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The Wonderful World of Windows Phone

Photo Credit: Bridgette Shima

The Wonderful World of Windows Phone: Juxt(er)s Style Pt. 1

“In the moment, the Nokia Lumia 920 is sure to produce high-quality images that are sharp and vivid.  I have found a happy balance between color and black & white photography with this Windows Phone and have gotten used to the larger screen size.”Bridgette Shima

All in all, taking the Windows Phone challenge has been a great experience because it made me focus on photography — getting a good picture on the first try because you know you can’t rely on the editing tools alone. That should always be the way we shoot anyway.”Jen Bracewell

My advice is to find a shooting app you like, or the native camera, and get used to it. The more you use it the more you will be able to use all of the functions. Second, if you are coming from another camera that you sometimes take calls on, give yourself some room to redefine what it is you like to shoot and how you like to edit.”Anna Cox

Highly suggested apps: SkyDrive, ProShot, Fotor, Fantasia Painter

Why: SkyDrive, ProShot, Fotor, Fantasia Painter offer the most choices, expanding the mobile photographer’s creative freedom during both image capture and post-processing.  These apps allow you to retain, export and share photos at higher resolutions compared to other apps. They also help in maximizing the OIS (Stabilization) and PureView concepts that the Nokia Lumia has incorporated for mobile photographers.

The ProShot camera app is really worth your time experimenting with as it captures images that are less color saturated and considerably sharper.  The most exciting and notable functions of ProShot are the: live preview, and the app’s DSLR qualities of allowing the photographer control of manual focus and exposure.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Carron

Even though Windows Phone delivers a commendable native camera app that is simple and intuitive to use, I regularly turn to ProShot to extend the camera’s capabilities. Because the native camera on the Nokia Lumia tends to over-saturate and incorporate a slight glossy effect into its images, ProShot’s greatest value exists in allowing it’s user to define the saturation, contrast and resolution settings prior to capture. I was also very impressed with its auto and manual focus properties, which I use often when creating dramatic, rich black and white compositions.”Nicholas Carron

Noteable apps: Lo-Mob, Soviet Kam, Refocus, Smart Shoot, Blink

General Tips from Juxt(er)s:
When you launch either of these and the app’s home screen appears, do not touch the camera icon button on the screen. Immediately push the shutter release button on the lower right hand side of the Nokia Lumia. This will initiate the camera. By doing this, each time you snap a photo, the frame is automatically sent to, and saved to the camera roll without any delay.” Andre Hermann

If you’re shooting street, or anything else of a candid nature, make sure you turn off that flash permanently.”Andre Hermann

Choose an app that works best with the way you take pictures. Pick your favorite one, snap some pictures and share with the world! Oh yeah, also know that not every pic in your camera roll should be, or is, worth sharing.”Chris Garcia

Photo Credit: Andre Hermann

Action Shots:
1.    We all agreed that to capture great shots with the Nokia Lumia in these situations (street, sport, children at play) anticipation of the shot is key because it will help you capture the moment even if there is a bit of shutter lag.
2.    Shoot and focus using the touch screen. The autofocus works very well when you are attempting to photograph someone who is walking toward you (regarding street photography).
3.    Pay close attention to the light that is affecting your frame. Familiarizing yourself with your camera app and how its settings affect that light will help you immensely.

Photo Credit: Anna Cox

1.    For panos, the Photosynth app is the way to go.  It’s easy to use and very intuitive.
2.    For landscape and nature shots, the native camera on the Nokia Lumia is great. Using the 16×9 default format is best for shooting the wide-angle view.
3.    From landscapes to close-up shots, the lens is perfect for capturing details.

The depth in the lens on the Nokia Lumia 920 was a lovely surprise. It was nice to shoot without the flat, compressed feeling I am used to in images. Leading lines are one of my favorite things to shoot and I found myself playing with the focus more and more as I went along. It was refreshing to find small details to focus on and have the background blur, just as it should. It was definitely refreshing to not have to manufacture depth of field myself.”Anna Cox

I think the Windows Phone camera is really well suited to landscape shots. First off, the placement of the shutter button makes it natural to shoot in landscape mode.  The native camera is bright and well saturated, lending it to beautiful nature shots.”Jen Bracewell

Photo Credit: Jeff Ocampo

Low Light:
1.    Understanding the light sources and leveraging such features as the Focus Assist light and the Background light on the Nokia Lumia help you capture high-quality images in low light scenarios. The Focus Assist emits a burst of light that helps the lens focus on a subject in low light.  The Background light helps when there is a brighter light source behind your subject.
2.    Lower your EV (Exposure Value) when capturing an image in low light. This gives you more control than the auto settings.
3.    Because the PureView is great and OIS helps in stability, setting your ISO will help you immensely in low-light situations.

Photo Credit: David Norbut

Group/Self Portraits:
1.     Allow for extra space all around your subject when shooting portraits.  This allows for more creative cropping when needed.  NOTE: We recommend minimal use of cropping when using any mobile device as this decreases the resolution of your image.
2.    Photography is all about the light. Knowing and controlling your light sources is the key to capturing great portraits.
3.    The lens helps the Nokia Lumia stand out when taking portraits and self-portraits.

See the latest Windows Phone tutorial from Jen, “The Graduate” by clicking the image below:

Photo Credit: Jen Bracewell


  1. The image quality is excellent – I enjoyed reading all the tips.

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    Wouldn’t think it was a phone cam.
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    these are amazing.
    truly some of the best phone photography i have seen yet.
    love it!


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