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1000 Words Showcase, Week 43

This week’s showcase brings us wonderful photos from lee atwell, M a r i k o and Ferguscat1.

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images.

This gallery is curated by Ryan V.  To see the Showcases by week click here.

Also please visit out 1000 Words IPA monthly showcase, recently started by Mike Hill.

We Are Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

window-seat by lee atwell
Flickr // EyeEm

After a Sunday afternoon spent taking street photos in Seattle, this image was captured at the entrance to a restaurant while waiting to be seated.

It was such a brief time to wait, but I was in the ‘shoot from the hip’ mode and this beautiful woman by the window caught my eye – the cut of her hair, her floral dress,  her posture – all highlighted by the natural light from the window.

I love using ‘Hipstamtic’ app because of the many options it has for very dramatic black and white captures without  the need for doing any post processing.  This combo is ‘Watts lens’ and ‘AO BW film’ with no flash.

Untitled by M a r i k o

I saw these daisies at the edge of a wheat field while walking my dog. It is summer here in Germany and the wheat turned already golden. These flowers really popped out and begged to be photographed! This photo was taken with my iPhone 4, Hipstamatic (Jimmy lens/Blanko Freedom 13) and processed with PhotoToaster, ProHDR (Soft Focus Filter) and Mextures (Light Leaks 2, 1976 Filter).

Do You See What I See? by Ferguscat1

For me, the scary part of this image is that I often find myself doing what I have portrayed the man in this image as doing. What I mean is, that he is sitting at the beach looking out over the waves. It is exceedingly beautiful. However, I have portrayed him here as not living in the moment, but thinking self-consciously of himself and how he is being perceived. Because of this, he cannot just ‘be’. I worry sometimes that I do not have enough of these moments when I’m not worrying about what others think or about all the things I have to do or even about what a great photo that scene would make. I would like to find more time to just sit and appreciate the things around me and just be in the moment.

Africa… by PureView1000
Flickr // Tumblr

I was in Ethiopia in 2012 to meet some friends. I stayed in a house with everything I needed. Water, cooled drinks, bed, electricity, great food. When I was on the way to another place, the Taxi driver went through the place you see on the picture.

As I said, I had everything I need to feel comfortable there and on the other hand, saw this woman on the picture walking by. The difference between poor and rich is really big and that’s what inspired me to take that picture.

I took the picture with the Nokia Lumia 800 (today I shoot with the Lumia 920 + Nokia 808 Pureview with 41 MP sensor) and post-processed it to get a better quality. I raised the contrast and the sharpness a little bit. Put on a focal focus and blurred the background to have the attention on the woman.

It has something simple and powerful.

The Fainal View by shinnnnnya
Flickr // IG // EyeEm

Tokyo sky view at Roppongi hills. The weekend of July. it was very hot and humid and gloomy day. When we visited this place at dusk, sunlight poured with wind from the gap of the cloud and gave me the very beautiful world. Shot with an iPhone4S, edited with Snapseed, VSCO, Photoforge2, PhotoFX and PSExpress.

Elemental No. 1 by cpatrickphoto

I am fascinated by water; our connection to it as human beings and the fact that over half of your bodies are made up of water. I’ve done a lot of work over the past two years with the human form underwater, but I wanted to twist that a bit by using other natural forms besides the human body.  I had a vase of wilting flowers sitting on my table, and the idea just came to me.  I took the flowers outside to my swimming pool and played around with them under the surface of the water to create the bubbles and give them the appearance of being liquid themselves.  The reflection of the flower in the bubbles was a happy accident that I only noticed later when I was editing the photo!  Unlike most of my work, there is very little editing here.  I blurred the background and tweaked and heightened the color a bit, and that was it!  The title actually came first.  The word elemental means, “Primary or basic: elemental features from which structures are compounded”.  It’s a concept I work on a lot with my various underwater series.  This image is a part of a larger, ongoing series I hope to keep working on!

Image Pic #78

What is waiting at the destination? Anxiety, loneliness… Unpleasant words come out of my head. But, there is no choice but to proceed. So, I will proceed to have an umbrella of hope. To the place in which this fog is dispelled… Shot with the iPhone 4S native camera. Processed with Laminar, Photo FX, Filterstorm, PhotoClip.

trip by patty.larson

Processed with adaa and decim8.

Don’t surrender your loneliness So quickly Let it cut more deep. Let it ferment and season you by ZEDZaP

I am doing a series of single or double silhouettes in a landscape setting, the series is called ‘ Me Myself I ‘. I like the angle of the iPhone of 33mm (old style) because it gives me a small figure which symbolizes how small and insignificant each of us are and thus why we ultimately need each other. I am a fan of the square format and thats why I love the HIpstamatic app.


  1. Beautiful Set! Thx for having me here!… Pureview1000

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  4. Wonderful Images! Congrats. I really relate to what Ferguscat1 is saying.

  5. Thank you so much!


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