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UK National Newspaper Showcases Mobile Photography

Smartphone snaps are moving off Facebook and into the exhibition hall. Certainly, mobile photographers are much more prolific than average amateur “big camera” enthusiasts. They have their photographic brains switched on all the time, looking for possibilities.

People love getting comments about their photos and take great inspiration from the images of others. It’s little wonder, with such a vibrant web of personal exchanges, that the genre has been booming, resulting in millions of people taking great photos every day, and experimenting with their images in highly creative ways.


The UK’s leading national newspaper, The Guardian, today publishes a supplement on photography, which includes a section devoted to mobile photography. The section is written by Juxter, Richard Gray, and it gives a detailed analysis of photography’s youngest and most vibrant sub-genre. The section looks at why mobile is such a popular sub-genre, how it is shaking up photography, how business is using it, some of the key movers in the genre and the various killer apps that are driving its popularity. The inclusion of a specific section on iphoneography in such a serious photography review is perhaps a mark of where our sub-genre is today.

If you’d like to read the full article and you live in the UK, pick up a copy of The Guardian today. If you can’t get hold of a copy, click here for the main piece and here for the section on apps.


Here are a couple photos featured in The Guardian’s coverage.

Shooting a NCAA Football Game by Nick Adams

As a professional photojournalist walking onto any field without at least two digital cameras is something completely out of the ordinary for me. A few years ago I ditched my zoom lens and started using only prime lenses; but my digital SLR hardly ever leaves my side. Last Saturday I took a big leap, photographing the University of Washington verses the University of Southern California college football game using only an iPhone. (Click on link to read the whole article)

In The Parlor by Janine Graf

This cow lives on a very small farm near my house.  For years I’ve wanted to stop and take pictures of the cows in the field, so one night I finally took the time.  This cow appeared to be older than all the other cows and gave me the impression that she did not trust me for one second.  I found her quite funny actually, especially with her longer, curly fur.  The wallpaper background was taken at the LeMay Car Museum.  While looking at this wall in the museum, I remembered the curly fur of the seemingly older and wiser cow.  I laughed at the thought of her in a parlor like setting.  It’s no secret that I have a pretty dorky sense of humor, so I love putting cows (or other objects) in places they don’t belong; I think that’s funny.