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#stilllifelounge Sunday Showcase

In this week’s still life  lounge we focused on pumpkins with all their color, texture, and shape. Pumpkins represent a coming fall season and harvest. Jen and I so enjoyed  the variety of pumpkins from orange to white and green and back again. To see all of the different photos go to #stilllifelounge_pumpkin

This week our photo is from Ling @libellule


I was in the supermarket shopping for groceries, when I discovered a display of pumpkins (this is one of those "stop, mummy has to take a pic" moment). So I took a few shots of the display with the iPhone native camera, saved them for later and continued with my shopping :)  The image was cropped in Squaready and edited in Snapseed with the Drama and Grunge filters, to create the tone and mood that I wanted. Then it was sent to Fotor for some final adjustments with the Light & Color function... to bring out the details of the pumpkins. That's it. Many thanks to Jen and Anna, and We Are JUXT for the feature.

As always, many thanks to our artists! Jen and I can't wait to see what you come up with