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Federica Corbelli: Peripheral Visions

G  What is your name and where do you live?

F  My name is Federica, I’m Born in Genoa, Italy and live in Milan where I have been working for more than 11 years in Information Technology.

G  How did you get started with mobile photography?

F  My first iPhone was a 3G in late 2008, when I discovered Hipstamatic I loved the vintage look you could apply to photos at the moment of shooting, and being able to do creative photography anywhere anytime was a breakthrough. A year later came Instagram, first I used the built-in filters then I started using other apps and the journey began.

G  What device do you use?

F  Only my iPhone 4s and most recently an iPad for editing

G  Do you have a traditional photography or art background?

F  I was still a kid when I discovered the flavor of light and shadow and the pleasure to show my personal vision of reality, first with analog cameras and more recently with digital tools. After learning a specialization in Photography and Video Technology and Communications, I worked for some years for a Video and Photography production company but later moved to a different kind of work (in Information technology) that is the one I’m still pursuing.

G  Who or what inspires your work?

F  I am inspired by subtle things that my peripheral vision intercepts; sometimes I see places or objects and feel like they are trying to tell me something about them, and I am the only one that can talk on their behalf; consequently the places I like best are the ones that convey to me a sense of decay and passing time, I like when time wipes away structures leaving just rusty remains and memories.

G  When shooting do you use your native camera or do you prefer a specialty camera app like ProCamera?

F  Usually I shoot with 6×6 app, recently I’m trying to use the new Olloclip app, together with an Olloclip lens.

G  I love the way you use the Olloclip. How did your style evolve?

F  I always liked the fisheye effect since the time of analog cameras so Olloclip has been an amazing discovery. Playing with distortion is very interesting and the new Olloclip app completes the fun.

G  Do you plan or stage your shoots?

F  Sometimes I enjoy to play with people or things that surround me and plan some little scenes but mostly I follow my instinct and when I go in abandoned places everything becomes interesting and there is no need for anything else.

G  What are your favorite apps for editing your images?

F  Recently I discovered Procreate for iPad and I’m having a lot of fun painting on my pics with it, anyway my best apps are Snapseed, Filterstorm, Rays, Scratchcam and the just released Mextures.

G  Please share a little bit about your editing process.

F  Usually I shot pics with 6×6 App  to get squared photo, sometimes for some black & white shots I use Hipstamatic with my favourite combo of film and lens but it’s not so frequent because I prefer to manipulate photos after the shot and not before. The first app I used after the shot is Snapseed to crop and calibrate brightness/ambiance and saturation. According to the result I want to achieve, I then use a blender app like Superimpose to add a foreground image and an app that allows me to add some vintage effects like Laminar, Scratchcam or Mextures. Finally I enhance colors and saturation using Filterstorm.

G  Have you ever exhibited your work?  If not, any plans to do so?

F  Not yet, I think to plan an exhibit next year maybe together with other mobile photographers!

G  Anything else you’d like to add?

F  Just one tip for mobile photography. I think good starting points are the shot, the angle, the light.These are the base of each photo, and in mobile photography I think they are not to be overlooked. Another important thing is knowing how to use the apps at the best of their potential, focusing on the ones that we feel we know better.

You can find Federica these places:

Website / Flickr / Facebook / Instagram / Eye’Em


  1. I really love the edits on these photos! I too like an edit with a painterly look to it. Very well done and enjoyed the interview! Thanks

  2. Great interview Fede!!!


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