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1000 Words IPA January 2013

We Are Juxt believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, we tell stories through our photos, and sometimes a photo can say more than a whole book ever could. These folks I’ve picked to showcase today are from one of the more less known sites ( IPA ) which has some of the most fascinating and beautiful galleries of work I’ve ever seen in one place. It is a small community, but everyone there is an artist. These are a few that submitted to the 1000 words group, we will try and do this on a once or twice a month bases, it all depends on the number of submissions we get. Please visit the site and these artists galleries, there’s plenty more where they came from. To see more from this gallery as it’s just getting started, go here.

Curated by Mike H. 

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Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

Raised On Promises by Jennifer Bracewell    IPA / Website / Flickr

This is a self portrait that I took with Hipstamatic, with the new pack that I absolutely love, the tintype lens and film. I did a DXP and tried not to move so it would really focus on the eyes.  I took a picture of an old church, about 1850′s, and layered it with the portrait. I then added a cross to my forehead, all in image blender. I like the way the front of the church ended up Looking like a barcode. I finished off in Lo-Mob for some contrast and blur.

The title is “Raised On Promises” I had been feeling odds with religion. I am not a church person but have been dealing with some health issues lately have been trying to find my spiritual place in the world for a while now, something to put my faith in. These little iPhone images help me work through my stuff.

In Search of Fig Newtons by Janine Graf   IPA / Flickr / Facebook

This image is the third in my balloon-traveling rhino series. Having recently sprung herself from the San Diego Wild Safari Park, she has made her way to Newton, Massachusetts in search of Fig Newton Cookies. Fig Newton Cookies were invented in 1891 by fig-lover Charles Roser, who also invented the machine that filled the little cake like biscuits with fig jam. He later sold the recipe and machine to Kennedy Biscuit Company (later to be known as “Nabisco”) located in Cambridgeport, MA. Kennedy Biscuit Company liked to name their products after surrounding towns of Boston and this is where we get the name Fig Newton Cookies. Little did our balloon-traveler know she could have found Fig Newton Cookies at her local 7/11 near the Wild Animal Park.

I used Juxtaposer to combine the rhino and balloons with an image I took on a recent visit to Boston. This is a beautiful Victorian house I saw while wandering neighborhoods in Newton, MA. I drew the balloon strings in ArtRage, which btw is kind of tricky to do on an iPhone screen; I think that app is more suited for iPad use. I love ScratchCam’s colors so for the final step I put the image in ScratchCam and used their wonderful two-tone color filter that’s BW and sepia.

Scars Of Life by Paula Gardener   IPA / Flickr

There are scars that are visible, Scars that are hidden, Scars that will fade with time, Scars that are memories, pain and joy. Before you are my scars, My imperfections, My uniqueness, My reminder that I’m alive, My battles, My victories, My life!

Walking In Your Footprints by Petyr Campos   IPA / Flickr

This image was shot at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA and was taken with the Hipstamatic app. I believe the lens was Loftus and the film was DC. The only edit to the image was to make the image a tad darker so the mountains in the back were more visible.
This poem I wrote for the image was a tribute to my dad. As I’ve grown older, I’ve really come to appreciate many of the sacrifices my father made to support his eight kids and sickly wife.

 You have walked your path for 83 years. From a small, poor dusty town in Mexico, to a home which called you, but did not know.

Through the perils of war as a solider of the “Forgotten War”.

For better or worse. In sickness and heath of your wife of 55 years.

Through the madness of eight children seeking your constant attention. Providing for their education. Destroying your house. Encouraging their independence. Providing wisdom only understood in our later years.

Caring for your children’s children and sharing your life’s stories with them.

These are just a few of the thousand footsteps you have walked, many i hope to follow.

Your Son

In addition, ever since I became a dad the concept of the “circle of life” has really resonated with me. Specifically, I find a lot of the things I do with my son, my dad did with me, and his dad did with him. There’s this pattern that repeats itself irrespective of time. I think a lot about my dad, the impacts he’s made and when he’s gone what will be the lasting mark/impressions he leaves on this world to show he was here. I think the image of a person’s footsteps on the sand is a nice visual metaphor for the journey’s each of us make, the paths we take, and those that follow behind us.

Aftermath by Catherine Restivo   IPA / Flickr

Thank you so much for selecting my photo, It was taken on an iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic Lucifer VI Lens + BlacKeys Supergrain film, and I shot this the day after Hurricane Sandy. I walked outside and the winds had died way down, but were still blowing strongly, and this was the first thing I saw.

I paired this shot with the following quote:

“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” ~Arthur Golden

One Thing Leads To Another by Sonya Sanchez Arias   IPA

No real story here…..just walking in the mall and I saw the fabulous shadow that was cast by the over head lights on the mannequin.

I love the way shadows can change the shape of something….and create the illusion that it is something entirely different.

I though it so ironic that the shadow of the slim mannequin made the shape of a pregnant woman. 
Even the shadows seemed to be all caught up in the notion that “Sex Sells” and in foretelling the possible results.

I used a border/filter  from the Romantic Photo App just to add some more drama.

Subway Art by Tom Reilly   IPA

This shot was definitely one of my favorite mobile photography moments so far. I’m always traveling around the city doing something or other and when I came across this group of young subway musicians I immediately busted out the phone. I knew I had a good shot with the background art scene and colors breaking against the paleness of standard halogen, but I wasn’t expecting it to turn into a great moment.Traveling the subways my whole life l have grown a deep appreciation for street musicians, artists and performers for breaking up the monotony of the day bringing culture to the foreground either with a simple flute tune, wild drum beats, or in this case a mini orchestra playing Beethoven’s 9th Ode to Joy. Its New York so you never know what your gonna get, but more times than not its pretty good food for the soul. They could put a smile on your face, spark a great conversation, send people into spontaneous dance or play the score of your own introspection.There was a nice sized crowd of about 25 or so listening to this talented group of Juliard students soaking in the music. It took a little elbow grease to actually get to where I needed to be for the shot but it was worth the effort. When I started shooting it sparked a chain reaction and literally everyone else took out there phones and started to snap away with photos and video and before you knew it a crowd of over a hundred formed. The musicians perked up, a little nervous but grateful for the attention, they all gave each other a look and immediately started to play there hearts out! The gentleman on the left couldn’t contain his smile and it was just so cool to see them enjoying this spontaneous moment too, they were so very proud. Afterwords the crowd let out a roar of applause that echoed throughout the tunnels acoustics and showered them with donations. Everyone was left with a quiet sense that they just witnessed something special and a bona fide cool New York City moment. This place gives you one every once in a while, but when it happens, you know it, and its worth the wait, and all the other bullshit in between. The sounds of the city took over again and the crowd went on its way to make room for next crowd and the next moment… but not like that one, that moment was ours.

In The Land Of Dreamy Dreams by Victoria Thornhill aka Asherton  IPA

I don’t have strong technical skills – but I do have strong vision. This piece took me almost 2 months to do. I have 50 something versions of it on my iPhone and iPad - THAT is how lacking I am in technical skills yo!!!

I have a million great hot air balloon pics I took at the Alpine Hot Air balloon bash this past September. And I have tons if great night sky images I took with my 3rd generation iPad (which has already been made a dinosaur by Apple – Thanks guys!) I like to only use images, textures and backgrounds that I have created myself; although when I was just starting out a year ago I LOVED using pre made backgrounds! But I finally sat myself down and gave myself a hard talking to and ‘got off the juice’ so to speak lol! I have experience with drawing and painting and a while back I was selling some of my work to a tattoo artist in LA. So painting the little girl was not an issue. I used the Procreate app. – looooove it! I blended 4 of my night shots with the Blender app. Anyone here not love Blender? I didn’t think so! Then I used Juxtaposer to cut and paste in the little girl and the balloon. After that I went to the Wurm app. to create the reins the girl holds in one hand as she floats through the night. I saved that as a png. file and went back to Blender to place it correctly in the scene. Then I went to PhotoStudio to make some final tweaks (I love how that app lets you paint the effect on so so so easily - it’s one of my favorite apps) and 2 months later, that was that!

If you were to ask me what my work is about? What are you trying to say with this piece? I would answer that: It’s about magical thinking and dreams - It’s about not being afraid to fly and be free - It’s about not being afraid of being alone - Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead - It’s about being brave when you feel small - It’s about living with gusto and taking the ride!!!!


  1. Love these images and hearing people’s stories is always great. Wonderful selection and I’m honored to be included. Thank you!

    • Always a pleasure

  2. Wonderful and thoughtful collection! Thank you very much for the honor of being part of this…

    • No, thank YOU!

  3. What a great series of shots and backstories!

  4. These are amazing, I thank all of these artists for letting us into their worlds for a moment. I was especially moved by Petyr’s words about this father. Lovely.

  5. Awesome job putting this together, Mike. Love the images and the stories behind them.

    • Hey Nate, thanks a lot dude!

  6. So fabulous to read the artists journeys with their pics. Fantastic! Loved everyone!!!


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