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1000 Words Showcase, Week 44

This week’s showcase brings us wonderful photos from instagram: damian_n, jq gaines and Michał Koralewski.

Big thanks for contributing to our Flickr group, 1000 Words. We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” We Are Juxt believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

To view the 1000 Words gallery go here and feel free to add your own images.

This gallery is curated by Ryan V.  To see the Showcases by week click here.

Also please visit out 1000 Words IPA monthly showcase, recently started by Mike Hill.

We Are Juxt thanks you for your contributions!

Smoker by instagram: damian_n
Flickr // FB

A human and his story – that is the most interesting theme in my photography. When I saw her, something really bizarre happened to my feelings. Now what I’m also interested in is: what is she thinking about, what is her story, her 1000 story…

Sometimes music is a great inspiration for me – in this case I was listening to a Polish group called Skalpel and their track “Sculpture.”

I love using the VSCO cam app and Snapseed, because of the many options it has for very dramatic black and white captures without the need for doing any post processing.

A Man and A Boy by jq gaines

My husband and I decided to give our children a brief tour of our “old stomping grounds.”  While driving around around Williamsburg, we were stunned (and slightly disappointed) to see just how gentrified and developed this area had become. So much had changed over the past two decades.  An expensive outdoor cafe now occupied the space where our favorite Cuban bodega used to be… a clothes boutique took over the old Car Mechanic’s Shop… and Street Art replaced graffiti. However,  just as we were heading over to the Williamsburg Bridge, a warm smile came over my face. Because when I saw this man and his son walking down the street, it became clear to me that some things were still the same… after all these years.

Windmills in Kinderdijk by Michał Koralewski
Flickr // IG

Kinderdijk is a village about 15 kilometers from Rotterdam (Netherlands). It’s best known as a tourist site for it’s XVIII century windmills, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also the largest concentration of old windmills in the world. The mills played an important role as a pump to regulate the water level to protect Kinderdijk from flooding (most of the land in the village is below sea level). All 19 mills are still maintained in operating condition, because they function as fall-back mills in case of failure of the modern equipment.

I took this photo with iPhone 4s and edited it in Snapseed.

Michel by shonski32
Flickr // Twitter // VSCO

For some unknown reason, I’m very interested in trying to achieve the look and feel of a high-end DSLR image with a lowly mobile camera. I’ve experimented with various processes and have arrived at a result that I reasonably pleased with.

To insure as perfect a ‘raw’ image as possible, I shot Michel with the ProCamera app. In ‘Pro Mode’ it’s a good app for independent spot focusing and balancing light and shadow. I imported the resultant image into the Snapseed app to add a little more sharpness and structure with the ‘Detail’ tool.

Used ‘Center focus’ for a little vignetting and the tilt-shift effect.

The tilt-shift effect is rather useful in imitating a shallow DOP which enhances the sharpness of the face. It’s an illusion of course, but hey, that’s what photography is all about. Saved image and opened it in Camera+ using the ‘HDR’ tool.

Normally, with HDR, the image looks awful but you can adjust the intensity with the slide bar. I used +/- 50%. Saved the image.

Uploaded both images (Snapseed only version and the Camera+HDR version) into the Blender app. Played with the blend balance and mode to achieve as sharp an image as possible and rendering detail but not to the extent that it looks overcooked.

This is more of an art than a science. But Blender is great for giving sensitive results.

Last step was to play with hues and colour grades. The FilmLab app is great for this.

It contains a myriad of film stock like effects to give it an authentic analog feel.

I wanted something more muted and monochromatic. If I remember correctly, I think I used the ‘Dusty Grey’ filter.

A lot of painstaking processing but worth the effort. Hopefully you agree.

Untitled by vieweronline

This photo was taken in the Buttes aux Cailles area in Paris. It’s a lively neighbourhood with cobbled streets, lots of bars and restaurants. It’s also famous for its street art, an example of which is in the background in the photo.

The scene attracted me because the couple are alone in the frame, which is not easy to come across in a small and crowded bar. They are relaxed and looking at each other engaged in conversation and it felt like they were the only ones around. One might think it’s the end of the night but in fact it was quite early on in the evening. Also the stencil art in the background is typical of the area.

This is an unedited photo shot with a Hipstamatic combination of Jane lens + Claunch 72 monochrome film. I like the lens for its neutrality and the film for it’s medium contrast and ability to capture a relatively large exposure range.

Camera Roll – 153 by asleepundercolumnsovlight

Apps: Picgrunger, VSCOcam, Repix, Phonto, BlurFX, Lo-Mob, and Phonto

• wнaт ιғ noтнιng eхιѕтѕ and we’re all ιn ѕoмeвody’ѕ dreaм? • woody allen by ari_55

I unfortunately don’t have much to say about it as it was a one of those split second street shots, at the crossing, whilst waiting for lights to change. I took it with Hipstamatic and then cropped it Snapseed and processed it in Mextures App (added 3 filters) and Blender App where I blended the original shot with the processed one and “brought out” the female subject.

Untitled Friendship by Tal Shafik

This is mostly a technical photo that got lucky, as I’m constantly trying to get closer to my subjects without them knowing. I walked around these two girls, snapping blindly, hoping that something clicks. I think this one works.

I used ProCamera to capture the original image, and processed it using a private beta version of Mattebox 2.

Wind by Zed Saeed
Flickr // IG // Tumblr

I am generally people shy when shooting in the street with my iPhone (it’s a different story when I do my non-iPhone work!).

I took this picture of my lovely wife Laura outside the Helmut Newton show we had just visited at the Annenberg Space for Photography, on the west side of Los Angeles. If you love photography and live in the Los Angeles area, you must visit this place. They have wonderful exhibits and lectures—all free!

When we walked out of the exhibit I was inspired by all of the Newton shots and the documentaries we just sat through. It happened to be the golden hour, which is my one of my favorite times to take photos with the iPhone. I wanted to catch the reflection of the buildings behind Laura. She was wearing a black top with a zipper, which (I thought) made her look like one of Newton’s models. It was windy and I made sure  to capture her hair blowing in the wind. I had her look away, and not at the camera, which is one of my favorite ways to shoot people.

The photo is titled “Wind” for obvious reasons.”

Shot and edited on iPhone 5. Apps Used: Shot with 6X6. Edited and processed in Photoshop Plus, MullerPhoto and Mextures.


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