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Rebecca: Every once and a while we get a glimpse of a very private meaningful and what I can only describe as a real moment in a photo.  A moment where I feel as if I am with the photographer, not just in space but in emotion.  Recently Rachel did that for me.  Not once but a number of times as she documented the hospital stay of her mother.  The documentation isn’t overt.  Its quiet and subtle but heartbreakingly real.  These images effected me to my core.  Rachel has posted to my tag for sometime and her images are always nice and I encourage you to join her as she sits vigil with her family and experience this sliver of her life.  You will be changed.

Rachel: I took this photo in a series of shots i took during an extremely difficult time. My mother was dying in the hospital and my family and i were there by her side for two weeks. This shot is of my 89 year old father at my mother’s bedside. He would often wipe her forehead and hold her hand. This has been very hard on him. My parent’s were married for 60 years.

It’s not easy writing about all this since it is very recent. I will say taking the photos seemed to help me in some way. Either it was the distraction or just being in control of something, i’m not sure. But i am glad i have these. And if i have helped or touched anyone with them, all the better.

Rachel has a website and you can see this incredible series of images on Instagram.

#SundayBluesEdit on Instagram


  1. This is the first time I haven’t been able to see the photos in a wearejuxt post? Would love to see these, a poignant moment…

    • Oh no Susan! We’ve changed it so hopefully it’ll work better. Are you on a desktop or on your mobile?

      • I’m on an iPad but can access the web site via my Mac air… I see one image here…on the web site.

      • Thanks for this feature Rebecca! Just went through Rachel’s IG feed and was stunned by the raw beauty of her posts…