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1000 Words Showcase, Week 39

This week’s showcase brings us wonderful photos from M a r i k o, Karla Da Silva and Sharon LuVisi.

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images.

This gallery is curated by Ryan V.  To see the Showcases by week click here.

Also please visit out 1000 Words IPA monthly showcase, recently started by Mike Hill.

We Are Juxt thanks you for your contributions!


Untitled by M a r i k o


This picture was taken in Aufkirchen, a typical Bavarian village, just a few minutes drive from my home.

I was admiring the potato field in the sunlight when the rider passed and made the picture perfect, leaving an interesting shadow on the furrows. I love the play of light and shadow!

It was shot with an iPhone 4 Hipstamatic app (Jimmy lens, DC film, Jolly Rainbow 2X flash) and edited with PhotoToaster.


A million filaments by Karla Da Silva

Flickr // IG // EyeEm // FB //

The photo was taken on the 6th of June 2013 of my beautiful sister at our father’s funeral.

Apps used: Hipstamatic (Salvador 84 lens and Blackeyes B+W film) Snapseed to remove border only, otherwise no edit.


Ankle deep by Sharon LuVisi

Flickr // IG

I traveled to Maui for ten glorious days with my parents last month.  I felt completely nurtured and relaxed on this vacation, especially during my twice-daily walks along the beach with my dad.  I will always remember my many wonderful conversations with both of my parents out on our balcony overlooking the ocean every evening, while drinking a glass of wine and sharing a plate of fruit, cheese and crackers…and will any of us ever forget the same view at sunrise while drinking a cup of coffee with a biscotti?  I think not.  It was clearly the perfect vacation.

Since returning home to Southern California, I find myself constantly driving to our own beautiful beaches, walking along the beach at low tide whenever possible.  There is nothing like the cool, moist air of the beach, and the sounds of waves crashing onto the shore bring back that same sense of serenity I felt while in Wailea.

This image, captured in Malibu, depicts others also enjoying our wonderful beaches and its coloration perfectly reflects my mood whenever I’m standing with my feet in the water along any beach.

I photographed this image with the 645PRO app and was edited in Snapseed and Big Lens.


Portrait of a stranger by thestreepher


This is what my girlfriend Elisabetta sees in my pic—she was with me when I took it:

 ”Downtown Rome

Saturday Late afternoon

End of May 2013

Careless of the entire world walking fast around him, this young man sat on the sidewalk – as if the streets were his lounge – and started reading his book.

So deep in his own world, I could not avoid noticing him and had to shoot.”

Photo taken with ProCamera and edited with Snapseed.


melancholy and sadness are the start of doubt… doubt is the beginning of despair; despair is the cruel beginning of the differing degrees of wickedness • i.d. lautreamont by ari_55


I took this photo from the top deck of a double-decker bus in London (a LOT of my photos are taken from this perspective on my commute to work – mobile photography indeed!

As the bus pulled over at the bus stop this girl caught my eye. Her head was lowered, she was looking at the ground and the thought that went through my mind was that she appeared sad. Quickly, my camera (iPhone) was pointing at her and as I “clicked” to take a photo she raised her head in this manner which further still came across as melancholic. Her body language supports this feeling but I like how she’s wearing yellows and she’s carrying something pink in her bag, which serve as a contrast to the ‘gloominess’ of the image. Of course she might’ve been absolutely fine, perhaps only deep in thought, but that’s what I got in those few seconds.

I am also quite fond of the street-sweeper’s trolley left unattended behind her. Taken with VSCOcam on iPhone 5.

To edit, I used Snapseed, VSCO, Mextures and Blender.


Animals. by Fede Racchi

Flickr // Twitter // IG

The picture was taken in Peru, at the beautiful city of Chinchero, a place well known for its famous women tejedoras.  While we were visiting the hills we crossed along the local people and this beautiful image made me stop. It was taken with ProCamera app and edited with Noir for iPhone 4.


Marti by Josep Maria Nogueras

Flickr // IG // EyeEm // Twitter // FB

“Marti” is part of a series of my son’s portraits. The other day we went out for a walk in the outskirts of our town, Almenar (Catalonia, Spain), and the landscape and the evening light originated this photo. Just an everyday moment, which are what give us the best images.

Taken with a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, processed with Snapseed (B/N + Retrolux).


mourning ritual by ~ john ~

Flickr // EyeEm

I’m not an artist or a photographer, I’m just a regular guy who works in an office and commutes daily. I’ve always had an interest in photography but I’ve never truly had the money for lots of expensive kit and the desire to lug it around with me. So I fell into phone images quite happily. I’m inspired daily by some of the images people create using their iPhones, Androids or whatever.

I like to capture things in passing on my commute to work, those half glimpsed moments in the corner of your eye. Little things that pass by and are either instantly forgotten or haunt us forever. I personally don’t think I have a ‘style’, but people say I do. There is certainly a little melancholy running through my work.

This image was taken on Vignette for Android and then processed with Snapseed. I’m using a Galaxy S3 at the moment. The title just came from an EyeEm group.

Words really aren’t my thing.


  1. Ryan, thank you for once again including me among this amazing collection of images!

  2. Really enjoyed viewing these images and reading the stories behind them. Well done everyone ;)

  3. Another great showcase Ryan – congrats to the featured artists.

  4. A fine collection. Very inspiring.


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