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Life of Chloe Chap 9 / The Meaning of Bonding

LIFE OF CHLOE / Chapter 9 by Alessio C
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No frills.
An old man.
A long gone small tower down Italian history.

Senza fronzoli. Un uomo anziano Una torre antica in un antico villaggio italiano.

A Sunday spent “with the top rolled down”.
With a friend.
The one friends that count the most. More than relatives.

Una domenica trascorsa con il top abbassato. Con un amico. Uno di quelli che contano più dei parenti

The cloudy lights and warmth and wind. The serenity of someone who blocks your heavy thoughts.
Who caresses the anxiety?
The meaning of bonding.
In the small and big things of LIFE.
Alfre entered in Chloe’s LIFE from the back door but it really looked like he was with her to stay…

Luci grigie e nuvolose di un cielo e del vento. La serenità di chi blocca i pensieri più pesanti e l’ansia. Il significato di un legame nelle piccole e grandi cose della vita.
Alfre entrava nella vita di CHLOE dalla porta di servizio. Ma tutto faceva pensare ci sarebbe rimasto a lungo…


  1. Lovely thoughts and images. Nice to see Chloe back and around:)))

  2. wonderful thoughts and images Ale dear! a perfect way to float off into the weekend! xox

  3. “The serenity of someone who blocks your heavy thoughts”.

    You just described what you do for me. Beautifully poetic, Ale.

  4. Love you, Ale. Your Chloe always leaves me a little speechless.
    Baci and Aloha ❤