on a short journey. The vibe of the older man who was tired and barely holding his head up matched the general mood of the bus. The woman next to him was so active and aware of her surroundings, this shot took a few attempts to capture minimal motion blur. In a past life, seeing these two people on the same bus sitting together at the front would have caused outrage. Here we are today, riding together and the main thought on the mind is making it to our destination.


my.Side, Our.side
Connected. My distance from the other two riders created a triangle. Ironically, the points of touch between the three silver poles also created a circle of three. Throughout our day, we are always somehow connected between points of life.


A gorgeous and sunny October day filled with a light breeze and autumnal aromas. I have had to commute using public transportation more often and enjoy moments to work the street photography skills or zone out and read an eBook. This young lady caught my eye with her restlessness waiting on the next bus. Several shots went into getting the final image where she managed to sit still for probably all of fifteen seconds. Sun was so bright the shot almost didn’t happen until I left my comfort zone to take a few steps closer and shoot.


Originally I opted to shoot the shadow patterns of the steps and rails. While setting up the shot, people were running down to get on the next train. Turning to see if anyone was coming into the next shot or if I was in someone’s way, there she was, the woman in the red coat (Thinking: Must.have.this.shot!). No time to get it wrong, no cheating and using burst mode on the mobile camera and no chance of asking her to wait and repeat it. Done. Next? (This is the part I refer to as exhilarating)

The interesting learning and loving of street photography with a side of addiction to black and white is feeding the visual creativity. Whether the person(s) are walking, sitting, standing or even talking directly to me, it is no easy task to just point, shoot and move on. Street photography in autumn leaves a little color in your soul.

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  1. Not a fan on B&W much, but I really liked #3 my.Side, Our.side

    • Jeff, thanks for the discussion on Facebook about your thoughts on black and white photography. Some things grow on you. I do love color and strong contrast images just the same! How is your photography and are you working mobile photography in your days?

  2. Awesome!!!

    • Harry! Thanks for reading and viewing. Awesome to see you leave feedback, my friend.

  3. Love this Nakeva

    • Fahmi, you inspire me with your work! Glad to be part of the crew with you as well as Fotodroids.

  4. Naveka, this is beautifully written and the images are spectacular. I’m so glad you’ve discovered this passion and are sharing it with us.

    • Jen, thank you for appreciating the writing and the images. Although an image can express a thousand words, its a fun adventure to actually add the thoughts behind the scene.

  5. I love B&W, not a fan of colour any more and I love what you’re doing with it!

    • Hans! There is so much to black and white that has opened my eyes. I like color images or colorsplash. For the longest time I was into viewing HDR images, then I saw it in black and white! I’m hooked on finding the beauty in simplicity.

      Let me know where to view your work.

  6. i adore each caption. made me feel like i was right there. Really enjoyed this article

    • Anna, I’m a big fan of your work, both images and story. Its awesome that you “feel right there” when viewing the images. I heard this three times or so last week and makes me feel on track with what I want to accomplish with my best work.

      Cheers to future work for us!