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Overachiever in Kindness & Awesomeness

Overachiever in Kindness and Awesomeness by Diego A

Diego’s Intro

When we look at @brenna_marriie‘s work we see delicate,soft, and beautiful edits. Although we might never get to meet @brenna_marriie , evidence suggest that we will all know how much she rocks by reading this interview, and by also looking at her photos too.

D:  Diego  B:  Brenna

D:  Can you tell us a little about who the real  @brenna_marriie really is?

B:  I’m a total geek and a tom boy! I love learning everything about everything, I’m a sports (especially football) fanatic, a hopeless romantic, and a lover of wilderness and everything outdoors. I’m honestly a pretty shy girl, although I’m not afraid to make a  fool of myself as long as it makes the people around me smile. I’m usually the first person on the dance floor busting (awful) white girl moves. Aside from that, I’m all about the simple things. The number one thing that brings me joy is making a difference in someone’s life.  I’m a firm believer that one second and one small action can change everything, and my biggest hope is to make even the tiniest little impact on this big world.

D:  How did you get into mobile photography ?

B:  I’ve always been in love with photography and toyed with it here and there, although I never devoted enough time to learn how to operate my camera properly. I joined Instagram December of 2011, but didn’t do anything artistic with it either until summer of 2012. I was randomly going through some of my friends’ feeds one day and came across someone I went to high school with (@jaredchambers). Expecting to see the typical photos showcasing what he was “up to these days”, I was instead blown by his incredible captures of vast landscapes, mystical foggy lands, and tiny people in big places! I was in really awe of his talent– I mean, it’s bananas how good he is! I was intrigued by the way he managed to transform everything into these larger-than-life, epic moments in time with his play on scale and composition– not to mention his flawlessly consistent and effortlessly cool edits. From there, I peeked at the people in his circle, and was immediately turned on by this side of Instagram I had never seen. I fell instantly in love with this new world I had discovered– a community of artists interacting with one another, critiquing, supporting, etc….and it was more than that. There were friendships; more like a talented family of photographers and adventurers who had transformed an average social media platform into an absolute masterpiece.

D:  When you’re not shooting photography your doing?

B:  I’m usually playing outside somewhere either hiking, long-boarding, playing sports, hanging at the beach (when it’s not raining in Seattle) or snowboarding. Other things I love to do include reading, painting, being silly with my family and friends, and volunteering for non-profit organizations. By day I’m an Executive Assistant/Market Analyst for a property management company and I tend to pour my heart into everything I do, so I end up working more than I probably should. To be honest, I’m an overachiever, which has turned into somewhat of a workaholic (oops), but I truly love what I do so I’m very blessed. I’m also currently in the beginning stages of starting a non-profit campaign, so hopefully I’ll be able to share more about that with everyone soon!

D:  You shoot most of your photos in Seattle . If you could shoot any other locale in the world, where would it be ?

B:  Oh man! I have always wanted to go to Australia because in my mind it’s the equivalent of PeterPan’s Never-Never Land. (I’m quite the dreamer). From a photography standpoint, hands-down Namibia in Southern Africa. I’ve never been there but the photos I have seen from there are insane. I’m such a sucker for rich warm tones paired against a deep blue sky, so I’m automatically I’m drawn to colors of a vast desert-not to mention the patterns in the sand, layers of the dunes, wide open spaces, and the killer mood of the thirsty vegetation. What really drives me wild is this coastline in Namibia called the Skeleton Coast. It’s literally sand dunes pressed up against the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently there are a ton of shipwrecks there, which gives it the wicked name. I literally have goosebumps just thinking about this place; honestly, chills. Oh! You want to know a secret? I’ve never been on an airplane!!

D:  You have a unique style. From which instagtamers do you draw most of your inspiration from & which are your favorites Igers?

B:  This is really a tough question. I find myself inspired by little details each iger showcases in their photography, and for that reason, I’m inspired by so many people for so many different reasons! Do I have to name names? Ha! One collection I’m particularly drawn to is @nivo_evlo. I see him as this sort of minimalist adventurer. He dares to leave his frames wide open with so much negative space, it gives this impression that he’s on some never-ending journey. On top of that, he perfects his beautiful compositions with light and feathery edits, making his photos so whimsical and dream-like. I am actually fascinated with the way he keeps everything so bare and simple. It genuinely grabs my imagination and says, “I dare you to come with…”

D:  What are some of your favorite editing apps and also let us know why you like to use those apps?

B:  Snapseed is genius. I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with manually touching-up my photos. I love the amount of control you have over what exactly is being edited: brightness, saturation, and contrast in selected areas.

Other apps I like and use most often include:
- AfterGlow – I love that you can manually adjust highlights and shadows!
- PicFx – The PFX Film set is perfect for a light finishing touch after I make my manual adjustments. It’s brilliant because you can adjust the intensity of the filter. I usually use the slightest filter as my very final touch to put a soft overlay over my photos.
- PicFrame — To me, having a visually appealing overall feed is just as important as each individual photo. I want to present my feed as a collection, so I try to make sure my photos look good as a whole. I’m kind of embarrassed to be sharing this, but I almost always have my next six photos planned out because I use a 3×3 grid on PicFrame to layout my photos and make sure they look cohesive as a group before I post them.

D:  If you could change Instagram, what changes would you make to make it better?

B:  I have a really bad habit of noticing something I want to change immediately after I post a photo. It would be cool if you were allowed slight edits to a photo or caption, even if it were only for a short time (10 minutes?) after posting. That may be complicated. Maybe there could just be a preview of what a photo is going to look like when it’s uploaded? We’ve all experienced that wonderful pixel vignette after the photo is compressed to Instagram format– actually, a really good app to avoid that weird compression issue is SquareadyPro– but seriously, my biggest complaint is that the preview you get isn’t true to what is uploaded. Otherwise, I think perfectionists like myself may enjoy the ability to plan out our photo “grid” similar to what I do with PicFrame. One last thing– I could do without the grey border around photos in grid view, but it’s a huge improvement from when they had the white and grey borders around everything.

D:  You have some sweet photos. Which of your photos would you say are some of your personal favorites and why?

B:  Honestly, that’s a huge compliment! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have a hard time choosing favorites, but I supposed…

Movement - this isn’t necessarily the most refined photo, but what I love about it is that it was really windy that day and I was trying to shoot macro with my phone, and these branches were moving. The result ended up being this kind of curious blur, where you’re visually experiencing the wind.

Waterfall - this photo so perfectly represents the Pacific Northwest. The experience of the waterfall at Mount Rainier was powerful in itself, and I wasn’t expecting to get a super clear shot with my iPhone due to the amount of mist, but I was surprised by how visually powerful it turned out. I love the gradient that occurs with the dark background containing this majestic waterfall, gradually growing into lightness with the fog delicately embracing the trees. I’m really big on the idea that we as humans are not the most powerful force in this universe, and by connecting with nature– this thing bigger than ourselves– we are able find ourselves. For me, this image speaks to that, and displays the reason why I love adventuring and being outdoors.

Victore – I don’t have any cool reason why I love this photo, except that this is one of my favorite books (and “inspiration bible”), and it’s just me in my room being silly.

Cargo – I love the scale of this image, and it was such a rad day exploring with @erickimberlin. We’re both really passionate about exploring and capturing our experiences in the NW. This was our first meet and we had no plans. It was so spontaneous and we were both so fearless climbing all over everything.

Winter Red -  I really enjoy the simplicity of this one. The contrast between the muted grey and the vibrant pop of red was a pleasant surprise. Seattle often gets a bad rep for being so gloomy and grey all the time, but there is really so much beauty out there and a lot of color if you look closely.

Big thanks Brenna!

Brenna   Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr

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  1. So nice to learn more about you, Brenna!
    We def have the best in common – we are both football fans! :)
    Love your photos and super happy you got featured here… way to represent the PNW! See you soon… xo


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