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Tangent: Your Photos, Reimagined

Tangent: Your Photos, Reimagined, An App Introduction from Jen B

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Tangent is a wonderful addition to the toolbox of any mobile photographer who wants to add a cool graphic element to their image.  Its combinations of shapes, colors and designs are endless. Tangent was developed by Ben Guerrette, the creator of the popular DecoSketch app.  I am a big fan of DecoSketch and have become a bigger fan of Tangent over the couple of months I’ve been using it.

The interface is very simple.  It allows you to import an image from your camera roll or shoot within the app itself.  The first screen offers 15 templates which are totally customizable.  The other option is to “Start Fresh”, freestyle, no template.

From there you can add shapes, and there are tons of options here.  The opacity can be controlled with and intuitive buttons and sliders, moved around with familiar swipe and drag motions, or rotated at 45-degree angles with a tap.  Next you can add designs within those shapes, like lines, chain links, stars, spirals and more.

The last step is customizing color.

Tangent has a large range of colors you can add to your design.  I am generally partial to the transparent color options as they highlight the photo underneath and makes the graphic element pop. A solid, dark shape is really effective in some pieces as well. Again, all customizable with a simple slider. After you’ve finished you can save the image to your camera roll or click “Retangent” and add another filter, building on the image you’ve just created.

Tangent supports full resolution and does not require a square crop, which I was happy about. I don’t like being constrained to a square image.  One can easily share images directly from the app to Facebook or Twitter or send to a host of other apps for further editing.

Here are some of my favorite Tangent creations, made on my iPhone 5.

I was so pleasantly surprised with this versatile app.  It’s endlessly customizable and can add a really subtle color or shape addition or a stronger graphic design effect, as the user desires.  The creative possibilities are endless.  I like that it does one thing and does it extremely well, it doesn’t try to be an all-inclusive editing app, just a great tool for making mobile art with a design tilt. Tangent has become a huge favorite of mine.  It can transform any decent photo into a work of art. I have found it equally effective for enhancing portraits, still lifes and landscapes.  Tangent is available in the App Store now and is priced at $0.99.  This app is nowin my favorites folder on my phone and I hope you love it as much as I do.

-15 customizable templates
-35 versatile shapes
-43 background fills
-350 combinations of blends and colors
-Unlimited combinations of shapes, fills, and blends

Device requirements:
-iPhone with iOS 6.1 or later
-35.7 MB

NOTE: Review based on fully unlocked app. The base version offers 11 shapes and 11 patterns out of the box. Additional patterns and shapes available via in-app purchases.

Download the Tangent App. Available as of today in the App Store!


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  6. Tangent is cool, but Photo Candy takes adding patterns & shapes to the next level. I was not fond of the fact that the app is $1.99 with limited features while asking you to still pay another .99 cents for more patterns. You should definitely check out Photo Candy it’s one of my favorite photo fx apps.


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