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Freaksbcn: Hailing from Barcelona

As stated in their mission, “Grupo de adictos a la fotografia con sede en la ciudad condal” or in English, “A group of addicts about photography based in Barcelona” the Freaksbcn represent mobile photography in one of the world’s most active (as far as mobile photography) cities in the world.  Let’s learn a bit more about them and please do visit them through their networks.  Trust us you will be amazed by the work that each member produces.

What is the mission behind the group?
The main activity of our group is to show our city through our eyes, its places, its people and the different events or actions we have the chance to go there.

The addiction to photo social sharing apps such as Instagram is a global phenomenon.  Can you explain to us the importance of a supportive group like @freaksbcn?
FreaksBCN was born as one of the first groups of “mobile photography” enthusiasts in Spain and was formed by IG users. We are proud to share our vision of the city through our Walking Freaks, a kind of photowalk around our city, Barcelona.

Who are the current members and can you tell us a little about each member?
Born inTenerife, Canary Islands, but living in Barcelona since more than 5 years now, Andrés de León  is a graduated in Art history who has found his vocation in graphic design and illustration fields. After discovering iphoneography around 2010, this new way of taking photos changed his perception of the city he was living in. Cofounder member of Freaksbcn group, he has been highlighted in some IG accounts like @photooftheday, @ic_thestreets, @ink361,etc… Also he has taken part in several exhibitions, has won a few contests like the last one promoted by @topcreation and the First Price in The First Photomobile contest in Blipoint, also he has participated in the 24 hour project in 2012 and 2013.


My name is Roger Parera, I’ m a second year student of photography in Fotoespai bci of Barcelona and I work as a waiter in a restaurant on weekends.  Passionate about street photography but more focused  into documentary and author’s reports.

I express my day-to-day but also my fears and insecurities and my secret desires too on it. Every image is different than the other. Mobile photography, the possibility of shooting, editing and sharing with the same device it fascinates me. Also the fact of sharing it on Internet and getting a constant feedback with people from different countries. I don’t care about the device that it is used unless the result what it gets.


My name is Lluis and I live in Barcelona and I work as a clerk in a company near the center. I try to capture everyday moments in my photos that I think can be special and I try to show what is around me in a different way.

My passion about photography has been increase with the chance of taking pictures and editing with the same device, my iPhone. I discovered a camera I can carry always with me a way to taking photos covertly. Hard to get otherwise. I have a classic vision about photography.


A journey to New York was the reason to I got my first the middle of another journey , an irreparable breakdown make me by another camera but in this case a digital one. In this moment I start using social networks about photography as Flickr. But when I get my first IPhone with its ability to take photos and edit in the same device, I decide searching for a platform to share them.  It’s when I discover Instagram and quickly it becomes an addiction. After that I discover @freaksbcn group who offer me to join them and I accept without a doubt. Now I can declare that have won some prices is in fact interesting but it’s been more gratifying to have met wonderful people, some of them are now great friends. What more can I ask for a hobby like this, the photography?  By the way, my name is Roldán.


My name is Silvia. I live in Barcelona and I am pedagogue and nowadays I am ending my studies of Social Education, an area that I love and I would like to work as it. Since I was a child, I like photography, but my interest for it began two years ago when I discovered Instagram. This application has given me the opportunity to discover wonderful people, across whom I am learning very much and in addition some of them have turned into great friends. I am one of the founders of @freaksbcn and thanks to it I can continue enjoying this madness of creating magic moments with photography. My style is not defined, but I always try to show pieces of moments that attracts me and  I  love to photograph the streets of my dear Barcelona.


Behind Sushidetortilla hides Carol de Britos, an elementary school teacher that has always admired photographers but thought taking pictures was something difficult that required a good equipment and a lot of preparation. On January 2011 she bought her second iphone and downloaded Instagram for the first time. Without knowing it, her life was about to change. Two years later, Sushidetortilla has won several contests (the last one hosted by Maison Valentino, Paris) and has taken part in several exhibitions. Actually, she’s teaching mobile photography workshops in different Universities (in Sevilla, for instance) and is programmer and curator of Spain’s first Mobile Photography Festival (D-IVE 2013). She’s one of the founders of FreaksBcn as well as EyeEm’s ambassador in Barcelona, jury of Blipoint and member of AMPt community.

How does each member see themselves in the next year? Next 5 years?  What would they like to accomplish with their work as individuals?
We don’t know what will be our lives within 5 years as a group. We are not waiting for anything in concrete but first of all we are in our present and trying to enjoying as it is today.

We just want this passion for mobile photography to not die with the years and to keep on sharing together come what may.

Barcelona is a beautiful city.  Bringing together such amazing artists to document the city is a great idea.  What are the plans for @freaksbcn in the future?
We have several plans for the future, including preparing a website with various content related to our group and pictures made with our phones.

And of course, continue to share our vision of the city, enjoying taking pictures and sharing it with all our friends and followers.

Thank you for your time.  What are some last words from @freaksbcn? Is there a formal way to submit to become a member? What advice can you give to mobile photographers around the world?
About the submitting to become a member of the group there is no requirement. We are open to accept new members.

More than any advice, the most important thing for us is to keep enjoying photography and sharing it with all who is around us.

Contact Freaksbcn
Instagram // Facebook // Email


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