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#sundaybluesedit Sunday Selection @chrisromano

Rebecca: Lately friends have been jumping from Instagram to new photosharing venues.  It’s sad to see these profiles disappear into cyberspace.  The profile stream is a photographic history.  If I go far enough back in a person’s profile, I can view from where they came…  evolution of style, growth of children and change of space.  If I go back in Chris’ stream, I can see when we met.  When we first became friends…when he discovered his gift of collaboration.  It was there that I see Chris’ talent begin to shine.  Pick an artist you love and spend some time with their history.  It’s an interesting journey seeing where someone comes from.  Happy week!!!

Chris: Inspiration comes slowly and often unexpectedly when pertaining to my photos. Many of them aren’t my originals, but edits of portraits from people that have been an influence to me on Instagram. 49 weeks ago, I posted my first edit of someone that I met on IG, Rebecca (@repinsk). When she agreed to exchange pics, I was hooked. Since that time, she has created strong bonds with many there. I never quite got the hang of it.
As far as what inspires me…sadness, love, music, the constant clash of good and evil inside me, creation, and so much of the talent that one can find on IG. My style is still being honed. I am a nurse in desperate need of an artistic outlet, and I have very little spare time, but this is what I do. It allows an introvert to come out of his shell just a little bit, to express what I can’t always find the words to say. Thank you Rebecca, and all of the others who have been such an encouragement.

You can see Chris’ evolution on Instagram at @chrisromano



  1. I identify with you Chris. iPhoneography also gives me a creative outlet in the midst of my busy life.

    I haven’t yet exchanged pics on Instagram but that sounds like a fun experience.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I share Rebecca’s observation here about the IG exodus. Rather than leave it entirely, I’ve relocated my project-type art elsewhere, but am still on IG for casual, low-res, low-stress fun. Great to see Chris featured here.