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[SEATTLE] The Darkroom Series V2.0

We Are Juxt presents “The Darkroom Series V2.0″ from Sarah Lovrien on Vimeo.
The lovely Sarah Lovrien and the talented DJ DDouble blessed Juxt with a couple surprises during the opening day of the Darkroom on January 3, 2013.

Sarah is an amazing artist who is known for her photography and videography.  She put together the amazing video clip documenting opening night.  BIG thanks Sarah!

DJ DDouble put together a recording of the night of celebration hosted by Residentmedia Entertainment at one of Seattle’s premier nightclubs, The Baltic Room. BIG thanks Jude!

Sarah and DJ DDouble’s contact information is below for those of you who’d like to have super talented people cover your event, make sure to book these two.  We were so glad that they were a part of the Darkroom!

The night was well attended and recieved lots of praise and again, it is due to this community, these artists, and this new artform.

Enjoy the beautiful video.  Download and listen to the amazing music.

We at Juxt HQ, are honored to be a part of this great artistic movement.  For us, 2013 is starting out to be a CRAZY year.

It’s going to be fun!

If you are in Seattle, or plan on being in our beautiful city before February 5th, 2013, make sure to stop by and see the exhibit and purchase from your favorite 2013 Darkroom artist.

Sarah Lovrien:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / Vimeo
DJ D Double: Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


The Darkroom Series  by We Are Juxt

In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, mobile photography is an emerging art form. The advancements in functionality and design for cameras on the iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms have been astounding. The imaging is simply amazing, and the artistic content truly fascinating. Anyone with a camera phone can snap a picture or preserve a moment. What we present to you in this series are individuals taking mobile photography to higher levels; the casual user as Artist, the casual user as Photographer.

In towns and cities, in rural and urban areas all over the world, mobile photographers have the ability to capture moments in time with unprecedented clarity. The advantage mobile devices or smart phones provide is that ultra-spontaneous element: Your phone, your camera, is always with you. Every ordinary moment becomes an opportunity to compose a stunning photograph. The Darkroom Series will show that mobile devices are not just phones, but are now valid cameras and darkrooms. A photographer can now edit, much like in a darkroom, the shots they take on their mobile device through a multitude of apps. All of which can create the same effects of an actual darkroom. This series will highlight mobile device photographers from Seattle and the Puget Sound who continue to amaze through mobile device imaging.

*Some explicit lyrics*
Originating in 2011, Juxt is an organization designed to cultivate and foster art created through mobile device technology. Juxt believes that through cultivation and fostering of art created by casual users through social networking, that this community will flourish. Mobile device technology has empowered the casual user to tap into their creative and artistic side. This artistic merit is where Juxt finds its niche in ensuring legitimacy in the art form. Juxt staff are artists themselves with long histories of community arts organizing and event planning. For more information about Juxt or the Darkroom, email us at

See what they’re saying about Juxt!

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International Examiner: Mobile Photography Blows Up in Our Backyards 
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Meet the Photographers 2.0

Click their names to see their galleries on Instagram.

Dale Ahn I have always been inspired to create art, from drawing as a child to making music in college to currently working as a graphic designer. Mobile photography is the latest of these artistic endeavors. I see art all around me and I do my best to see it in a new and unique perspective then appreciate its existence – my mobile photography is a catalog of the art I come to appreciate.


Jennifer Best Seattle is my birthplace. It’s where I’ve spent most of my life. And even on those days where the gray threatens to envelop us all, there is more beauty to be had here than we could ever fully appreciate or internalize.

Yet I believe it’s essential we try.

Working as a physician at Harborview Medical Center, I am a collector of stories and images – many tragic, many hopeless, many which threaten the notion that life is beautiful. Photography helps me to intentionally bring my own perspective back into focus – to share my collected moments of beauty and optimism in the hope that they spread to a world that desperately needs both.


Alan Durnwirth Graphic Designer / Mobile Photographer I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember, but the iPhone rejuvenated my passion for photography. The ease of shooting, editing & sharing on the fly is exciting to me. I love receiving instant feed back when I post on the web or on Instagram. I’ve been an active iPhone user for 3 years, but I didn’t share my photos with anyone until November 2011. I have two feeds on Instagram: @metroseattle is a collection of architectural shots of bridges & buildings in Seattle & surrounding areas. In November 2012 I started a feed @_shadesofgray_ that consists of black & white street shots & portraits of people in Seattle.


Bobby G has been a mental health counselor in Seattle for over a decade and began his journey into mobile photography less than a year ago. In the past he was involved in community organizing and performing spoken word/poetry, but has since dropped his pen and paper for a DSLR and 4S [emphasis on 4S]. He also likes to recite all the lines while watching reruns of Saved By the Bell [the episodes when they were in high school, not when Miss Bliss was around or when Mike Rogers was their dorm advisor, he never liked those episodes].The main reason for doing what he does: wife, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, mother, father, lola [and bugsy].


Laura Lawson Influenced by the rawness and vulnerability of humanity, artist, author, and San Francisco native Laura Lawson is currently feeding her wanderlust in Seattle’s Ballard district. One of the only Instagram users to be named a Suggested User, Laura uses mobile photography as a sketchbook to hone her creativity.

Laura is losing her vision due to a rare degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Since her diagnosis in 2010, she has striven to be a beacon of hope to the blind and low vision community.


Amaryllis Lockhart loves to take pictures with her iphone, play hide and seek with her 2 kids, watch old movies, read good books, make fine music, and spend time with her friends and family. Her children have been the best instagram inspiration and she has a blast documenting their lives with her iphone. She loves being a part of the instagram community, and thinks Seattle IGers are the coolest.


Sarah Lovrien After working for eight years as a professional artist, I’m only now starting to really grow into my own creativity. I like to blend my tools, whether cameras or editing techniques, to try new styles and to keep myself flexible. I’m an observer behind the camera and a player in my editing.


Susan Myers Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Susan Myers has always had an eye for the world around her and a desire to explore it – both visually and physically. This desire led Susan to her current profession as a Nature Guide throughout Southeast Asia. When Susan isn’t lurking behind a tree in a rainforest in some remote corner of the globe, she usually has a camera in her hand and an eye on the people and places which surround her.

Susan has lived in Australia, England, the U.S. and after completing university studies in biological sciences, moved to Japan for several years, where she learned the language and studied the natural history and culture. As an author, Susan penned “Birds of Borneo“, a field guide published by Princeton and New Holland and is currently completing her second book. While Susan’s photography began with a high end camera and a large lens – and she still loves to point her telephoto lens at wildlife – she has been downsizing ever since and is currently enamored with mobile photography.


Star Rush is a Seattle-based a photographer, writer, and educator, whose medium is predominantly connected (mobile) photography. Her street and documentary photography has been exhibited in the United States, London, and Europe and published in magazines Actual Colors May Vary, Camerpixo, and featured on international sites and publications: Resource Magazine,, and Volksrant. Most recently, her series “Departs” was published in Askgar Magazine. In 2012, her photoblog was syndicated on Photoverse, a handheld application developed by Star writes about connected photography for dprConnect. She is the co-founder and curator of Lys Foto Magazine and teaches writing at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.


Gwen Weinberg Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gwen Weinberg made a fateful visit to Seattle in 1990, was immediately struck by its beauty and stimulating culture, and never left. By day, Gwen is a small business owner and designer of a line of home and office accessories. Gwen credits her iPhone for reigniting her enthusiasm for photography, which had lay dormant for many years after her initial interest from a class in college. With it, she rediscovered the mood-lifting effect that comes with having a camera in hand… how her awareness of colors, shapes, lines and light, and of little stories unfolding around her, becomes heightened and enhanced.



Darkroom Photowalk in Historic Seattle’s Pioneer Square Neighborhood

January 26, 2013 

Zeitgeist Coffee 2nd and Jackson St

Meet the photographers from this years Darkroom.  This will be a great chance for you to pick their brains or better yet, share trade secrets.

Also this will be an awesome and fun time with Seattle’s photography community.  We will be joined by Seattle Flickrites (Flickr), EyeEm Seattle, Trover, and Instagramers Seattle. Come out and shoot up Pioneer Square with amazing people from a very creative community.  Bring all your tools, any format…the goal…to have fun!

Attendible is gifting 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil.  Join in on the fun and you may win some awesome tickets!

Sponsored by

Seattle Flickrites EyeEm Trover Igers Seattle Attendible



  1. i am looking for the info for the photowalk that starts at the Zeitgeist Coffee house/shop.. on Jan 26 th.. cannot find the start time and route anywhere… ???

    • Hello Daniel – event starts @ 2:00PM. Please meet us then to join the photo walk. More details to come… Thank you!

  2. that vid was amazing, seemed like there was just so much creativity and love in that event i’m bummed to have missed. great stuff!


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