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We Are Juxt x The Windows Phone Challenge

In the past, photos were about preserving a memory. Today, they are equally about sharing that moment. More people are taking photos with their phones, and more of those photos are posted to social networks and shared online in other ways. According to Pew Internet, 82% of mobile phone owners use their cell phone to take a picture – making it the most popular mobile phone activity! If you are carrying a mobile phone, you are ready to capture great photos, enjoy them, and share them with others.

Mobile photography is taking the world by storm. The beauty of mobile photography is not just in the ability to take an image and post-process. It’s also about sharing and building community.

We Are Juxt is proud to officially announce our participation in the Windows Phone Challenge, using Microsoft’s flagship Nokia Lumia series (920) – voted Smartphone of the Year in 2012 by Engadget Readers.

Through this program, Juxt(er)s will be putting their iPhones down and shooting exclusively with the 920 and providing tips and techniques for Windows Phone users to achieve added value in the photographs they take. Juxt(er)s will also be playing around with the apps available in the Windows Phone Store and sharing their thoughts with the community. It’s a great challenge and we look forward to sharing our results with you.

Meet the Juxt(er)s involved with the project and see a photo they’ve taken with the 920 thus far.  Click here.

These photos will be tagged #wearejuxt #wpphoto on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and other various social networks.

Below is the We Are Juxt Windows Phone gallery showcasing works from not only Juxt(er)s, but also mobile photographers who use Windows Phones from around the world.

Please note:  WELCOME all Windows Phone mobile photographers! We are honored to have you in the community! We look forward to your expertise, engagement, and collaboration!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

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  1. Brave souls. No hipstamatic ? No snapseed? Just plain good ole photos. Bravo!!! Looking forward to see results. I am up for an upgrade and thinking of getting an iPhone solely for apps. But…

    • Big thanks Stef! It’s definitely a good thing…

  2. Awesome!

  3. Yes editing is challenging in WP but we do our job using limited apps available. Thanks to wearejuxt for a move like this, this tells the app developers in other platform that there are photographers in WP and there is a market for image editing apps in WP.

    • I edit just fine with Fhotoroom and Fantasia. I’m not experiencing “limited apps available”.

  4. So will tagging photos in flickr with #wpphoto and #wearejuxt be considered submission for inclusion in your gallery?

    I have been phonetography blogging with my 920 for a few months over at:, but I’d love to share with this project. :)

    • Hi Jeff! Feel free to add to the gallery by joining the Flickr group. The tags also helps when we showcase them onto the other networks. Look forward to seeing your work!


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