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#sundaybluesedit Sunday Selection @katwesterman

Rebecca: Once again my #sundaybluesedit tag has exposed me to a photographer I may never have had the opportunity to see.  I do not know how these amazing artists find my tag, I’m just happy that they do.  This week is is my joy and pleasure to pass on this incredible cinematic photographer to you….

Katherine: Born literally in the middle of my family moving one might say I have been on a road trip since birth. An eighth generation Californian with extremely deep European roots I was heavily influenced growing up by wild stories of adventures on camelback, fighting bulls in the ring, inventions and some tragedy.. My lifelong love affair with photography began at 10 when I used my allowance to buy a Kodak Instamatic 110… After graduating from UCLA I worked for CBS Television before becoming a full time photographer.. my work as a photographer takes me all around the world and I often veer off the beaten path or hop over a fence to capture moments. Influenced by the light mastery of Vermeer and the storytelling narrative of Crewdson and constantly inspired by all that I observe around me and read.. My work is generally large cinematic landscapes with a purposely somewhat vague narrative that explores the boundaries, both literally and figuratively that are all around us and between us.. a distance is created between the work and viewer allowing the viewer to bring their own experiences to the work. I originally came to IG in December as I was on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic and I decided to see what Instagram was all about.. Little did I expect to find the amazing community of support and inspiration that I found here.. This photo was inspired by the words of Rumi… Observe the wonders as they occur around you.. Don’t claim them.. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent… I wanted to capture the movement of the ocean, the colors, the feeling of the artistry of what was around the subject moving through her… I brought the photo into Snapseed and applied some brightness and contrast, and added a vintage effect to harmonize with the suit… I then applied a slight blurring effect to the edge to bring focus into the subject…I often add layers to create more I added a slightly grey layer on top at an opacity of 5 percent and then ran the photo through Instasize as I’m tending towards the 16×9 lately.

This photo was about breaking inner boundaries and hope…

You can see Katherine on Instagram or on her gorgeous website.


  1. What an incredibly gifted artist. Gorgeous, inspiring photography!

  2. Katherine,

    You know I am a fan of your beautiful work, and it is such a delight to see you featured here. Congratulations–gorgeous image, as always!