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[Review] Pixuru: “Photo Art From Your Smartphone”

Pixuru  (think pixel + guru)  is a photo ordering app that launched this past April for iPhone, and there will be one for Android coming later this month. I was lucky enough to get to try out this service, which offers a quality print from your smartphone directly from their app. I gotta admit, at first I was skeptical on the quality, but man it looks really great! The inks in the print match the way it looks on my monitor, black and white with a slight yellowish vintage tone and the detail and texture match the same as well.

Lets start off with the app. It’s a free download, it looks great, is very user friendly and I had no problems with it on my iPhone 5, not one. They offer a few different options for the type of print such as canvas, framed, metal, wood, 3 panel and 4 panel (which looks really cool).  Each style is available in sizes 16×20,  8×10,  11×14,  24×30,  6×6,  12×12,  20×20,  20×6,  30×8,  40×10,  and the 3 and 4 panels which are 12×12 each panel. Everything comes ready to hang. Prices start at $20 and go up to $129, U.S. shipping is free and it was really fast. They can also put your image on phone and tablet cases.

It’s so simple to use. Basically when you open the app the first thing you do is select what kind of print you want, after you’ve done that you select the size dimensions. Next you’re given the option of uploading your image from Instagram, Facebook, or from your device and then you crop it how you want, add it to your cart, enter your payment info and that’s it. 5 business days later it was on my doorstep in a well packaged box.

I ordered the 12×12 canvas option and used a photo of mine that was 4:3 and cropped it to square for this since they didn’t offer an option for that ratio. Possibly my most favorite photo I’ve ever taken so it needed to be perfect, and it almost was. One thing I was not prepared for was how thick it would be, which isn’t a problem normally but because the photo wraps around the sides – about two inches on each – it doesn’t look the way I carefully cropped it. See what I mean in the pic below. It loses some of the depth I was so careful to create, and since I already cropped it to a square I wouldn’t have wanted to lose anymore. Next time I’ll add a black two inch border around my photo before uploading it. Or it would be even better if they offered that option. Some people like this, my girlfriend actually does and I would on other images too, but for the one I used symmetry is important and when you look at it off to the side, because it’s printed around the outsides, it looks off center depending on what angle you’re standing at. This is not a issue on their part and will definitely not keep me from ordering again. It would be nice if this was told to everyone when they place the order though, or in the canvas description.

The only other things I would like to see is more size options and communication from them, letting me know by email they received my order or telling me when it shipped. I heard nothing at all the entire time, not even when I signed up. Again, nothing that would keep me from buying another print.

I have printed quite a few of my photos in various ways, I would be confident ordering more from Pixuru and adding them to my list of printers. This is a good service that’s simple to use with quality prints and they are priced very fairly. I would most definitely recommend it to people and will be ordering more for myself soon!