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Leading media buffs agree that the era of mobile devices has arrived in full force. A recent Microsoft study proposes that by 2014, more people will access the Internet through mobile devices than desktops. And with nearly 1.5 million apps now available for Android and Apple platforms alone, the quality of mobile photography – combined with the ease of capturing and sending media – has ushered in a new age of digital photography.

To highlight this emergent technology and the increasing influence of mobile in all aspects of contemporary life, the owners of 472 Gallery are offering a photography show compiled entirely from images captured and posted using mobile devices. The show is being curated by SF-based Denis Krylov - an owner of 472 Gallery and a principal of the next-generation creative studio Transparent House and Melbourne-based Juxt(er) Mischo Baranovic in collaboration with the prolific Instagram #jj creative micro-community and Streamzoo’s mobile photo-sharing app. #BWSANFRANCISCO leverages the prolific communities within a growing number of mobile platforms around a subject matter near and dear to mobile photography, the city where the medium gained its fame… San Francisco.

We Are Juxt got a chance to speak to Denis in between travelling regarding the exhibit and the vision of the 472 Gallery.

What is the mission and vision for this gallery?
We started the gallery with the idea to make a difference in the city. We felt that SF has a huge art and gallery scene already but there is a void in clean and nicely designed spaces exhibiting and selling affordable art.  In fact a lot of the visitors who come by to 472gallery comment on how good the space feels. We also wanted to it to be a little bit more specific in terms of the type art we exhibit. Most of the galleries in the city showcase traditionally crafted paintings and sculptures.  We wanted to concentrate on contemporary ways of creating art – computer graphics, 3d art and mobile photography. Since these 3 fields are extremely reachable and often only require from the artist a talent and a vision and not specialized education, we knew that we’d attract a lot of “unknowns”, which we could hopefully help to turn into “knowns”. Some of the artists we are currently exhibiting are really amazing. For example work of David Root (@doobie_howser on Instagram) can be easily considered instant classic. I’d compare his street shots to the likes of Garry Winogrand or Vivian Maier.

Along with still art we are also exhibiting motion art pieces such as animated gifs and short movies, either shot on mobile all created in CGI. We want to shake things up and show that anyone can create art now a days and it will be exhibit in a downtown gallery – just show your creativity and work hard.

Photo credit: Denis Krylov, Spain

What are your thoughts on mobile photography and its growing presence as an arts genre?
It’s true that there are millions of Instagram users already but it still doesn’t mean that everyone is good. It takes a certain skill and talent to take great mobile shots. You need to feel the composition, you need to frame shots nicely, you need to feel the light and contrasts. So considering how many people take mobile shots daily and upload them to Instagram and other platforms, it’s still hard to find really exceptional ones.

We love the point and shoot side of mobile photography. Everyone has a phone now, so you can’t really say anymore “too bad I didn’t have my camera with me”. People travel light now days and a lot of really good photographers we know, only take their iPhones with them. And then there is “app” factor. With traditional digital photography, not only you need to upload pictures to your computer, you also need pricier software installed on your machine in order to edit your shots. It’s different with apps. Probably the most expensive ones would run at $4.99 and can turn your bleak street shot into postcard quality in minutes. A lot of artists we work with have an arsenal of apps and use it for different editing needs from adjusting lighting, saturation or sharpness to adding frames or converting your shots into grainy black and whites. So the mobile photography is definitely here to stay. Photography is an art genre and this new mobile element to it and variety of apps bring it to a brand new level.

What other exhibitions are planned in general and specifically for mobile artists at 472?
Two exhibits are planned for this year in mobile photography field are for Portraits and Urban Exploration (urbex, abandoned spaces). We are also starting working on a mobile film exhibit.

Any last thoughts for our readers?
We love your website and are really happy that you cover mobile photography in such depth. We’d like to invite all Juxters to come by our gallery and check out our shows, where you can actually physically touch a mobile photograph. It’s also a great place to buy a piece of art and support mobile artists and the gallery. Our prices start at $50 for a beautiful art print. Thank you very much.

The gallery’s curators invited photographers to submit original works captured using their mobile devices with the hashtag #BWSANFRANCISCO on Instagram. The 40 images from 33 photographers, touch on a number of styles and subject matter, while sharing two commonalities: all were posted in a black-and-white format and all were taken within the 7×7 expanse of the tech-savvy City By The Bay.

Mobile photography apps such as Streamzoo and Instagram have opened a new world to photographers, allowing them to take their art to incredible new heights, while incorporating real-time sharing, geo-tagging and social networking. Through its offering, #BWSANFRANCISCO represents a significant shift in the way we view art and photography and will bring to light new art forms in its wake.

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The show opens Friday, June 7, 2013 at 472 Gallery with a gala reception for hundreds of luminaries from all over the Bay Area, the United States and abroad, and will run through July 4, 2013.

Sponsors include: Transparent House x Instagly x Streamzoo

Featured Mobile Photographers include:
Alexis Kershner – @lexlexie Benjamin Rhau – @brhau Cyrena Hillyard – @cyrenakh David Root – @doobie_howser Dewey Thomas – @deweythomas_sf Dominic Egan – @domegan Elizabeth Arellanez – @travelholics Elizaveta Savenkova – @lizalizavettas Erik Hansen – @soccerik Hugo Gomes – @moxxo Ian Dennis – @densf Igor Kocherovsky – @ikbiz1 JennY Yanez – @lightgreenish Jeremy Brooks – @jeremybrooks Jill Nolen – @leapinglotus John Curley – @johncurley Kate Shay – @justthegritty Kelly Strodl – @kelly4nia Laura Jean Schuhriemen – @laurabellejean Manuel Acosta Jr. – @jo0nyer Martin Davis – @bruiser04 Matt Maniego – @mattmaniego Michelle Oblena – @teamsnake Miriam Weber – @miriweber Nimisha Ambati – @clubdinein Petyr Campos – @petyrc Phil Yisrael – @p_d_y Ryan Murphy – @ryanmurphy37 Samantha Pickertts – @ravenreviews Suzan Kaplan – @suzanz Tania Medeiros – @tania_medeiros Vasiliy Zhuravlyov – @pigga Zach Woolford – @zjwoolf

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  1. great work, love the interview. will be in the city this weekend and will certainly stop by for a look after brunch at outerland!