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Giulio Padoan: Peace & Love from Italy

G  What is your name and where do you live?

GP  I’m Giulio Padoan, 21 years old, live in Rovigo, a town in the north of Italy.

G  How did you get started with mobile photography?

GP  I’ve started This year, after discovering “Mobile Masters”, the delicious work by Dan Marcolina. From This app, I have discovered IPA and the iPhoneography world.

G  What device do you use?

GP  iPad 4.

G  Do you have a traditional photography or art background?

GP  I grew up with my uncle, a great artist. As a neighbor he influenced me and my passion for painting and art in general. It’s nice to have someone with whom to exchange opinions and ideas who lives above my hand. His name is Roberto Manfrin ( Studying photography for an exam at the university has improved my mobile photography inspiration.

G  Who or what inspires your work?

GP  My uncle for his passion, my love for my heart, the great Classic photographers and painters, the IPA members, the contemporary artists, the Little things around me, everything, the whole world.

G  Do you plan your shoots with a specific idea in mind?

GP  I don’t plan the shoots with a specific idea. I mean, I can plan the shoots but in the last few seconds before. Yes, sometimes I study a shot in my head planning an idea in my mind some time before, but often it is the moment, the place where I am, that suggest me to take a shoot. And if I have planned something, in 99% of the cases In the last moments I will change something!

G  Do you shoot with the native camera app on your phone or a specialized app like Camera+ or ProCamera?

GP  Yes, I always use the native cam.

G  What are your favorite editing apps?

GP  Procreate for painting, Blender for blending, decim8 for casual effects. I also love and use snapseed, glaze and distressed fx a lot.

G  Please share a bit about your editing process.

GP  I haven’t a standard editing process, I usually use a combo of different apps and love to combine new ones. For example, I Often use procreate to change a detail and then I add a filter to the photo, or I love to use glaze and add some drops with repix or the (extra) water effects in procreate, and then blend the original and the painted work with blender, mixing Them manually.

G  Have you ever exhibited your work?  If not, any plans to do so?

GP  No I haven’t. Obviously I’d like to but I find it really difficult. I’d like to improve my art and create new works, and I hope that one day soon, I will have the possibility to exhibit some of my works. It seems difficult here in Italy, but Let’s keep the faith!

See more of Giulio’s work here: / PixelApprs


  1. Bravo! Great shots, keep up the good work…we want to see more.

  2. Geri and Giulio: Thank you very much for sharing this interview and the great shots and editings.

    • You’re most welcome. I have to also thank Mike H who posted this for me!

  3. Yes, beautiful work ! The first shot is very appealing to me…the drops of transparent color make it more like painting with a medium. Such lovely work, you will exhibit someday, maybe sooner than you think. And you live where there is constant inspiration. Lovely interview, Geri. I am happy you get to meet such interesting, talented and humble photographers.

    • Hi Sharon – the array of talented people I’ve met through social sharing sites is just amazing. I only wish I could meet them in person, but that’s the beauty of the internet – getting to share with people you would never run across in your daily life.


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