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2012: A Look Back at UW Football

2012:  A Look Back at UW Football by RJD

For the first time, mobile photographers received access to shoot game photos from the field during the Washington Huskies’ football season.  Side by side with media photographers, we had the ability to shoot from the same angles as the “pros,” as well as have a unique perspective of what the Husky fans look like from the field of play.

Having to joust with the professional photographers for angles and spots on the sidelines was a thrill and challenging!  Not only are you trying to follow the game action and trying to determine where best to get your next shot, but here you are with your phone lining up your shot, next to a photographer with multiple long-range lenses and expensive equipment.  But when it came down to it, we all had equal access and opportunity to get the shots we wanted as the next photographer.  To have that kind of freedom and access at a major sporting event was just incredible!

During the two upset victories of Stanford and Oregon State, we really did not comprehend how intense the atmosphere would become.  We see these marquee victories take place from our television sets all the time, and sometimes are in the stands watching the game live.  However, being on field level takes the experience to another level.  CenturyLink Field undoubtedly provides one of the best home-field advantages for the Huskies.

Ironically, CenturyLink was designed to deflect crowd noise back to the field of play, much like the current design of Husky Stadium.  Accordingly, when the Stanford and Oregon State games became much more contentious in the 4th quarter, the Husky fans definitely impacted the game with the amount of noise they made when the Huskies were on defense.  Forget about trying to hear yourself think:  You were just completely mesmerized by the noise that the opposing offense had to deal with in getting their plays off.  At that moment, you realized how special it was to be on the field for these upsets.

Speaking of shooting at CenturyLink field, it was quite an experience being someone armed with just a phone shooting alongside media veterans who do this for a living.  Add to the fact that you are running into various figures from the television and newspaper media and you realize that you are now part of a very small community that has the privilege of covering athletes that we root and cheer for.  Except you are not on the field to be a fan:  You are there to document the experience for Husky fans who keep tabs on the team via social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

While not located in their customary place in the lower bowl, The Dawg Pack was incredible all season long, always bringing the noise and never afraid to display their pride for the Huskies.   Looking up in the stands and finding passionate fans was never a problem.  Asking fans to throw up their “dubs” and striking their best Husky pose was easy to do, since Husky fans are always eager to show their pride!

While CenturyLink provided a great atmosphere away from Montlake, one can only imagine what shooting at the new Husky Stadium is going to be like.  The fans are going to be placed even closer to the field and the Huskies are going to open against their Maaco Bowl Las Vegas opponent, Boise State.  Husky Nation is going to be fired up to help the Dawgs open the newly configured stadium with a victory.  And in the same vein, the Juxt photographers are looking forward to documenting the fan experience in Montlake next season! – RJD

The 2012-2013 UW Football Season

Here are my favorite photos from the season.

Photo Credit: Jen LP, UW vs SDSU

Photo Credit:  Holy Torres, UW vs PSU

Photo Credit:  RJD, UW vs Stanford

Photo Credit:  Rachel S, UW vs Stanford

Photo Credit:  Bridgette S, UW vs Stanford

Photo Credit:  Bobby G, UW vs USC

Photo Credit: Christine, UW vs USC

Photo Credit:  Fel P, UW vs OSU

Photo Credit: BP, UW vs OSU

Photo Credit: Scott Sanders, UW vs Utah

Photo Credit: Matt Nienhuis, UW vs Utah

Photo Credit: Allison Sanders, UW vs Utah

Photo Credit: Jenna Pool, UW vs Utah

BIG Thanks  UW Athletics, Daniel Hour, and the University of Washington Husky Football team!  What a great year!


  1. Way to go Dawgs, You never quit. The East side is proud and will always cover yor back. GO DAWGS

  2. I will always “bleed” Purple and Gold. Even though I have to follow the teams from Illinois. Great Job Sark and DAWGS!!!! Great photos.

  3. 2012, a season of high highs and lows, great spirit and expectations! We are all very much looking forward to our new Huskie Home Stadium in 2013 !!! Go Dawgs!!!


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