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I am Inspired by [Essay Challenge]

Juxt along with YouMobile Challenged our community to show us what inspired them in three photos. The inspiration was boundless with stories uploaded in IG, EyeEm, and  Backspaces. These are a few of our favorites.


Essay By Kamil Janczulewicz

As my entry I picked a country (Turkey) as I meet here a lot of interesting (mostly artist) people. With my photo I tried to present Turkey as it’s in my eyes. I would expect this country to look like other Islamic country’s, but no. Turkey is different than I expected and imagined to be. And to the topic, how this country inspired me? That’s connected with my entry “a person”. As I mentioned in this entry at the moment I work on a sailing yacht from 1905 which is traveling around the European ports making art shows. Those shows are mostly shows of art from Turkey and because of that I meet a lot of artist in here which more or less have some impact on me and my view on the world, are and most important on my hobby (mobile photography)

Human body as a Art A person: His name is Piri, named after a Turkish sailor Piri Reis. Grandson of a Turkish sculptors and mathematic İlhan Koman. An interesting person with strange in good way point of view on the world. Together with his father he sails on a boat bought by his grandfather in 60′s and try’s to promote İlhan’s art. They make so called “Hulda Festival”, Hulda that’s the name of the boat. Little bit about the boat, she was build in 1905 in Sweden, in her early life she was a cargo vessel on a trading lines on Baltic Sea. Now about İlhan Koman, born in Turkey. He moved to Sweden and he was a professor on Swedish university. He bought Hulda from a trading company and made her as a his home and studio. He always dreamed about sailing Hulda to his home land (Turkey) but unfortunately he died in 1986. So now his son and grandson are making his wish came true. They started the trip in 2008 leaving Sweden with boat full of İlhan’s works and they stopped in every bigger port on the way making art festivals. How do this person inspire me? Just living and sailing on boat with such a story is inspiring! Before I started my journey and work on Hulda I was a normal sailor, which usually are chasing the money and women in ports, but after joining Hulda as a part of the crew, Piri’s influence started to change me. And from being a normal seaman I came to this point, with different point of view on the world. First thing what changed in me is my point of view to the art, I never was interested in art and now I’d call myself a “photographer”. Maybe I’m not some pro photographer but being surrounded by people with art centric minds helps me a lot. Especially Piri, who lot of times follows me, giving me tips about photography, how, where, when. I’d say that meeting him on my path made me a better person

Light of a Full Moon A moment: I was wondering how should I describe this photo. That’s really hard, but I’ll try. Ruins of old watch tower on Turkish island called Bozcaada. While wondering on Bozcaada hills I found small ruins which after some research on Internet I came by a page saying that this was an old watch tower build by Greeks around 500 A.D. After walking around the ruins and enjoying the view from top of the hill I noticed full moonrise. The moon light was reflecting on the sea making a beam of light on the water. And after walking around I noticed a small window with a view on rising moon. I thought that’s a great show and great capture to remember, so I took the photo. Very often I’m coming back to this photo, it reminds me of a spectacular show made by nature. I’d like to add that this is only one photo on my Instagram without any filters.

My full name is Kamil “Shiro” Janczulewicz.

I am born in Poland in small city called Knurow. After high school I went to Tokyo University where I graduated as a Graphic and web designer. I didn’t work for to long in my speciality. Year after graduate I went to Alaska where I worked on crab fishing vessels as a deckhand. I spent two amazing years there, but I can’t sit too long in one place so I moved to Cardiff, Wales  where I went to school again. I graduated there sailing school. With my new captain license I started working as a delivery crew, thanks to that I was able to see many great places, sail on the seam seas as a many of the great sailors and explorers. At the moment I live in Istanbul on a boat, on a boat which have great history and influence of the people living with me changed me a lot. But about that you can read in my essay “a person”.

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Essay By Silvia Serra

Alone, far away from noises and people … like a gypsy moth attracted by the light and the colours .. I’m so little.

I noticed her .. she was there, so close, I realized right away that she was the right one for me. I tried to get closer to her, to sit in front of her… I had eyes only for her .. but in a moment she disappeared.

Lost in my thoughts I forgot about all these people .. Older people, too old to understand what I feel. A strong hand looks for mine .. it’s time to go .. too bad, that treat will never be mine!

Hello! My name is Silvia I 45 years, wife and mom of two boys. I live in a beautiful land: Sardinia, in a town near the sea. I love the outdoors, sea and canoe. I love to travel but not always is possible, this helps me Instagram. I’ve always had a passion for photography, I grew up with the 35 mm. With the birth of my kids I have ditched all to resume two years ago with Instagram and digital system. I love the b/w, because it focuses on details, color distracts from little things. But I also love the colors, especially when it comes to nature. What prompts me to stare into a social as Instagram is sharing a passion for photography, but also the chance to see the world through images taken by others. The project “24hours13″, for example, made me go around the world in 24 hours in real time without moving from my home town, but on the contrary taking others from me! In my photos I like to convey emotions, involving the soul in one click I think it is the greatest success. The possibility of a social as Instagram is also in spreading a message entrusting to a beat, no endless texts. But only one image that reaches a part of us.  I greet you and thank you for the space that you are giving to my story. Silvia

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Essay by Hassan Kiyany




I am a passionate multimedia producer with a wide variety of skills in the creation of creative content via the merging of visual storytelling and new media.
I believe in the power of visual engagement with social media on the mobile platform, creating rich stories by managing and engaging the audience instantly

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Essay by  @tizzia

My name is tiziana. Born in Geneva, 1972. Live in Switzerland in Crans-Montana.

Being a painter, dedicating myself to photography or what I’d call “mobile photo” was a natural creative evolution. Infact, in my pictures I express and channel the same sensations that I would on a canvas. The choice of subjects, the contest in which they are portrayed, the colours of the light, the filters and editing are all choices and assessments guided by taste, communicative experience and the desire to express the typical emotions of all other forms of visual art. The difference is that today, even though we’re living the climax of the digital era, the era of the “intangible’, this form of artistic expression comes off as the closest to reality, made of true subjects that are sometimes grotesque and in other instances ethereal and dreamy, made of sceneries that tell a story of long distance voyages, inner abyss, shots taken to remember an emotion or a particular scent. You are an artist when you are able to let these feelings transpire and for art to be such it needs to communicate something that goes beyond time, subjects and the author himself. It has to have a universal and unchanging meaning.

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