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Show Us Your Thirty #MOPA30

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(See challenge rules below)

Mobile photography in Mexico has been expanding and growing at an amazing rate during the last few months, mainly due to its use in all of the social networks available.

On June 16, 2012 a never-seen before event took place in Guadalajara, Mexico: “The Shooting Project”. This event gathered well-known local photographers to do live performances to showcase their personal work style during the opening party, portraying themes such as ‘Duality’, ‘Animal vs Human’, ‘Geometrik’, ‘Made in the Streets’ and ‘Neon Colors’.

A special shoot also took place by renown photographer Josue Castro with the theme “Got Tattoos?”

During the event preparations, a national mobile photography invitation was made through Instagram with the hashtag #mexigers_retrato, (direct coordination with IgersMexico), where more than 600 pictures were tagged nationwide. The exhibition of forty of these portraits were curated by Josue Castro, who invited Deborah Klochko to give a conference about the history of fashion photography.

Deborah Klochko gave IgersMexico her seal of approval on the overall coordination and project, and from then on has been following close by the development of mobile photography and has even attended many events hosted by IgersMexico, IgersGuadalajara, IgersTijuana and La Tentación- the main Mobile Photography promoters in Mexico.

To this day, Deborah uses her smartphone to photograph and classify whatever catches her eye, and is a big Mobile Photography fan.

In 1983, MOPA opened its doors with not even one photo to show, so it extended an invitation to society to donate one photograph, which was then hung on the museum’s wall. This is how MOPA’s photographic collection and heritage has grown, and today, celebrates their thirtieth anniversary.

To celebrate these thirty years, Deborah and her team have decided to include mobile photography and invited “La Tentación TJ” and the Mexigers community (IgersMexico, IgersGuadalajara, IgersTijuana) to coordinate and invite through mobile photography apps EyeEm and Instagram to upload photos allusive to MOPA’s 30th birthday.


Chantel Paul is the Assistant Curator at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). She has curated a number exhibitions at MOPA including Unusual Suspects: The Paintings and Photograph of Holly Roberts (2012) and Eyes of a Nation: A Century of American Photography (2012). Chantel co-curated the exhibition Streetwise: Masters of 60s Photography (2011), along with an accompanying exhibition catalog. She is currently working on, Kevin Cooley: Elements as well as the exhibition and accompanying catalog for Staking Claim: A California Invitational, to be exhibited later this year.

Prior to her work at MOPA, Chantel served as the Director for the Morrison HotelGallery in La Jolla, CA. She has worked with artists and archivesranging from Herman Leonard, Henry Diltz, Jim Marshall, and Autumn DeWilde,among others. As Director of the Morrison Hotel Gallery, she helpedcoordinate exhibitions with the SoutheastMuseum of Photography and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Chantel studied photography at Montclair State University, New Jersey. She continues to photograph alongside working with the medium every day curating exhibitions and interfacing with artists at MOPA.



In 1983, the Museum of Photographic Arts opened its doors in Balboa Park. This year marks our 30th anniversary. For us, 30 is cause for celebration, but what does “30” mean to you? Using Instagram as a means of expression, show us how you interpret the number 30.

Mobile Photography Challenge
April 15 – May 15, 2013

Instagram : #MOPA30
EyeEm Album : Show Us Your Thirty

How it Works: 

1. Post a photo to Instagram with #MOPA30 or EyeEm album “Show Us Your Thirty”
2. MOPA will select and print up to 30 photos to feature at the Museum’s POP Thursdays “Push Pin Party” on May 23, 2013.
3. Additional photos will be printed for popular use at the event.


1. Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 images.
2. Photos must be posted to Instagram to #MOPA30 or EyeEm using the album “Show Us Your Thirty”  to be part of the challenge.
3. Photos must be posted between April 15 and May 15, 2013. Any photos posted after the close of the challenge will not be considered.
4. MOPA, IgersMéxico and La Tentación Tj/SD reserve the right to remove any photo deemed inappropriate for any reason.
5. By participating, you understand that MOPA, La Tentación Tj/SD and IgersMéxico may reproduce and display your photo.

MOPA’s own, Chantel Paul will judge the Challenge and the winners will be tacked up at our Push Pin Party to hang on the walls at MOPA. For those of you in San Diego, please join us at the event.
We can’t wait to see the great photography and the creative interpretations for “30″ you come up with.

Show us your 30!

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