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Decim8 This with LightBomber

Welcome to Week 21 of #Decim8nday’s Decim8 This.

Every Sunday @Decim8nday will post an original / unedited image submitted by our guest editor of the week.

Decim8ors are to:

  • Screenshot the image and save to their camera roll
  • Decim8 the image using any singular or combination of effects
  • We ask that no other apps are used and that images are processed only with the Decim8 app
  • List each effect used and hashtag it with #Decim8nday and #Decim8this_( guest editor’s username)
  • Post by Tuesday, 9:00 AM PST for a chance to get featured here and on @Decim8nday Wednesday!

This week we welcome the LightBomber team [ @lighbomberapp ] as guest editors!

This is their original image:

And their top 3 Decim8-ions:

“Wow what a great bunch of submissions! Since LightBomber is a TEAM effort, our three choices come from 3 different team members.”

1. @jouissances chosen by Ryan (Co-Founder. Personal IG: @warnberh)

“Lately I’ve been feeling the edits that go waaaay abstract, and this one was perfect.  It has the right aesthetic balance and the colors against the negative space just WORK.  Like we just missed the head of a comet streaking across the sky, leaving only the trails.”

2. @bowandaarow chosen by Michelle (Co-Founder. Personal IG: @michellemcswain)

“Well, Ryan already picked my favorite, but I still love this one.  I love the colors and the 8-bit look it has with the giant pixels….really breaks the photo down, yet you can still see the light streaks.”

3. @_suz4nne_ chosen by Chelsea (Community Manager. Personal IG: @cchelsbels)

“This one is amazing.  I love how there is a little symmetry to it in the middle, along with that great purple shape.  I also really like how you can still tell it was definitely a LightBomber shot originally.”

“Thanks for everyone who submitted and thanks to @vizualiz for the great shot. This was an insanely hard decision to make.  If only you could have seen the epic discussion we had via text after seeing these!  Make sure to get LightBomber in the app store via the link in our profile (shameless plug alert!) and keep #decim8 -ing your pics!”.


The Cr8ors of Decim8nday [ @suz4nne_ and @david_baer ] and I thank our friends over at LightBomber App for playing along with us.  We hope to do it again in the future! 

Stay tuned as we welcome Jennifer [ @JenniferHerbig1 ] to the editor’s seat for week 22.