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#sundaybluesedit Sunday Selection @caroline2645

Rebecca: Every week Izzy and I look through the images of the previous Sunday to choose an artist to highlight here at JUXT.  Some weeks it is an artist that I know or have history with and some weeks it is just an artist who speaks to either Izzy or myself, but every week I have the honor of getting to know this artist just a little bit more.  The original purpose of #sundaybluesedit was to help me, Rebecca, the real person get through sundays which have been notoriously difficult for me with my depression.  Every Sunday I get to look at images in the tag from artist who may or may not know what they are sharing with me.  Either way…I love being able to share them here every week.  Its my pleasure to get to know you all just a little bit every week. This past week, this image of Caroline’s struck both Izzy and myself.  Caroline’s images are worth getting to know a little bit better. You can find her on Instagram @caroline2645

Caroline: Sundaybluesedit is one of my most favorite tags because it combines so much of what inspires me in photography. When I was little, I wanted to be a travel photographer. Things didn’t quite turn out that way, but one of the reasons I was inspired by travel photography was the ability to see others in the world and to capture the beauty and rawness of far-away places. As it turns out, photography has become more of a way for me to express myself and who I am–without sharing that verbally. I’m a bit of an introvert, so this process meets a need for connection. I’m particularly drawn to self-portraits and nature–or a combination of these two–because they help me to understand my place in the world, and my ability to work through various feelings with images. This image for the feature came about after a visit with my much adored cousin.

Feelings, both uplifting and sad, pull me to create a visual expression that I can then send out into the world. My images create a history of my life and experiences and document my presence.


  1. Very beautiful image Caroline and such a bluesy selection Rebecca & Izzy!!!

    • Thank you so much Cecily. I appreciate your comment!

  2. beautiful image and words! great to see caroline here :)

    • Christy, thank you! You have been such an inspiration to me and I really appreciate your thoughts.