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From A Fan’s Perspective: UW Men’s Bball

From A Fan’s Perspective

Written by Victoria Wright  Twitter / Instagram

You know the event that you keep scrolling to in your Google calendar for guaranteed butterflies & grins?

I’d been waiting seemingly forever for the UW Men’s Basketball game on February 2nd– I was simply ecstatic. I met RJD to pick up our passes and jerseys and had to refrain from hugging the poor man I was so thrilled. Honestly though, my excitement was laced with a little intimidation. I had been following the stories of the other photographers who had gone to the previous games and knew if THEY had challenges with lighting & motion, I would be lucky to have something to show at all.

We arrived a bit before the game, and I’m so glad. The staff had seen “press” once or twice with just a phone but were plenty curious, I was thrilled to share about the mobile photography community I’ve grown to love so much. We giggled about the word of the year “hashtag” (anyone else read that article/s) and showed off a little of my feed and the work of some of my favorite mobile photographers.

The cheerleaders were happy to pose and smile for me, which made for an easier & less-blurry shot. It was neat to see the crowds trickling in, the already-bored kiddos, the decked-out in purple & gold middle-aged ladies, the old-timers who look like they’ve been coming for decades and of course the buzzing student section. The band began to play and I quickly scurried over to snap a couple shots of their awesome energy and shiny instruments. It was great to be there before all the fans arrived so I could find an angle I liked for my shots without toppling over someone’s lap. After the game began I tried to capture some of the plays, but ended up unhappy with most of the shots… the players must have not received the memo about stopping every few seconds to pose for me. ;)

It was an incredible opportunity and taught me a lot about myself- what my strengths are and what they are not. I am thankful I got a chance to shoot in a place that motivated me to stretch as a photographer, pushing me out of my comfort zone. It gets me pumped to see where mobile photography is headed, I’m so delighted to be a part of this amazing community.

Thank you Juxt team for a rockin’ experience!


Photos by Matt Nienhuis  Instagram / Twitter

Photos by Jennifer Best Instagram

Big thanks to Daniel Hour and the UW Athletics Department for the opportunity to have the community of mobile photographers in Seattle and Western Washington be a part of their programming. Also to see other article from the UW Men’s Basketball Season click here.


  1. You have such a wonderful way about you V! I loved the article, your insights and humor and of course your imagery. Great!

    • thank you dear friend, I really enjoyed myself with this one!

  2. wonderful article, such a great experience it sounds like. the images you captured along with the narrative we’re perfectly combined.

    • I really appreciate that Tony! it really was an amazing experience.


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