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Decim8 This with Kris Collins

Welcome to Week 20 of #Decim8nday’s Decim8 This.

Every Sunday @Decim8nday will post an original / unedited image submitted by our guest editor of the week.

Decim8ors are to:

  • Screenshot the image and save to their camera roll
  • Decim8 the image using any singular or combination of effects
  • We ask that no other apps are used and that images are processed only with the Decim8 app
  • List each effect used and hashtag it with #Decim8nday and #Decim8this_( guest editor’s username)
  • Post by Tuesday, 9:00 AM PST for a chance to get featured here and on @Decim8nday Wednesday!

This week we welcome Kris (@movax), cr8or of the Decim8 app, as guest editor!

About his original photo: 

This is a photo of my good friend Byron.  He’s a brilliant songwriter, singer, DJ and guitar player who’s about to drop his first solo album under the moniker No Caption.  I like that name.  It’s like that with Decim8.  We create art that is not easy to describe; we enjoy things that are beyond a caption, much like Byron’s music.  He just joined Instagram under the name “junglebyron“.   Show him some love. 

His top 3 Decim8-ions are:

1.  @thomastissot

This is just awesome.  I love the ultra minimal stuff people like @Tind have been doing.  This one jumped out at me because its not only a nice minimal image, but SO different from the original.  I’ve really been into trying different effects combinations for super graphic minimalism and can appreciate this look.

2.  @humanstatic

This one lives the spirit of the original photo by bringing a punk rock decim8-tion style.  The hard direction, strong primary colors and streaks.  This works as a treatment to the original.  I like the one, single lonely line on the left.  It adds a counterbalance to the piece.  ROCK!

3.  @dragana_s

Love this because as dragana_s says, it looks like some boss beetle from a Sega Genesis game or something.  I’ve always been a fan of that sprite art and it’s cool when Decim8 simulates that.


The Cr8ors of Decim8nday [ @suz4nne_ and @david_baer ] and I thank you, Kris, for stepping in this week!  It’s always an awesome time when you’re in the mix!

Stay tuned as we welcome our friends over at LightBomber  [ @lightbomberapp ]  to the editor’s seat for week 22.