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1000 Words IPA July 2013

We Are Juxt believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, we tell stories through our photos, and sometimes a photo can say more than a whole book ever could. These folks I’ve picked to showcase today are from the site ( IPA ) which has some of the most fascinating and beautiful galleries of work I’ve ever seen in one place. It is a small community, but everyone there is a true artist in every way. These are a few that submitted to the 1000 words group, we will try and do this on a once or twice a month bases, it all depends on the number of submissions we get. Please visit the site and these artists galleries, there’s plenty more where they came from. To see more from this beautiful gallery go here. 

Curated by Mike H. 

To see previous 1000 Words from IPA.

Emotion Explored / Shame by Veronica Moloney

IPA // Flickr

I started a series titled, “Emotion Explored” about two months ago on Flickr and IPA. I am essentially a mobile artist who creates art on an emotional level. I felt that the series would give my work some direction and allow people to see my photography in a different light. This photo is titled, “Emotion Explored||Shame”. I wanted to kick off the series with a piece that holds really high emotion and I felt this one was definitely on that level. Most of the feedback on this series has been related to bringing up feelings in people so I am pleased thus far. I really love shooting and creating a vintage look to most of my photos. I recently completed a series titled “The Midnight Garden” which was more of a dark, elusive bedtime story of dreams and memories. That series is on IPA. I’ve become enamored with the vintage and layered effect because I also shoot with vintage film cameras and I’m always looking for that nostalgic element.

I haven’t decided what direction I’ll move towards next. I get inspired by so many people and artists. I usually start making notes when I feel I’m giving way to something I want to explore through photos. I basically view a lot of my work like my little journal of thoughts and feelings with the added bonus of a photo that I share with the world. Thanks so much for allowing me to explain my process and the story behind this piece.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Caroline MacMoran
IPA // Flickr // Backspaces // Instagram

I had been thinking a lot about my mother and the recent 5 year anniversary of her death. My mother and our relationship often influences my work – as a way of keeping her wonderful memory alive and expressed. So I think in part I had the idea of this prayer we used to say when I was a child, and how it was both comforting but a little unnerving to think about dying in my sleep as a child.  The day before I took this shot there were so many of these beautiful little seed pods/flowers all around the entrance to my office building and I wanted to just cover myself in them. Their color was so enchanting. This image was created as a blending of my memories of my mother, this prayer we used to say, and these gorgeous little seed pods.

I shot this image in the native iphone5 camera, then used snapseed, blender and art studio apps to create the final image. Thanks so much, for your interest.

This Is Where The Sound Comes Out. If You’re Lucky, It’s Music To Our Ears  by  Chris Nielsen
IPA // Flickr // Website

This image was created exclusively with Hipstamatic. I was experimenting around using the C-Type Plate and D-Type Plate films with different lenses. I tried using the JohnS lens with the C-Type Plate film and got a very pleasing result with this photo. The subject is an Ovation guitar I’ve had since the late 1970s and would never give up willingly. Being one of my favorite subjects to photograph, I’m always trying new perspectives and lighting to create a new and different image. This was shot indoors late at night with minimal lighting. Everything came together with this shot, the light and dark, the angle of perspective and no amount of editing could make it any better in my mind. That is a rarity from me, to not even do some small adjustment. Sometimes, it just works. That sentiment is reflected in the title of this photo as well. I felt lucky to have made some good music!

I have been making photographs since the age of ten using various film and digital cameras. Most of my photos are made with an iPhone these days, the camera that I always have with me. It is mind blowing what can be done with iPhoneography. From original photograph, to processing, then you are limited only by your imagination and the amazing results all accomplished with one small handheld device. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with this image.

He Kept Waiting For Her by Nina Anderson

I found the small house stencil walking on Melrose, L.A. it was maybe 6″ tall, I took a photo using the native camera on the iPhone.  The face is a doll I had seen at a flea market, I have always been fascinated with interesting faces and I liked this baby doll’s face so I took a picture of it. later on I used the juxtapose app and put them together, then on to scratch cam. I love the effects on that app. After looking at the finished product the story came together, the boy is at home alone longing for his love to return, will she come back? I find that I enjoy the stories that come together after the images are put together, before that I have no stories.

Clone Rebellion by Wayman Stairs
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em // Prints

My youngest son is a complete ham and huge Star Wars fan. My wife found this costume for him and he had to put it on then and there.  He also has a big love for sticks so first thing he did after putting on his costume was run outside and get a stick.  He then proceeded to fight the air for a good half hour and when he stopped to take a break I snapped this pic.  Then I threw it through a bunch of apps to create this image!

Apps Used: Scratch Cam, Decim8, Juxtaposer, Glaze and Snapseed.

Le-Tire Roche by Anne Martine Parent
IPA // Flickr // Eye’Em

I actually know the boy in this picture, he is the son of some very good friends of mine. I was visiting my friends and his mother and I decided to go to a nearby park with him. Before going, he decided he wanted to change and came out like he’s dressed here, which is mostly why I like this picture so much, because of how he’s dressed – not exactly the usual outfit to play in the park. Once there he was running around and playing so I took a few pics of him and this one is, I think, the best one of the lot, because it was such a perceivable moment.

Although I know the boy I consider this image to be candid street photography, because he didn’t know I was taking his picture. I like to do two kinds of street photography, the one where what I caught in the photo tells a story, and the one where it’s the treatment that’s going to tell the story (of course a combination of the two is possible). This photo is of the first category. That’s why I kept the editing process simple, I just wanted to highlight what was already there. I took the shot with Hipstamatic Oggl using one of my favorite combos (John S. lens and Claunch 72 Monochrome film). I then edited it with Snapseed, first fine tuning it a little, after which I used the center focus and tilt-shift options to complete the process.

Waiting by Ana Cuk
IPA // Instagram

First I took a shot of a man, and put him in a image (with image blender) that I edit before in art studio ( using the smudge tool in the basic group section ) . Then vsco, filter 2, adjusted brightness to -3, fade +2 , vintage +2 . And for the end – Mextures app (120mm and yololomo effect from grit and grain ).


  1. Such a great showcase, where we can read about the images. The selection is beautiful; thank you so much for having featured one of my picture in it, I feel very honored. Congratulations to all artists.

    • Thank you Anne, your pic is one of my favorites to date! Keep em comin’


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