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Skylights and their Messages from Beyond

Skylights are trying to tell me something. A skylight came crashing down into my house the other day. But actually, that’s another story. However, due to this very disruptive “message” from my skylight at home, I figured the time was right for a post that I’ve been thinking about for a while…

I have lived a charmed life, there’s no doubt about that, but life’s been a bit much for me lately. Work, home, emotionally and mentally–it’s all been stressful. Every day at work though, I’ve found moments of respite. There is a series of skylights throughout the building where I work, and although I’d been disappointed about missing much of this summer due to long work hours, I was able to enjoy the light it offered nonetheless. En route to meetings or to address my… um, bodily needs, I have been fascinated by the spectacles the skylights offer. The light and shadow they cast is often tremendous stop-in-your-tracks gloriosity*, but even when there isn’t that, there’s always the ability to look up at the sky. Ahhh.

I marvel at the people who walk by, and even through, these exquisite displays without a glance–and am amused by (and grateful for) the people who ask me if I’m OK.  A pause on the stairwell to take things in is odd enough to cause concern, apparently.  Perhaps they think I should be working.  Trust me, I know better.

Anyway, if I’m not at my desk, chances are good you’ll find me near a skylight taking pictures such as the following. I hope I’ve captured them well enough for you to gain even a little respite from your own challenges.

OK, if you got this far, I owe you an explanation regarding the skylight in my personal life. I’m having my roof replaced and the previous owners caulked the skylights to the frames. This is NOT a good idea. The roofers had no alternative but to force one of them off. I cringed and gave permission to do what they had to do.  In retrospect, I should have covered the furniture, yes? My only excuse is that my subconscious imagined the skylight cracking, not breaking into thousands of pieces and raining down into the house.  I will never forget the sight of all that glass as it cascaded onto the floor and table and couch and chairs… sigh. So the message, I think, aside from the obvious “think a bit about the possible consequences of things” is… “Don’t stare up at skylights when you should be working because we see you and karma’s a bitch”!?  Naw.   …OK, I don’t think there is a lesson or a message. And for me, THAT’s the point. Life’s got good and bad in it and regardless which one is in my face at the moment, I’m alive for it so I just Appreciate.  Everything. Period.

@Maverickzach, this one’s for you. Thank you for your early appreciation of my skylight photos when I first joined IG.

Love to you all. My thoughts are with all those affected by Storm Sandy.

Jen  / @eelnej on various social networks

* Sometimes real words aren’t enough.


  1. Jen, I love this for a couple reasons: beautiful images and your embrace of meditation and humor in all the turmoil swirling around you. Perhaps geometry can be soothing after all ;)

    Thank you for sharing; I do have new-found appreciation for the skylight. And I have a really great dustbuster if you need to borrow…

    Xox – r

    • Ha, yeah that dustbuster would have come in handy! Thanks, Rachel, I really appreciate your sweet comments. So true about geometry! ;) xo

  2. These are such beautiful images in so many ways… The light, shadows, geometry, abstract, calm qualities. We shared some pics when I started a tagged theme on IG featuring parking garages. Your direction here reminds me of why I capture the interesting aesthetics in otherwise utilitarian subjects… What some people walk by or take for granted, we see something that gives us pause and feeling.

    Like Rachel said, I like the added humor too :) I hope all of the glass slivers have been swept up!

    • Thank you, Nicholas. I’m so glad you like them. I feel so fortunate that I can take pleasure in these kinds of things. They are everywhere, after all. Lucky us. :)

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