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#sundaybluesedit Sunday Selection @lillamys

Rebecca: This week I proudly give you Carina.  Her work is always close to my heart.  Her style and emotions are similar to mine and I love all of her beautiful creations.  Although English is not her first language, her words a touching and beautiful.  Happy Sunday….

Carina: Nostalgia is my main inspiration. I think I have always been fascinated by old things, especially old photographs that have a connection to my childhood and beyond that.

Hipstamatic was really love at first sight.  In the beginning of
2011 I bought my iPhone just to get hold of the app. I had seen some
photos taken with it and my love for photography from earlier days was
instantly back. I had no idea then what it would mean to me, how
much I would learn from others, that I would make contact and friends
with so many wonderful people, be a part of a worldwide community like
this and that it would actually change my life.

I had no idea either at that time that my mother, so healthy and so in
love after 14 years as a widow, would soon die of cancer. At some
point, during her last six months, when I was staying with her at her
house, I found Instagram,  a place to reach out, or hide
out, like a parallel room next to my world  with my closest

I posted my first sundaybluesedit more than a year ago and found a
place with so much art filled with emotions, and so much love between
the artists. That has inspired me and taught me how to put my
grief into something creative. I also realize now that I have had the
Sunday blues, more or less,  during my whole adult life.

The sundaybluesedit tag has inspired me to try editing. Not to make a
photo look better but to try to convey an emotion. Usually it is the
editing in itself that interests me and not the result. Except for a few,  I don´t
like many of my edits anymore, but all of them are
still important to me because of the process.

This specific edit started with a Hipstamatic double exposure with an
old photo of me and my mother, together with a religious icon. This
edit is the result of the strong emotions caused by Mother’s Day
approaching. The style is very much inspired by Rebecca and this is
one of my edited photos that I will continue to love.

Please visit Carina’s wonderful feed on Instagram at @lillamys


  1. Carina–Congratulations on this beautiful feature!! This image is one of those that stays with you for a long time–and conveys such deep emotion. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you so much dear Caroline! I really appreciate your support and friendship on Instagram and I am so glad to have found your inspiring art!


    • Thank you so much dear Caroline! I really appreciate your support and friendship on Instagram and I am so glad to have found your inspiring art!

  2. Love your work Carina from those very first hipsta ice photos. Your creativity has always been inspirational and heartfelt. Congrats on your feature!

    • Heartfelt thanks to you Glenda! And thanks for our Instagram friendship! You have always been so supportive and a great source of inspiration to me – thanks for bringing your lovely beach to my cold northern part of the world! Hope to give you some more hipsta ice photos this coming winter..

  3. What a lovely photo and a wonderful post. Having also lost my mom to cancer I know how hard that can be so my heart is with you. You express yourself beautifully through your photos. Congratulations on this feature, well deserved.

    • Thank you so much! I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing! I am so grateful for your comment since you are such an amazing artist! Love the strong emotions and the beauty in your work.

  4. this is amazing congrats