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1000 Words IPA May 2013 Part 2

We Are Juxt believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, we tell stories through our photos, and sometimes a photo can say more than a whole book ever could. These folks I’ve picked to showcase today are from the site ( IPA ) which has some of the most fascinating and beautiful galleries of work I’ve ever seen in one place. It is a small community, but everyone there is a true artist in every way. These are a few that submitted to the 1000 words group, we will try and do this on a once or twice a month bases, it all depends on the number of submissions we get. Please visit the site and these artists galleries, there’s plenty more where they came from. To see more from this beautiful gallery go here. 

Curated by Mike H. 

To see previous 1000 Words from IPA.

Prisoner Of Herself… by Wladmir Dal bo
IPA // IG // Facebook // Email

I did some photos of a friend sitting on the floor of the room in different positions and selected two of them for editing. My inspiration came from a dear person in my family who was in a difficult situation, reprimanded feelings, actions and emotions. Then, using the APP Juxtaposer I did an overlap of the two images and brightened the photo with the Snapseed APP. Using the App superimpose and the overlay made from the roots of the woman, I then used the Juxtaposer app again to erase unwanted areas. With the photo ready I used Snapseed again to improve brightness and contrast and finally used the APP VSCO cam to finalize it.

Amerikan Gothic by Joel Adam
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em // Backspaces
This story on Backspaces

I feel restless. In an attempt to conquer the hungry, gnawing grip of restlessness, do we attempt to fill our time with things that don’t matter, because we’re afraid of what we’d do under its spell if they did matter?

Restlessness can be dangerous. We try to shake it off by turning to new pursuits or reexamining old distractions, but perhaps it’s the current that is really demanding examination. Clear and purposeful acts require forethought, planning and if undertaken during brief periods of restlessness could lead to regrets. Like a good book, I have trouble setting my regrets aside. I cling to them. I worry them as if my tongue caressing a sore in my mouth, a slight combination of pleasure and pain.

Restless actions lead to regrets which can lead to sleepless nights.
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, heart pounding. I dream of wild animals, murderers, death. I wake up and call out for you. It means I still need you. Need your arms around me. Reassurance, reminiscing, rewind… If I think of someone else, does that mean you do too? Is assuming you don’t like hiding somewhere where I can’t see you and assuming you can’t see me? If you find me, does that mean you’re overwhelmed with images of others? No one concrete, just random images of someone who can make you happier.

I want to box up all my fears, regrets and this damn cold restlessness. I want to box them all up and give them to you. Let you examine each jagged piece of my puzzle and attempt to reassemble me, but I know I’ll never be truly whole again. My biggest fear and what would end up being my greatest regret is letting you see my darkness.

Tonight I’m going to bury that box in the ground, deep down where you’ll never discover it. Keeping it buried means I can keep you, and keeping you keeps me sane.

Unmasked by Lee Thatcher
IPA // Flickr // Website // Eye’Em // Tumblr // Google+ // IG // Juxt

This was shot with Hueless and I used FocalLab, SwankoLab, Snapseed and Infinicam for processing.

No big story really, the picture was taken of my daughter as she was dressed in a skeleton outfit. It wasn’t Halloween or anything, she just likes dressing up, she’s 4, it what she does.

They Walk Among Themselves by Brett Chenoweth

IPA // Flickr // Website // Eye’Em // Email

This was initially a slow shutter pic that I took on the fly on my way to get my daughter from school. When I looked at it on my iPad I felt an immediate haunt to the photo, bringing me  back to some of the street work of Bill Brandt,  I  knew that I wanted to get an offset double image to nail down what I felt. First I took it into Snapseed to crop it to what I thought was essential and make it square. While in Snapseed I experimented with possibilities until I got a grungy washed out feel. Then I took it into Procreate, duplicated and offset the photo erasing everything but the figures in the duplicate image. Then I played with light brushes and color and added some noise. Not satisfied I took the image into BW Lab and added more noise. it felt better black and white, but needed more push. So I put it  into Dynamic BW. Now I was close. I just need to push the dark and grunge factor some. Scratchcam scratch filter finally did the trick.

Little Angel by Ana Cuk

This beautiful little angel I photographed last year at the beach ..
I used snapseed to crop 1:1, grunge effect to get scratches and blur, center focus to get the light, and VSCO filter to get the color. Simple edit for simple childish beauty:)

Mr. Soul by Sacha Dohmen
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em // Facebook // OGGL: maktub

I took this one on the Cathedral Square in Cologne, a fantastic place for street photography. I heard him before I saw him, a warm soulful sound. It would have been a crime not to try to capture the intensity of his being. I took the original shot with Hipstamatic Lucifer VI & Claunch 72 Monochrome, then isolating the subject with BigLens, PhotoToaster and ScratchCam and Blender for the texture, b&w in Filterstorm, a frame from Lo-Mob and finally the title with Type-Writer.

Call Me? by Victoria Thornhill aka Asherton at iPA

Someone on Tumblr reblogged this piece accompanied by a quote that read, ”True evil always starts from pure innocence.” And I was like wtf?! When I did a search, I found that the reblogger had exaggerated a bit as the actual quote is, ”All things truly wicked, start from an innocence.”
~Ernest Hemingway.

Either way, it made me feel bad for my little guy.
At my home base – IPA, he stirred up the same sort of feelings. Lots of comments using the word “eerie”, and mentioning being ”creeped out”. I have to laugh because when I was working on him I felt a little weirded out (more than a few times) myself!
I created him as a character to represent how: In this life, we have all – felt like a clown – and alone -and strange- or afraid. But sometimes, somehow, through the fear, or in spite of the fear, we will reach out to someone special…we have all done that… And then we wait, hoping we aren’t left alone there in the dark.

Anyway, that is what I wanted people to see. I really fell in love with my little clown along the way! And you know what? Thinking about all this right now brings to mind another quote. ”There is no truth, there is only perception.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

So everyone is right:)


  1. Very cool art here, and especially at – consistently amazing stuff there. Thanks for featuring these images.

    • Thanks for reading dude. IPA really does have some great work!

  2. Thanks for a great article, mike and congrats to all contributors. A great set of images and some really though provoking text to go with them. I must say though that my favourite image is the one from Wladmir Dal bo.

    Regards, Paul J Rose

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paul! I love that image too!

      • My pleasure, mike ;)

  3. Awesome work Mike and a great selection of art. Some new artists that I’ve not seen before so I’ve got some new names to add to my “Go Get Inspired By” list.

    Thanks for including me here.



    • Always a pleasure, Lee.

  4. A great selection Mike!!! Always a pleasure to find new artists and many thanks for including my pic.

    • Thank you, my friend!

  5. Wow, what great stories- great work everyone!!! I love the line in Sacha’s piece, “I heard him before I saw him, A warm soulful sound…” That line is so awesome… And I want that little girl on the beach for my own!!!! But I have to say that the story Joel Adam tells …blew me away- hit me HARD- made my heart hurt- gave me a huge lump in my throat…& I will probably be thinking about it for days to come. Joel, I don’t know you, but I so admire your fearlessness! That kind of bare boned honesty is something you don’t see every day and I really appreciate you sharing that with us!!!!!

    Mike Hill!!! Thank you again and again and again -infinity, for everything you do to promote our iPA community (et al). You are my hero!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by Victoria! I agree, Joel is the man, I’m trying to have him do a story telling guest spot here. Look for that in the near future!

  6. Great stuff as always Mike! I really look forward to seeing and reading these when they come out!


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