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Hatsumode: A Holy Place

We have the habit of visiting a shrine early in the New Year in Japan.

It’s called “Hatsumode”.

We visit a shrine or sometimes a temple and pray for good health and happiness in the New Year. – Hayami

Written/ Photo credits:  Hayami, MWJP/Juxt





I go with the approach of crunchy gravel across the Uji Bridge according to the Isuzu River, surrounded by deep forests.
Be crowded with many worshipers, I somehow feel the atmosphere quiet and solemn.
For the Japanese, Ise Shrine is known as the home of the mind, a long history, that there is a lot of myths and legends, and the very important place dedicated to the supreme god of the state.











Take that walk Pashapasha iPhone in hand, but nothing out of place is full sense of this sacred place, but in the eyes is fresh no matter how many times you come, Ise will want to turn off the shutter.

!! Matters of importance to the shooting here!!

Met the scene seems to be nice, I shoot thanks to God and the natural beauty while take a deep breath.
Shooting, in a humble attitude.

Be careful not to be deprived of the only eye, a beautiful woman Hey Chan (handsome case of women) and discard the evil face.

In addition, some places, such as the temple positive Beware of photography it is forbidden. (Palace, can be taken from the bottom of the steps.)

And, looking back photos one by one went home, I remember the air of Shrine again.







Ise Shrine is one of the leading power spots in Japan.
Speaking of Terrence Lee “worship of the man who is unclean be fatal,” I saw an article on the net say, I was laid up with a cold the next day worship (laughs)
Now, whether this is a reaction of the said Mr. . . Was the man who is unclean and myself. . .
I does not matter at all, that song Taro Moriyama has crossed my head straight. Not human or something like that.




In the alley 〆 Thanks, mission completed eat the noodles and red 福 Ise.
Or, such Ise Udon well, there, anywhere you can buy red Fuzhou, he should not say like that. It is because they enjoy the atmosphere of the place along with that.
No, I like comparatively, Ise Udon yourself.

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