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Tony Marquez: In a day

I am endlessly fascinated with people and people watching and thought it would be fun to see a snapshot of life for one day as seen through the lens of different people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

This a series documenting  mobile photographers in a day’.

I’ll aim to post a new series of photos from a different photographer every other week and you can follow all the photographers taking part in the series >>Here.

Our travels take us west this week and onto Sacramento, California where we spend a day with Tony Marquez (@shoeboxtony).

Having had the chance to meet him recently, I can tell you that Tony is genuinely a lovely guy and is someone I am happy to call a friend and secondly he is a phenomenal photographer!

Take a walk in his shoes for one day and see how things look through the lens of his iPhone.



So, we’re all creatures of habit and I suppose I’m no different. my day starts with what I refer to as the “essentials”. Some vintage Levi’s, Alden’s, a scarf, and a cardigan seem to make up my daily uniform. The accessories I never leave home without; a wrist watch (even though my cell phone is perfectly capable of keeping time), money clip (in lieu of a wallet), comb (never hair gel) iPhone (basically my life cord), and some reading material (in this case, an Alec Soth book, but varies from habitus to monocle). Religiously I check my morning blogs, The Sartorialist, Hyperallergic, Politico, Convoy, Mr. Porter, Return of the Cafe Racer, and glance the headlines of the New York Times. A full morning all before my kids are awake.


Growing up, the record player was on before the television set. today not much has changed, my 5 year old son, Roman, decides an impromptu karaoke performance is the best way to start our morning. So the little ham brightens my day with his best version of David Bowie and Queen, singing “under pressure”.


Ro’ has been dropped off and Camille is settling into her morning school routine. We live in a suburban purgatory for me but the public schools, neighbourhood parks, and community activities are as good as a parent can ask for. It’s a huge compromise for me I struggle with daily, perhaps that’s why I shoot up in San Francisco so much? I take the kids there every chance I can, the diversity and culture is worth the drive to spend the day. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days.


With the kids gone for a few hours, my daughter left me in charge of her giraffe, I’m on my way towards Sacramento (a quick 10 minute drive) for brunch at orphan breakfast house, try to get some writing and studying for my GRE done before the kids are out of school. Who knows I may even find some time for some IG? Sacramento might not be the thriving metropolis I long for, but there are some solid spots if you know what to look for. Scout living and fringe are great spots for vintage furniture and clothing shopping, while places like Shoki Ramen House and Magpie Cafe keeps me fed. With open spaces like William land park and McKinley park, not to mention the american river parkway, I guess it’s not too bad to call home.



Basketball is a way life for me and the court is my sanctuary. Here, it all makes sense, politics, money concerns, screaming kids, all fade momentarily with each bounce of the ball.  As a creature of habit, I shoot free throws and three’s until I have a certain amount makes, occasionally being interrupted to take on any and all comers. You lose some, you win some, but you always try to win more than you lose. In the end though there is no such thing as a bad day doing one of your favorite activities and as the sun sets at the court, it’s a sign for me to get back to some of my other favorite activities, Roman and Camille.



So the kids are asleep and I’m off to meet friend’s for dinner at Mulvaney’s Bank and Loan and drinks at The Shady Lady. After dinner I tell the group I’ll meet up with them at the bar. The break gives me a chance to walk off the huge dinner I had, also gives them a head start on the drinks (I’m not a big drinker) and lastly it gives me time to squeeze in another one of my loves, photography. Walking next to the bridges I find are some of the most encompassing photo opportunities, great lines, scenic landscape shots, but there’s always people around to photograph as well. Fisherman, lovers enjoying the romantic environment, and those less fortunate than myself that call the banks of the river home.

Thanks Joanna for this chance to participate, reflecting on my day like this, it’s easy to remind me how fortunate I am.


Juxt thanks you, Tony for taking part in the series!  If you would like to see more of  Tony’s photography, you can find him on Instagram.

If you would like to be involved in the series, please take a photo that tells a story of your typical day and tag it on Instagram #inaday_juxt.

Alternatively, join in the conversation in the comments below and let me know if you would like to be involved.


  1. I smile every time I look at your day, Tony. Thanks again for sharing not only your day but your beautiful photos too x

    • thanks jo! it was so great meeting you and Libby! I really appreciate you asking me, it was such an honor. this program does such a wonderful job promoting interaction within the ig community.

  2. i adore your day Tony! Looks alot like mine xx

    • i knew you were a basketball fan too anna!! thank you though, much appreciated.