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Project Life 365: The Pursuit of Snappiness

An Instagram Generation
Video by Ravi Vora

Let’s talk to Danna Torres, Marketing & PR for Project Life 365, and learn more about this awesome photography community!

What is Project Life 365?

Project Life 365 is an interactive photo-a-day challenge for creatives. Every day, we throw out an interpretive prompt and people simply capture, tag upload and connect with a global community of photographers. Our goal is to lead a new generation of creatives by connecting them with today’s inspirational leaders. We provide unlimited access to creative resources and insight from our talented pool of contributors. We launched on January 1, 2013, and have quickly evolved into a leading resource for lens lovers, hobbyists, professionals, and those who take in the world around them. In our first three months alone, our project has inspired a vast number of participants seeking to coax out the extraordinary in a seemingly ordinary world. In addition to our online community, PL365 wants to extend its reach to local communities. While we rely heavily on social media, it’s important to get out from behind our usernames and profiles and interact. Like the old days. Our meets offer a unique approach to building community through the use of social media. We’ve evolved what people have come to expect from instameets and turned them into unique social gatherings.

Liberty. Through interpretive daily prompts, Project Life 365 awakens and celebrates individual creativity and spirit by fostering an interactive online community where photo sharing fuels inspiration and a new ‘point-and-shoot of view’ every single day of the year.

@babyk0307 - Flying half mast on the stern of the USS Wisconsin today in honor of Boston (PL365 Project)

The Pursuit of Snappiness. Using your favorite camera (or smartphone), members can easily capture, tag, upload and connect with our global art community.

Beyond the typical photo-a-day challenge, Project Life 365 curates images from enthusiasts and displays them on popular photo-sharing networks for collaboration and cerebral awakening.

Envision creatives from around the planet united as a family, working together to create a visual story each day of the year. Through this daily act of reflection and observation, you’ll discover that what is personal to you can become much more: a dynamic, enlightening, and interactive global movement. A photo project without borders.

Who’s brainchild is Project Life 365?

This is usually our favorite question to answer. PL365 is the brainchild of the team behind Design Aglow. With two global companies, you would expect a legion of people glued to computers and small screens, but we’re a small group of women with a zest for creativity, success and coffee. During one of the morning meetings, founder Lena Hyde, proposed a project that would challenge artists’ creativity and in turn, help lead a new generation of creatives using today’s social technologies. What started as a “fun little idea”, soon evolved into a global photo-a-day challenge connecting today’s innovative leaders with a community of enthusiasts sharing a passion for photography. It took us about 6 months to develop, execute and launch, and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to raise the bar on the norm. In fact, we’re now starting to roll our a series of Instameets with our contributing creative leaders. Our most recent was the #santamonica0413 which you’re familiar with and was recently featured by Instagram.

We’re excited to see where the first year will take us. We’re building relationships, exploring new territory and making new friends along the way.

@doggystudio for #inspiration under #bobbylongy (PL365 Project)

Was it solely through Instagram? Were artists asked outside of Instagram? Are there plans to reach out? How does one join?

Not at all. PL365 adapts to all social networks. At the moment, Instagram is the more popular platform being used by our members. It’s easy, familiar and global…kinda like us. However, we extend our reach into Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs. If it’s social, you’ll probably find a PL365 group chatting about their favorite members or upcoming challenges.

Most (if not all) PL365 artists and contributors can be found on Instagram. Our only criteria is creativity. We’re not looking for popularity, age or location. We just want to showcase talent from emerging artists and established leaders around the world. We usually invite newcomers to do our Week in the [Project] Life series where they take on the PL365 challenge for 5 days. It’s always an eye-opening journey for creatives and fun reminder to step outside of their comfort zone (that’s where you find most of your creativity). Most of our creatives continue to contribute to our community by sharing their personal projects and fun tips that help motivate our members. And, you will never know what you’re going to see next….that’s how we keep things interesting!

We’re definitely expanding our reach. We want to build a warehouse of endless inspiration where we can all come together for the love of photography. Now that we’ve established our online platform, we’re focusing on local communities through instameets. Our first locations are in the US and then abroad.

Joining is easy and 100% free. Simply visit and enter your email to become a member. Each month, we’ll send you community highlights, member perks and a month’s worth of prompts to help you plan your challenges. We also offer daily reminders and lots of interaction and community building on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To participate, simply interpret the day’s prompt, capture, tag and upload. Attached is our crash course infographic that helps understand our community.

@becky_earl for PicTapGo 1.2 (PL365 Project)

The process is simple.

1. We’ll throw out a spark. You start the fire. Each day we reveal a simple, thoughtful challenge in a daily prompt. It doesn’t matter if you’re literal, logical, or a free spirit; there are no wrong answers. Your only limitation is your imagination.

2. Snap it up. Using your favorite camera (or smartphone), capture an image that embodies the theme of the day as you see it. Just remember to keep it g-rated, family-friendly, not-creepy, and legal; we don’t want your mom mad at us.

3. Put a bling on it. Give your images some style and personality by using your go-to editing applications like Photoshop, VSCO, Afterglow or Snapseed.

4. Mingle. Mingle! Tag your creative expression, and connect with a global community of creatives using you any popular photo-sharing network.

5. Enjoy. While creativity shapes a pictorial journal seen worldwide, the intimate setting allows for contemplation, rejuvenation and a photographic Renaissance.

Why are you passionate? (Insider insight is what I’m looking for) =)

Empowerment is our passion. Whether it’s empowering members to express their creativity or empowering women (and artists) to become successful entrepreneurs, we want to lead by example and show that success can take on many forms, but at its core is always vision, authenticity,  and creativity. We work hard and we love every minute of it.

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