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Blurb Designer Instant Books for $12.99

Six beautiful photo book (Zurich, Austin, Catalina, Geneva, Marfa, Amsterdam) templates for our 7 x 7 inch books, created with designer Laura Brunow Miner. Highlight your favorite photography with textured backgrounds and stylish designs and create a photo book online in minutes.

Meet the designer
Our new Designer Collection photo book templates were created for us by editor, designer, and photographer Laura Brunow Miner. The founder of Pictory, an online photojournalism magazine, Brunow Minor also runs Photocamp, an annual photography retreat, and was included in “Most Influential Women in Tech” in 2010. Laura has brought her passion and experience to create these elegant, fun templates for people who want to feature their favorite photos, from wedding to travel to fine art, in style.

Blurb Facebook Books for $12.99

Starting at just US $12.99 for a 20-page book, these Small Square (7 x 7 inch / 18 x 18 cm) books are a great way to relive your favorite moments – parties, vacations, inside jokes – everything you want to remember. In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Add photos:  Choose photos from any of your albums – or photos you’re tagged in.
  • Add friends to the mix: You shared the moment online, so include any of your friends’ public photos in your book (or create a book just for them).
  • Keep the conversation:  Import the clever comments and witty captions (and it’s easy to remove the ones you don’t like).

Blurb Instagram Books for $18.99

You’ve shared your photos on Instagram, now share them in a beautiful book!

Whether you use Earlybird or XPro II, making a book of your favorite Instagrams is easy with Blurb. Just connect to your account and flow your photos onto the pages of our Small Square book template.
Make edits, rearrange pages, choose your cover photo. Then select a cover type and paper stock – and, in next to no time, you’ll have crafted a beautiful, high-quality print book to share with friends and family.

Blurb ebooks for $9.99

Blurb makes ebook publishing simple!

Add a whole new dimension to your story. Our ebook creator helps you create a graphically rich ebook for the iPad that displays your layout and design exactly how you want it. Bring your ebooks to life with audio and video for an all new reading, watching, and listening experience.

  • Portability: Think meetings, presentations, and sharing your book on the go
  • Beauty: The iPad’s backlit screen makes your images pop
  • Quality: Fixed-format layouts keep your text and images together – perfect for cookbooks, graphic novels, children’s books, and more
  • Speed: Enjoy your ebook as soon as you hit Publish – no waiting for shipping and delivery
  • Affordable: Create a Blurb ebook for the iPad for just US $9.99

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