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In Sickness and Health: A Photographic Essay

In Sickness and Health: A Photographic Essay by Rose Sherwood

Photos are from top left to right

1. This is my husband, this photo was taken last week.  Last April he had a bone marrow transplant.  He had endured non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma since Dec. 2000.  The doctors recommended that it was time for the bone marrow transplant because his lymphoma had transformed into MDS and then it would change into leukemia and then there would be no turning back….

2. The earlier image showed my husband out and about ona daily walk that we take.  He is slowly building up his stamina and we have routinely established a relative normalcy within our lives.we are able to go out to restaurants but I know that he continues to worry about how little progress he has made.

3. Most of the time during T.’s recovery has been spent on this couch. I use my time photographing the light and shadows around him.  T. is a half-glass empty kind of person, I guess we are opposites as far as this is concerned because I like to be optimistic…. Being hopeful has always worked for me, but my character has been tested through these times of what should be “the golden years”….

4.  The journey that my husband is on is also one that I am part of.  It has tested my patience and my faith.  I always feel that if you resist what comes to you then you will have a harder time moving forward in your life.  Acceptance tends to be an easier path to navigate even when the going is tough.  I pray to the God of my understanding, to be more patient with T. but God has taken a lot of time in granting me that attribute.  I have not been patient and I get angry with both T.and myself….  I guess it’s my failing and, perhaps,resistance in totally accepting things as they are.  The light is so close but so far away….

5.  This is howT. and I have been spending at least one day every week.  This is the infusion room at the Wilmot Cancer Center.  T. has infusions to prevent him from becoming dehydrated and to help him maintain stability.  Having so much time in the hospital, has given me  the space to reflect on this time i my life.  Wearejuxt both becoming older.  I feel the effects of the years. I continue to be hopeful towards the future.

6.  In turning back and really looking at what time has presented us with, August was the toughest time for T. he had been diagnosed with a gall bladder that was not doing it’s job and it had to be removed.  Up to that point,he had been quite ill. The assaults of the gall bladder attacks set his health back.i was worried, but he needed to confront this problem head on,this truly was his journey Nd I became an off-to-the-side presence.

7.  A decision to continue….when you Re documenting a journey, there are expected ups and downs that must be met.  As a photographer, an artist, and as a human being you must make a decision as to how much of yourself you share with your audience.  How much do you reveal?  And do the surrounding times and circumstances hold you back?  The past few days have been anxious,but I share the trials of our journey because there is hope within the times of hopelessness….  I looking.

8.  It is time to continue to look back, over this last year, at the personal journeys that I have taken with my husband.  This summer was very tenuous and I spent much of it worrying about whether he would get better or not.  I questioned my faith daily,  I questioned my strength and courage to continue.  I truly believe that one must meet face-to-face, the conquests and the conflicts that come to you and accept them, without resistance, whatever they may be.  Ther are blessings in the tumultuous time.  I gained an active ability to have conversations about how I believe, what I believe and I became spiritually resilient.  There is a grand design to living our lives and you must journey forth and take an active part in seeking it….

Thank you Rose @rmsherwood for allowing us to come on your journey through this with you and your husband. You story inspires and the Juxt family is sending you both love and health.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Rose! There are trials in every stage of life… actually, every day of life. Some are grand and some are minor, but the reality we must face them and perceiver. Your documentary reminds me of this. Please take care and continue to use your creativity as an outlet.

  2. Thanks for letting us be part of your last year.
    My best wishes to both of you.

  3. Thank you Rose for sharing this personal journey. My father has also been through Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and seeing your photos really stuck a chord with me and reminded me of my own time dealing with his illness. Thank you again.

  4. Dear Rose,
    Thank you very much for doing this. Your strength, courage and glass half full optimism is such an inspiration for me. You both are quite amazing!
    Best wishes to you both during this trying time,

  5. Thank you for sharing, Rose. I think it’ll always be a question of how much to reveal but am glad you were able to do so with us. Wishing you both all the best… always…

  6. Wow, Rose! This was so powerful to read. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Prayers for a complete recovery for your husband. The two photos on the bottom left bring a sense of wonderful hope to the photo-story. May your faith keep you hopeful in the hard times and may both if you come out of this strong in every possible way. Love, Allison (wunderali)

  7. Wow Rose, this is even more powerful seeing all the images and words together in one place! I wish you and T. all the best!

  8. I have been following Rose’s journey with her husband on IG and wish them both a better 2013.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you.


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