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1000 Words IPA May 2013 Part 1

We Are Juxt believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, we tell stories through our photos, and sometimes a photo can say more than a whole book ever could. These folks I’ve picked to showcase today are from the site ( IPA ) which has some of the most fascinating and beautiful galleries of work I’ve ever seen in one place. It is a small community, but everyone there is a true artist in every way. These are a few that submitted to the 1000 words group, we will try and do this on a once or twice a month bases, it all depends on the number of submissions we get. Please visit the site and these artists galleries, there’s plenty more where they came from. To see more from this beautiful gallery go here. 

Curated by Mike H. 

To see previous 1000 Words from IPA.

Portrait by Ivetta Salomon

Maybe it was just a dream,
dream in which we go through veil of illusion,
go from small helpless personality to the great infinite image.
Small man forgot his roots,
who lost memory of  himself,
walking in the dark to his dream.
Who am I?
A cold  mind or a kind heart?
Maybe it is just a dream of a great wanderer from the land of dreams?
This image happened as easy as the changes happen in nature, when the sunny day falls into the dark night.

At one time  something marvelous and deep was born.

Apps -Slowshutter, Snapseed, Afterglow and the best time….

Didi by Emanuel Faria

This is my youngest son, and Didi is his nick name.
I try to keep it simple, just dramatizing the expression, and his big eyes.
I simple crop to get the most from the image.
Basically I just have used Laminar for editing, a special image I took from a wood texture to be blended and a rusty filter.
The placement of the strong wood ribbing was intentional, to create a tear effect.
The black background helped me to improve and create this dramatically and beautiful effect.

Stalking The Lady In The Hat by Cindy Patrick
IPA // Flickr // Website // Facebook // Twitter // IG

I shot this image in January when I was in San Francisco giving my iPhoneography presentation at MacWorld. I was returning to my hotel after meeting a friend for dinner, and this woman in the pink coat and straw hat seemed to appear out of nowhere and began walking ahead of me on the street. I immediately grabbed my iPhone and literally began to “stalk” her!  I was afraid she would disappear as suddenly as she appeared and I didn’t want to fumble around with which camera app to use, so I just used the native iPhone5 camera app. It was nighttime, but the lights from the shop windows really helped brighten the scene. I followed her for a couple of blocks, snapping a few frames every time she entered the light from a shop window, but I wasn’t really satisfied with anything. Then a man wearing a hat appeared on my left. As soon as he entered the frame, I knew I had the picture I was looking for. I snapped this a moment before she disappeared into one of the shops. I love street photography, but I don’t practice it in the traditional sense. I can never resist putting my spin on it!I processed this image in a style that I use often. I first created a blurred version of the image using BlurFX. I created a second version using ShockMyPic and then layered the two images in Iris Photo Suite.  I altered the color a bit by using the various filters in Iris.  I believe this was the Retro filter.

Being Rasta by Pat St-Hilaire
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em // IG // Twitter

That is my beautiful nephew Kiki. All proud of his Rasta hat.
I just couldn’t resist taking my iPhone and snap that moment.
He played the game like a pro. And the light was just perfect, cloudy winter day in Quebec, we were inside….

I generally shoot with the native camera, then Snapseed it, I love Details in snapseed,
it just gives that dimension in the picture .
then I Grunge it, always in Snapseed, ScratchCam after then Glaze for the paint effect,
dip it in Blender to liberate the face of that painterly effect.
I also used DistressedFX, beautiful apps for textures.

To Be Alone… by Delta Martin
IPA // Flickr // Pixels

I am always looking for what could be in an image ” To be alone”  began as a hand resting on a mop bucket in an elevator. After using Touch Retouch to move the bucket I realized the hand was positioned in a very interesting off center placement.  I then used VintageFx to create the vignette background. The blur tool in Procreate to smooth the hand. Several layers of Glaze filters to add texture and Image Blender to combine the layers which were flatten. Paintfx was used for lightening and contrast adjustment.  PSexpress for sharpening and cropping.  I believe that images name themselves hence, ” to be alone is to live without a shadow.”

Emotions 2 by Françoise Teissier

I am a fan of dance and I had the chance to see a dance contemporaneity. The scene was small, I could take pictures near enough.
It is not easy to take pictures with difficult lighting conditions. All my pictures are taken with my iphone 4S. I used the native camera to shoot. For the post treatment I used photowizard (crop), snapseed to adjust the brightness and the saturation. The “retrolux” effect gives an impression of fog. I used decim8 with the beamrider effect.

Redemption by John Sidiropoulos
IPA // Flickr // Prints

This is a blend of three pics, two portraits of friends of Instagram, the two women and one random pic with a hand holding the mask … I made the black background with filterstorm,  then the mix to blender adding to the main pic, the portrait inside the mirror and then another one to blend this pic with the hand pic. Then I fixed the image contrast to snapseed and that’s it … a 5 minute edit and one of my favorites.


  1. What a beautiful collection of images! Thank you so much for including one of mine. It is truly an honor!

    • The honor is all ours, Cindy!

  2. A great set of images. Congrats to all chosen :)

    • Thank you for reading

  3. Thank you for including one of my images. This is truly a remarkable set of images and I am humbled to be included.

    • Thank you for your submissions!

  4. An amazing selection, each one is stunning but for me Ivetta’s image just makes my jaw drop, awesome.

    • I thought so too, thanks a lot, Lee

  5. Just wonderful selections as always Mike!

  6. Thank you so much for including one of my images. This is a great honor to be figure with these wonderful artists

  7. fantastic selection, I’m proud to be among this fantastic set of artists, thank you Mike


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