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The Sargent and the Muse

It took me some time to track down the Sargent; he was just as elusive as he was talked about. I’d been working my way through South East Asia for six months; chasing trails that promised to be the ones that would finally deliver him to me before they turned cold and left me no closer than I started. In the end it was almost an accident that I found him. I was sitting in a bar in Bangkok thinking to myself that it was time to return to my dead end job back in Melbourne  Australia, when I overheard a conversation on the table next to me. An elderly gentleman with a distinct northern England accent was talking loudly to another man – who also appeared to be English – about how he had recently come across Sargent laFletcher in a small village about two hours drive from here. Of course I jumped straight up and went over to their table and introduced myself. I told this gentleman of my plight and that he had to tell me how to find this village.

Well I won’t bore you with the details, but believe me it took quite a lot of convincing – and the remainder of my savings – before he would divulge to me the location of this village that the Sargent was apparently holed up in.

When I found the Sargent it was obvious that he didn’t want to be found. He eyed me with suspicion when I told him what I was there for, but then on the third day something happened, his defenses seemed to come down or grow weary and I spotted the crack that I had been looking for. I didn’t have much time, and my tape recorder was playing up due to the intense humidity of the jungle. But the following is what I managed to get from him…

Note: This video was made around 6 months ago and was an experiment with mixing mobile images with voice and sounds. Its been sitting around in draft form and still needs to be reworked. It was created using iMove and GarageBand. Id be interested in hearing from anyone who knows if there are better tools out there for creating these types of works as I want to do more in future and possibly rework this one into a finished product.


  1. Great work Jason, your images are such high quality and so creative. I really enjoyed this story. Regarding the film, a tool I would recommend is Final Cut Pro X, its quite affordable if you are going to get further into this. Its kind of like iMovie on steriods but its still very easy to learn and use, a lot of fun too. Just be sure to warn the wife that she may not see you for a few days.

    If you decide not to make anything more of this on the movie front and you don’t mind, i’d love to use the images and audio and see what i can come up with. If you’re interested you know where to find me.



    • Thanks Lee, thanks for your suggestions. I’m either going to go with Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. I will look into them and see what will be best for me. And thanks for the offer. I will see how I go with the second effort and maybe get back to you on that. I’m curious to what you have in mind though..

  2. Great job Jason! Impressed for sure!

    • Thanks a lot Albert. Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Bloody amazing man! A darker Heart of Darkness! Freaky cool! This really belong in an art gallery, in some special dark box theatre… Love it Fletch…

    • It still needs some work Rico. But thanks for your thoughts. And yes maybe a very dark box in a very dark corner of the gallery. Cheers mate

  4. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Dilshad !!

  5. Fantastic Fletch!!

    • Thanks a lot Rebecca – glad you liked it.

  6. Delightfully dark and demented. Glad it finally saw the light of day!

  7. Twisted and incredibly good!

  8. Bravo Captain! I was caught in the world of the Sarge and my heart melted for him. Brilliant tale m’friend.


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