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SIC:// Koci x Juxt 10.29.12

The following video is an excerpt from an online tutorial for iPhone Shooting at by Koci

We Are Juxt is proud to host Richard Koci Hernandez for a Happy Hour Meet and Greet

 October 29, 2012, at Barboza

925 E. Pike Street 5–8pm

// 21 + Event //

Meet and Greet at 6PM.

This event is FREE.


We Are Juxt is proud to be a media sponsor for this year’s

Seattle Interactive Conference 2012 “Game Changers.”

Juxt will be hosting an exhibition of over 40 photographs from Juxt(er)s from all over the world.  The exhibition will also include other multimedia components that we are proud to present exclusively to the SIC:// participants.  Our goal is to push the limits of exhibition of mobile photography and showcase them to a group of incluencers in other industries outside of mobile photography and arts.  Big thanks to our Juxt(er)s for their contributions to not only this exhibition but to the community.

 We Are Juxt’s Game Changer Exhibition will be located in the SIC:// Lounge and representatives of Juxt will be on hand to share the art that we are so passionate about.

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Seattle Interactive Conference 201: SIC returns in 2012, bringing interactive industry’s leaders together in one of the world’s most innovative cities!

With its “Game Changers” platform, SIC 2012 provides a unique stage for entrepreneurs, technologists, advertisers, designers, entertainers, online business professionals and thinkers to converge: Visionary speakers on technology, creativity, and emergent trends will leave you inspired, and networking events promise to better connect you.

Providing a signature Pacific Northwest flair, SIC 2012 welcomes attendees from throughout the US and beyond, combining thought-provoking speakers, panelists, moderated debates and an exhibit hall. After-hours, citywide networking events will transition to major social and music happenings, rounding out powerful opportunities for real-time collaboration and fun!  If you want a boring couple of days, you’ll be very disappointed.

SIC 2012 is a rare forum in which brands, businesses, creative leaders and consumers can directly share experiences with the digital trendsetters of today and the thought leaders of tomorrow.


Read about Koci in our most recent article, Koci: 1000 Shots.

Richard “Koci” Hernandez is a national Emmy® award-winning video and multimedia producer who worked as a photographer at the San Jose Mercury News for 15 years. His work for the Mercury News has earned him two Pulitzer Prize nominations and was awarded a national Emmy® award for the New Approaches to Documentary category for his work on the film,Uprooted. His work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and international magazines, including Stern, and he has worked with to produce a course on iPhoneography, iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling.

In 2007 after taking his first mobile photograph, he was hooked on the medium’s potential and immediacy. Recently, he joined the faculty at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism where he teaches various New Media courses, including Mobile Reporting. In 2010, Koci organized a mobile photography workshop during the world’s first conference about mobile photography, in 2011 he presented a mobile photography Master Class at the TED2012 conference. Koci’s mobile photography and insights have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Slate, The Atlanic, and Phototech Magazine. His recent iPhoneography is being published in a book by National Geographic.

To learn more about Koci Hernandez, please visit:

Professional Flickr

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