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Happy New Year from Juxt!


We wish you and yours a safe and blessed entry into 2013!

May it be full of creativity and art AND keep snapping those shots!

For our first year, we have had many accomplishments.  This is all due to your support in the mobile photography and arts community.  We wanted to thank you for your support and love.

We Are Juxt has put together the top articles of 2012 into an E-Magazine for FREE download.  We just ask that you subscribe for our updates and news.  The process is in steps as we want to protect you from spam and any bots that may interfere with your experience.

With that, subscribe, download, and enjoy!

Happy new year and let’s have fun in 2013!




  1. Happy New Year!!

    Looking forward to more greatness in 2013!

  2. Wonderful!!!!

  3. Love this site and always receive more than I hope to from the written features about process, technique and specific artists selected.

  4. Happy New Year to you all. Have a great New Year!