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Meet the artists of ALIVE: Grant Cox

Meet Grant Cox

What do you find is the most satisfying part of making art?

What is satisfying to me is the physicality of an idea that was dreamed thought about and obsessed over, also the unexpected that arise from this process.

What are the biggest challenges &/or the greatest sacrifice you have encountered in making art?

Often my imagination seems to expect a great deal from me, it doesn’t seem to take into account basic things like physics.  I seem to be interested in only convoluted solutions. I am attracted to work in absurd ways.

Is there something from your childhood that has made its way into your work; why you make it or how it looks?

Almost exclusively, I work from childhood experiences. Play is an element we all possess and how people play interests me.  I think that the act of play and how I operate in my studio practice go hand and hand.  It is the vehicle for my thought process.

How would you describe your work to someone who didn’t know you?

I would describe my work in the studio as janky robotics, where I apply my sense of humor.  Thoughts of everyday happenings are transformed into a comedic performance about human idiosyncrasies, which become somewhat autobiographical.

Contact Grant Cox

Please join us for ALIVE
on Friday August 2
at the Chris White Gallery
701 N. Shipley St.
Wilmington, DE
from 5:30 to 9:30

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  1. Nice interview man! Glad you are doing something you love.