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1000 Words Showcase, Week 24

This week’s showcase brings us outstanding photos from  Kiwi_nannO_ok and ShelSerkin.

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images.

This gallery is curated by Ryan V.  To see the Showcases by week click here.

Also please visit out 1000 Words IPA monthly showcase, recently started by Mike Hill.

Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

Those crazy dudes again by Kiwi_nan

Flickr // IG & Backspaces @kiwinan

Last weekend, while walking on the beach with my grandchildren, these two guys sauntered towards us. Their appearance stood out. Their conversation was animated and they seemed oblivious to the fact that they provided an unusual sight on an early morning beach walk. I shoot lots of photos on my beach walks, always using my iPhone 4S and Hipstamatic. For this shot I used the Watts Lens and Cano Cafanol film. This image was begging to be given some fun treatment. I did a series of different Decim8 edits, which can be seen in my story on Backspaces called “Crazy Dudes” if you want to see some more. The process for this one is as follows:

  • First I cropped it to bring the two guys more to the forefront of the frame. I usually use Snapseed for cropping.
  • Took it to Decim8 where I chose the Beamrider effect. Ran it through several times until I got something I liked. Saved.
  • Took it to Picfx, Classics Set – Marshmallow full strength. PFX Film Set – PFX 10 20%. Textures Set – Book 40%, then Rotated the effect x 2. Saved.

Pyramide by candidata4

Flickr // IG @Candidata // EyeEm

I always start my edits with Snapseed for straightening and cropping. I think, in this instance, I set the ambient up to one-hundred, but it’s old so I’m not really sure. Then I use KitCam, with the Kurt lens, Newsprint film and Margaret frame. I adjusted the brightness and contrast and I think that was it!

What inspired me? I love a good background and I always try to catch interesting people in front of nice architecture! In taking candid pictures I have a lot to learn, so I’m not always able to choose the people and their backgrounds.

Riding the mimas by nO_ok


This image was inspired by a book cover that I had seen some time ago in Brussels. The photo was made in Cracow, Poland using the Lemeleme app . Then it was processed with Aliensky, Lenslight and Snapseed.

Making Things Happen by rsmithing


My favorite art is the kind that gets the viewer to consider things in new ways. I believe that’s the most exciting thing about sharing creativity: the opportunity for a mind-expanding experience. That can happen for me through words, music, or with visual art as in the works of my favorite artists, Salvador Dalí and Jerry Uelsmann. The story behind this image is that I was on a business trip last month and happened to be in the air at just the right time to capture a glorious sunrise from above the clouds. I knew I wanted to remember the moment, but didn’t know what form that would take. This week, the vision hit me: a dancer amid the clouds with selective lighting and textures was what I wanted to make happen. I instantly thought of this silhouette image I shot last year at a show by one of my favorite bands, Beats Antique, which happen to be on heavy rotation during my recent travels. The mysterious form in the foreground is the troupe’s Zoe Jakes as shown backlit from behind a screen with exotic costume accents. The spell-casting pose along with textures, layer modes and and masking in Photoforge2 makes the mind-expansion thing happen.

The Bloom of Youth by TRShootr


This image started as a quick capture during a portrait session. I put down the DSLR, grabbed my iPad and shot a few images. I didn’t get back to them until a few weeks after the session. I’m fairly new in the mobile art realm so I went looking for inspiration from other mobile artists. My goal was to create something with multiple images since I really don’t get to do that with my DSLR portraits. After seeing tons of great work and “getting in the zone,” I gave myself the challenge to combine the portrait image with a floral image I already had and an interesting pattern from my library. I had a visual in my mind and was able to create it using Adobe Photoshop Touch. I love the control it gives on layer editing.

A Day on the Brooklyn Bridge by jq gaines


This photograph was taken while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend, Janine… and I think that it nicely captures one of the basic principles of big city life: personal space is hard to find. I happen to love all the layers of voyeurism in this image…  me photographing the guy on the right, who is watching the wedding photographer take a picture of the bridal party.  But what I enjoy the most are all of the different facial expressions and emotions that are contained in this one shot. For example: the bridesmaid is experiencing complete frustration  (which was probably due to the fact that it was an extremely cold day and she had to walk barefoot because her high-heel shoes were getting stuck between the boards), the groom looks like he just wants it to be over, and then there’s the complete stranger who unexpectedly wandered onto the scene.

This felt like a true “snap shot” moment, so I thought a faux polaroid frame would work beautifully… and I also thought some hand drawn squiggles and “coffee” spills would add to the overall sense of tension and frustration. The apps I used were: Lo-Mob, iColorama and ProCreate.

Drag by ShelSerkin

Flickr // IG @ShelSerkin // EyeEm // G+ // Twitter

54th Street, Manhattan. The force is strong with this one.

Made with Hipstamatic, Camera+, Touch Retouch, Juxtaposer and Filterstorm.

I’m beginning to understand. I think… by sweeterchord

Flickr // Tumblr // Twitter // IG @sweetchord

I’ve always been intrigued by silhouettes and how they are simultaneously descriptive and vague. I love the way this image appears to have the shape of a person simply erased out of the photo; as if to make the viewer doubt whether there actually is someone standing there. I suppose the inspiration for this came from my own musings about how I see people, and what they are defined by. We often miss out on who a person truly is by instead focusing on what they appear to be. Perhaps this can be a challenge for us all: to truly see people.

This was taken at Fort Casey on a dreary, overcast day – which really accented the general creepy-factor of the location (itself an old abandoned Marine base). This image is a self-portrait and was shot by a friend while adventuring this past week. I brought it into Blender to add some Mextures (with the normal blend mode, at about 30%). I then opened the photo in vscocam and applied #5, then Instagram with the Mayfair filter, because I liked the way it brought out the dark tones a bit better.


  1. Thank you so much for including my image! :) I’m honored since there’s consistently such great stuff here, and I now mention this & WeAreJUXT over at my site,

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